123 Of The Most Powerful Words That You Can Use To Increase Your Sales

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123 Of The Most Powerful Words That You Can Use To Increase Your Sales:

Certain words have the ability to get attention and/or move people to action.

Think about what words you use to describe something, and/or the words that you use to try to motivate your customers/potential customers, to buy from you.

Do you use common words that don’t catch people’s attention, or do you use powerful attention getting words, that are highly likely to get someone’s attention, and/or motivate them to buy?

The right combination of powerful attention getting words can not only get people’s attention but can also motivate them to take action/buy from you.

Here are a few examples of powerful words in action:

1. Incredible

The word is pure magic if used in the right way at the right time. “Honey, how do I look?” Incredible is the right answer. When a friend calls you to ask how the party you are throwing is going say incredible. Whoever just called to ask how the party is going will want to come to the party immediately. Here is another example. How do you feel today? Incredible! Whoever asked you will think to themselves “Why don’t I feel incredible? I better find out what they are doing.” People want to feel incredible. The more you use the word incredible the more interesting you are. People will ask you how they can feel incredible too. Incredible is incredible!

2. Now

The power of now. The reason I am calling you right now! Now is important. Now says right now is the time. Now things are perfect. Now we figured it out. Now is the best time. Now is the best time for action. Now is why I didn’t call you before. Because now is the time. When is the time everyone wants you to do something? Now. When do you want everyone to do something…..Now! Now makes it happen. Now is what everyone wants. Now is when everyone wants it. Now shows that you don’t mess around. Now is the time for winners. Now advances the ball. Now is a command. Now shows authority. Now puts the world on notice that you don’t hesitate. When you really want something when do you want it, now. When you really want something when do you take action, now. Now it is okay. Now I want to teach you something. Now I am ready. Now eliminates problems. Now is now not then. When do you operate? You operate in the now. When you are a now person people will respect you. Now gets the world’s attention.

3. Interesting

Interesting lets people know you are paying attention. If you show someone you actually care what they are saying you will have a million more friends. A lot of people only care about themselves and their interests. Act interested in them or in what they are doing. When you give in a little to others interests the favor gets returned.

I was at the press release for a major paintings release. The painter was talking with about 5 people. He was 3 feet away from me. He wasn’t talking to me at all. I leaned in towards his painting and said loud enough for him to hear “Interesting”. The painter stopped talking to the 5 people he was talking to and came over to talk to me. I never met the artist in my life but because I used the word interesting, he thought I was the smartest person in the room.

The bottom line is powerful words grab attention and sell. The following 123 powerful words that when used in the right situations, can deliver amazing results.

1. Absolutely

2. Amazing

3. Approved

4. Attractive

5. Authentic

6. Bargain

7. Beautiful

8. Because

9. Better

10. Big

11. Breakthrough

12. Colorful

13. Colossal

14. Complete

15. Confidential

16. Crammed

17. Crucial

18. Delivered

19. Direct

20. Discount

21. Easily

22. Endorsed

23. Enormous

24. Epic

25. Easy

26. Euphoric

27. Excellent

28. Exciting

29. Exclusive

30. Expert

31. Famous

32. Fascinating

33. Fortune

34. Free

35. Full

36. Fun

37. Game-changer

38. Genuine

39. Gift

40. Gigantic

41. Greatest

42. Guaranteed

43. Helpful

44. Highest

45. Huge

46. Immediately

47. Improved

48. Incredible

49. Indestructible

50. Interesting

51. Invincible

52. Informative

53. Instructive

54. Interesting

55. Largest

56. Latest

57. Lavishly

58. Lifetime

59. Limited

60. Lowest

61. Magic

62. Mammoth

63. Miracle

64. Monumental

65. New

66. Now

67. Noted

68. Odd

69. Only

70. Outstanding

71. Personalized

72. Popular

73. Powerful

74. Practical

75. Professional

76. Profitable

77. Proven

78. Pure


80. Quickly

81. Rare

82. Reduced

83. Refundable

84. Remarkable

85. Reliable

86. Revealing

87. Revolutionary

88. Save

89. Scarce

90. Secrets

91. Security

92. Selected

93. Sensational

94. Simplified

95. Sizable

96. Special

97. Spectacular

98. Startling

99. Strange

100. Strong

101. Sturdy

102. Successful

103. Superior

104. Surprise

105. Terrific

106. Tested

107. Transformational

108. Tremendous

109. Unconditional

110. Unique

111. Unlimited

112. Unparalleled

113. Unsurpassed

114. Unusual

115. Useful

116. Valuable

117. Value

118. Victory

119. Wealth

120. Weird

121. Winning

122. Wonderful

123. Yes

“The words we say, determine the price we are paid.” Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – Founder and Owner – Masters of Money, LLC.

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