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100 Reasons I Love You Malia May Johnson (Happy 9 Year Anniversary Baby Cakes!)

Malia Over The Shoulder Kissing MJ Picture

100 Reasons I Love You Malia May Johnson (Happy 9 Year Anniversary Baby Cakes!):

1. I love your big beautiful brown eyes, that depending on the way the light reflects off of your eyes, can sometimes look different colors.

2. I love your playful personality. 

3. I love how you always encourage me to make things happen, and to find a way when there isn’t one.

4. I love how you are loyal.

5. I love the cute way you cry during happy moments.

6. I love the cute way you cry during sad moments.

7. You are my best friend.

8. You are a great mom.

9. You are a great wife.

10. You always have my back.

11. You are great in bed, and on the couch, and on planes, trains and in automobiles, and counter tops, and floors, and love seats, and standing, and kneeling, and in the shower, and everywhere else sexy business can and does happen.

12. You can speak French.

13. You can speak IsiZulu.

14. You can speak Afrikaans.

15. You are the only person who knows the real me, from my best kept secrets to my darkest fears, to my biggest dreams. (Not talking about National Security Secrets.)

16. I love the way you effortlessly multitask. 

17. I love how you care about people, animals, and all living things. 

18. I love how you encourage people. 

19. I love how passionate you are about the things that interest you. 

20. I love how you always support/cheer for/try to help the underdog. 

21. I love how giving you are. 

22. I love how you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, but no one would ever know it unless you told them. I love that you are so down to earth.

23. I love how you just don’t talk about what you are going to do, you actually do it.

24. You are honest and do what is right, even when people are not watching you.

25. You don’t run from problems. You tackle them head on.

26. I love that you let me be me. 

27. I love how you are always supportive. 

28. I love how everything you do has this counting routine to it, because I know when you are going to be done with each thing that you do. I silently count along with you in my head always.

29. I love you for bringing our children into this world.

30. I love you for every time you have taken care of me when I’ve been sick. 

31. I love how you can’t be bad even when you try to be.

32. I love you for loving me at my worst.

33. I love you for every kiss.

34. I love you for every touch. 

35. I love your positive attitude/energy. 

36. I love how you make lists and calendars so that you are always organized, and never miss anything. 

37. I love how you are bossy, and then you ask me if it is okay. 

38. You are nice to everyone. 

39. I love how you are both a 1950’s traditional stay at home housewife and are girl power feminism at the same time.

40. I love how you blame things on me sometimes because you are shy, knowing that I won’t care, because you know no matter what I support whatever you support.

41. I love how the day we met, March 8th, is International Women’s Day. It is so befitting, since you are a woman, and you mean everything to me!

42. You love me enough to force me to take a vacation/staycation when I need it and don’t realize it. 

43. You love me for me. The real me. 

44. I love your pretty smile that lights up the room.

45. I can tell you anything and everything, and you won’t tell anyone what I tell you. You keep secrets/you keep private stuff private.

46. Even when you are mad at me/if we are arguing, you don’t air our dirty laundry in public. 

47. I love how you are passionate and stubborn, but at the same time kind of goofy and awkward. 

48. I love the nodule on your vagine. Your “nodge”.

49. I love the Cheetos smell of your lady business. 

50. I love how you don’t realize how beautiful you are sometimes. 

51. I love how you know what you want, and you have the courage not to settle for less.

52. I love how we can communicate without talking.

53. I love how when we argue and you know you started the argument, that you always want to make it right. 

54. I love how I can always count on you. 

55. I love “inya time”. (One of the best sex activities ever!)

56. I love how we can talk about anything. 

57. I love how we can talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. 

58. I love how you reference obscure things that probably very few people would probably know, but I do.

59. I love how sometimes when you get really upset/angry you yell in foreign languages.

60. I love how smart you are. You are the most educated person in our family Doctor Johnson! 

61. I love how you can be so many different versions of yourself, from South African international girl to a Texas Southern Bell, to a Bethesda Maryland Aristocratic lady, and more. 

62. I love how not only are you always organized, but you keep me organized too. 

63. I love how you make time for the 2 of us even when you are busy. 

64. I love the way you laugh. 

65. I love your giggle. 

66. I love how when you sleep you grind your teeth, and it feels like I am sleeping next to a Velociraptor.

67. I love how if plans change you go with it, and just see what happens.

68. I love being with you, be sure I feel like I am my best self when I am around you. 

69. I love to hear you sing. Hearing you sing/whisper to me got me through a lot of horrible nights when I was in the hospital.

70. I love your big sexy butt. Your butt had to make it onto this list because your butt is sexy as hell. 

71. I love that you always carry a big giant purse around everywhere you/we go, because you always want to be prepared for anything our family needs. 

72. I love the way you reframe difficult situations/circumstances, putting a positive spin on things.

73. I love that you are not afraid to be silly. 

74. I love how you have just the right amount of feisty/rebellious in you to keep things interesting. 

75. I love you because you are my home.

76. I love how you are an out of control freak. 

77. I love how you can take complicated situations and simplify them. 

78. I love how out of nowhere you break into song, and start singing, like you are living in a musical. 

79. I love the way you look at me. 

80. I love you because you are shape-shifter. (Your body seems to defy all logic and reason. You are the only person I have met with double jointed elbows. People’s arms are not supposed to bend like that!)

81. I love you because of the incredible life we have built together. 

82. I love how even when we disagree about something, you still always want to hear me out. 

83. I love that you always want to cuddle/snuggle, even when you are mad at me. 

84. I love how you both tell me and show me you love me. 

85. You are beautiful on the inside and the outside.

86. My favorite and best moments of the last 9 years, and pretty much my whole life, have happened with/because of you.

87. You have sexy, calming, loving, voice.

88. Your skin is so smooth and soft. 

89. I love how you put a positive spin on the books you read/the stories you tell our children. “Humpty Dumpty almost had a great fall, but his quick reflexes helped him to hold on and not fall down.”

90. I love how when I look at you, I can see my past, present, and future.

91. I love you because you fill our home with love, and good smells, etc. 

92. I love your willingness to try new things. 

93. I love how you know what food I’m going to order at restaurants/you know how I like my food, and you always make sure I get my food the way I like it. 

94. I love the cute reminder notes you leave me everywhere that always have hearts and little love messages on them.

95. I love you because you practice good health habits. 

96. I love the way I always feel drawn to you.

97. I love the comforting feeling I have when I am around you. 

98. I love how you never want to go to bed angry. I think it is the cutest thing when we are fighting/arguing when it’s time to go to sleep, but you snuggle up on me and tell me you don’t want to go to bed angry, and we can argue tomorrow if we need to. 

99. I love you because you helped make all of my dreams come true.

100. You are irreplaceable!

Happy 9 year anniversary baby! –

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