34 Powerful Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Blog

A blog, the shortening of “weblog”, is an online discussion/journal/informational website, published on the internet, consisting of post entries. Post entries, often referred to as “Posts”, are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.

There are virtually endless ways to increase traffic to your blog. The following are 34 powerful ways to increase traffic to your blog.

1. Submit a sitemap of your blog to the major search engines, so that they can review, categorize, and rank your blog’s content.

2. Add an SSL Certificate to your blog. Blogs with an SSL Certificate are not only more trusted, but they rank better on search engines as well.

3. Use title tags to help search engines and internet users, find your blog.

4. Consistency counts. Put out good quality content on a regular basis.

5. Make sure the body of your posts have at least 300 words. Posts/articles with less than 300 words, get little to no attention from search engines.

6. Write attention getting headlines.

7. Make sure the content you post is informative and easy to understand.

8. Focus your content on helping your audience to achieve their desired goal/objective.

9. Link your social media accounts/pages, to your blog.

10. Send out a paid press release.

11. Send out a free press release.

12. Offer free giveaways/prizes to attract attention to your blog.

13. Create a contest to attract new visitors.

14. Write and submit your blogs to blog submission websites, to get attention for your blog.

15. Look for/offer follower/traffic sharing/endorsement/joint venture opportunities, with important/well known individuals, organizations, and companies, in the industry/niche/topic, that your blog is centered around.

16. Stay on topic with your content. If your blog is about personal finance and investments, don’t blog about personal finance and investments one day, blog about cooking and pastries the next day, government and politics the next day, etc.

17. Buy traffic using paid search. An example would be Google AdWords.

18. Guest post on other blogs in the same genre/niche that your blog is in.

19. Promote your blog on your social media pages.

20. Promote your blog on other people’s and company’s social media pages, that are in the same genre/niche that your blog is in.

21. Use social media advertising programs. Most of the major social media companies have/offer advertising programs, to help customers grow their blog traffic/social media following.

22. List a meta description for each blog post.

23. Make sure each post on your blog has a clean/customized permalink that relates to each post/article


Let’s pretend the name of your blog is

If the title/headline of your post is- “How To Surf The Internet Effectively”, often times the hosting company, will automatically generate a link for your post, that will probably look like this-

If you take the dashes out of the automatically generated permalink, then your post/article is significantly more likely to be found by search engines and internet users.

Website permalink with the dashes removed-

Can you see the difference, and how much cleaner/better the link looks without the dashes?

24. Update and improve the content you have on your blog. Updating and improving content on blog, can lead to an increase in traffic.

25. Add links to the posts on your blog.

26. Invite bloggers in your industry/niche/topic, to guest post on your blog.

27. Leave comments on popular/well known forums in your industry/niche/topic and include a link to your blog.

28. Add images and/or videos to your posts.

29. Join relevant groups on social media, to share and promote your blog.

30. Submit your blog to relevant directories in your industry/niche/topic.

31. Use websites like, to reach out to reporters, to tell your story.

32. Add tons of content to your blog. The more content on your blog, the better. Think of each post on your blog as an advertisement for your blog. The more advertisements you have out there, the more likely you are to grow your blog’s traffic.

33. Share your blog with everyone you know. The people you know will probably take a look at your blog and share it with the people that they know, if they like what they see when they visit your blog.

34. Email marketing. Build a list of people who visit your site/might be interested in your blog and send emails out to your list on a regular basis.

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