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9 Year Anniversary Surprises

Malia's Cadillac Escalade 9 Year Anniversary Gift Collage

MJ: I heard you yelling. I love you. I’ll be right back.

Malia: Where are you going?

MJ: I had to run to my office real quick. I’ll be right back. 

Malia: You ran out the front door. Your office is behind the house. What are you up to Johnson?

MJ: You know me my love. 

Malia: I do! What is going on baby? Is that Marcus out there?

MJ: Yes. He wanted to stop by and wish us a happy 9 year anniversary. 

Malia: Awesome! Is Kristi here too?

MJ: No. Just Marcus. Can you check to see if my wallet is on our bed?

Malia: Your wallet isn’t on the bed. 

MJ: Ok. Thank you for looking.

Malia: Your wallet isn’t in the closet where you always keep it either. 

MJ: Oh well. No big deal. Thank you for looking my love. 

Malia: What is going on? Please tell me. 

MJ: 😉 

Malia: Now I know you and Marcus are up to something. Don’t scare me baby! I’m pregnant and I don’t want you guys to scare me, and I fall on my belly or something. 

MJ: I/we would never do that my love. It’s all good. I promise we won’t scare you at all, not even a little bit. 

Malia: Ok. You guys can come inside. You don’t have to stay out there. Who is the tall guy? 

MJ: Fred.

Malia: Who is Fred?

MJ: Baby! Can’t you just stop being nosey and let things happen?

Malia: I am not trying to be nosey. This just feels like a weird situation, that’s all. I will stop being nosey now. 

MJ: Good. 

Malia: I still think you 2 shitheads are up to something. 

MJ: Check out this Cady…..

Malia: Love it! That is just like the one I told you I want. It is perfect for us. It has all of the safety features and airbags and stuff. And it is super cute!

Malia: That looks like our driveway in the background. 

MJ: Uh huh. Check this picture out…..

Malia: That’s the same Cady. Baby, that definitely looks like our driveway in the background of the pic. Did Marcus buy the Escalade I wanted? Him and Kristi were with us when we stopped that day at Coleman Cadillac. 

MJ: Marcus didn’t buy the Escalade that you wanted. 

Malia: Is it Fred’s Escalade?

MJ: Who is Fred? 

Malia: The guy you said was out there with you and Marcus. 

MJ: No. It’s not Fred’s Cady either. 

Malia: Michael David Johnson!! If it’s not Marcus or Fred’s, whose Escalade is that? I see Kristi pulling up now. Are they staying for dinner?

MJ: Marcus and Kristi are here to babysit for us.

Malia: For us? I didn’t know we were going anywhere. What is going on Michael David Johnson?

MJ: I guess I thought you would want to take me out to dinner tonight in your brand Escalade? 

Malia: You bought me the Cadillac I wanted as an anniversary present?

MJ: I did. 

Malia: OMG! I get why you were being all secretive now. I love you Michael David Johnson!

MJ: I love you too! 

Malia: What restaurant do you want to go to? 

MJ: It’s ladies choice baby cakes. 

Malia: You are so getting some tonight baby!!!

MJ: Sounds like the perfect dessert. 

Malia: Ugh! I have been craving Woodmont Grill, but it’s Monday, and I don’t think they are open on Mondays. I love that place! It is so good! Any ideas? Can I drive? 

MJ: Woodmont Grill sounds perfect, and it is your car. Of course you can drive. Are you coming outside to check it out?

Malia: I’m changing. I will be out asap. It’s not a car. It’s an SUV. Will you check to see if Woodmont Grill is open tonight?

MJ: Woodmont Grill is open and waiting for us my love. 

Malia: How did you know I would want to eat there?

MJ: I listen when you talk, and I know you baby. 

Malia: I love you so much! I’ll be ready in 10 minutes.

MJ: Ok. I really wanted our anniversary to be special. You are my world baby cakes!

Malia: You succeeded! I’m not texting anymore. I gotta get ready. I love you and bye.

The Day Malia and I Met (3-8-2012) –

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