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A Picture and a Thousand Words about an Angel on Earth

Malia May Johnson at Party at old MJ The Terrible House at Circle C In Austin Texas 2016

I wanted to take the time to send a love shout out to the beautiful loving angel in this picture.

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. Well, here are just some of the 1,000 words that I think most accurately describe the angel on earth in this picture.

Smart, loving, caring, adorable, beautiful, alluring, appealing, charming, cute. dazzling, delicate, delightful, elegant, exquisite, fascinating, hot, fine, good-looking, gorgeous, graceful, grand, lovely, magnificent, marvelous, pleasing, pretty, splendid, stunning, superb, wonderful, admirable, angelic, beauteous, bewitching, classy, divine, enticing, excellent, fair, foxy, ideal, nice, pulchritudinous, radiant, ravishing, refined, resplendent, shapely, sightly, statuesque, sublime, symmetrical, taking, well-formed, sexy, hot, inviting, mature, provocative, racy, seductive, sensual, sensuous, arousing, come-hither, cuddly, flirtatious, kissable, libidinous, provoking, risqué, slinky, spicy, steamy, suggestive, titillating, voluptuous, smart, agile, astute, priceless, cherished, collectible, expensive, incalculable, invaluable, prized, rare, treasured, valuable, beyond price, costly, dear, incomparable, inestimable, out-of-bounds, out-of-sight, rich, valued, amazing, awesome, fascinating, incredible, marvelous, prodigious, shocking, stunning, surprising, unbelievable, wonderful, loving, admiring, affectionate, amiable, attentive, benevolent, caring, cordial, dear, devoted, doting, earnest, faithful, friendly, generous, loyal, passionate, romantic, thoughtful, warm, attached, concerned, enamored, infatuated, liking, respecting, tender, valuing, amatory, amorous, anxious, appreciative, ardent, demonstrative, erotic, expressive, fervent, fond, idolatrous, impassioned, kind, reverent, reverential, sentimental, kinky, solicitous, warm-hearted, worshipful, zealous, bold, brainy, bright, brilliant, canny, crafty, good, nimble, quick, resourceful, sharp, shrewd, slick, wise, acute, adept, alert, brisk, genius, keen, knowing, pointed,, ready, skull, whiz, apt, clever, effective, fresh, impertinent, ingenious, long-haired, nervy, on the ball, pert, quick, witted, sassy, elegant, chic, classic, delicate, dignified, exquisite, fancy, fashionable, graceful, grand, handsome, luxurious, neat, opulent, ornate, polished, refined, simple, stately, stylish, stylized, sumptuous, affected, appropriate, apt, aristocratic, artistic, august, choice, clever, unforgettable, enduring, eventful, extraordinary, remarkable, catchy, distinguished, exceptional, famous, great, historic, illustrious, important, lasting, meaningful, monumental, not to be forgotten, inya time, southern bell, notable, noteworthy, remember able, remembered, significant, comely, everything, all, business, lot, aggregate, all in all, all that, all things, complex, each thing, every little thing, fixins, taint right, tittie bonga, famunda cheese, puthy juicy, Prada Princess, Gucci Girl, wifey, lock stock and barrel, many things, sum, the works, total, universe, whole, whole ball of wax, whole caboodle, whole enchilada, whole lot, babycakes, nodge, Cheetos, courtly, cultivated, cultured, dainty, effective, fine, genteel, ingenious, rebellious, majestic, modish, nice, noble, ornamented, ostentatious, overdone, rare, recherché, rich, select, stuffy, superior, turgid, well-bred, stylish, beautiful, chic, classy, dapper, dressy, jazzy, calming, mod, new, nifty, polished, sleek, slick, smart, snazzy, trendy, upscale, a la mode, chichi, dap, dashing, dressed to kill, dressed to the teeth, fly, groovy, high-class, in, in fashion, in the mainstream, in vogue, latest, modernistic, now, ostentatious, pretentious, rakish, ritzy, sassy, sharp, showy, snappy, swank, swell, up-to-date, uptown, urbane, voguish, funny, absurd, amusing, droll entertaining, hilarious, ludicrous, playful, ridiculous, silly, angel, archangel, cherub, guardian, seraph, spirit, sprite, divine, whimsical, humdinger, friendly, affable, affectionate, amiable, amicable, attentive, beneficial, chummy, cordial, familiar, favorable, good, helpful, loving, loyal, neighborly, peaceful, receptive, sympathetic, inviting, welcoming, close, faithful, kind, sociable, tender, thick, attached, auspicious, benevolent, benign, buddy-buddy, civil, clubby, comradely, conciliatory, confiding, convivial, fond, genial, kindly, on good terms, outgoing, peaceable, propitious, solicitous, well-disposed, charitable, accommodating, altruistic, benign, humanitarian, philanthropic, all heart, beneficent, benevolent, big, bighearted, bountiful, eleemosynary, horny, concupiscent, desiring, hard up, hot, hot to trot, lascivious, libidinous, lustful, oversexed, passionate, randy, good, helpful, humane, kind, kindly, lavish, liberal, obliging, pure, pure hearted, warmth, sympathetic, jolly, rich, riot, screaming, slapstick, blithe, capricious, clever, diverting, facetious, farcical, for grins, gelastic, good-humored, hysterical, jocose, jocular, joking, knee, slapper, laughable, merry, mirthful, priceless, riotous, risible, side-splitting, sportive, waggish, witty, fun, amusing, enjoyable, entertaining, lively, pleasant, boisterous, convivial, diverting, merry, witty, feisty, bubbly, courageous, excitable, fiery, gritty, gutsy, high-strung, lively, scrappy, spunky, active, alive, difficult, enthusiastic, frisky, full of pep, game, gutty, hot-blooded, fancy, complicated, decorative, deluxe, elegant, frilly gaudy, lavish, ornate, special, sumptuous, adorned, baroque, beautifying, chichi,  custom, decorated,  elaborate, embellished, garnished gingerbread, rich, rococo, cushy, fanciful, florid, froufrou, intricate, ostentatious, resplendent, showy, spiffy, unusual, royal aristocratic, dignified, illustrious, imperial, magnificent, noble, stately, august, elevated, high, ruling, wife, bride, companion, partner, roommate, spouse, consort, helpmate, mate, monogamist, other half, sovereign, superior, worthy, authoritative, baronial, commanding, eminent, grandiose, highborn, honorable, imposing, impressive, kingly, lofty, majestic, queenly, regal, regnant, reigning, renowned, resplendent, splendid, superb, supreme, mettlesome, ornery, peppy, quarrelsome, sensitive, thin-skinned, tough, truculent, zestful, loyal, devoted, dutiful, patriotic, staunch, steadfast, true, trustworthy, allegiant, attached, behind one, believing, coming through, constant, dyed-in-the-wool, firm, on one’s side,, resolute, steady, tried-and-true, true-blue, trusty, unfailing, unswerving, unwavering, loving, admiring, affectionate, amiable, attentive, benevolent, caring, considerate, cordial, dear, devoted, doting, earnest, faithful, friendly, generous, loyal, passionate, romantic, thoughtful, warm, attached, concerned, enamored, infatuated, liking, respecting, tender, valuing, amatory, amorous, anxious, appreciative, ardent, bound up, demonstrative, erotic, expressive, fervent, fond, idolatrous, impassioned, kind, reverent, reverential, sentimental, solicitous, warm-hearted, worshipful, zealous, adorable, beautiful, charming, delightful, pleasant, penguin, pretty, dainty, scrumptious, ambrosial, appetizing, delectable, delightful, exquisite, heavenly, inviting, luscious, lush, magnificent, mouthwatering, rich, succulent, tasty, yummy, delectable, appetizing, delicate, delightful, enticing, hour glass, exquisite, heavenly, luscious, palatable, satisfying, pear shaped, savory, tasty, yummy, adorable, agreeable, ambrosial, charming, kissing, embracing, bussing, caressing, necking, parking, petting, smooching, spooning, love-making, making out, sucking face, boobs, breasts, tits, titties, hooters, commitment, engagement, guarantee, need, pledge, promise, responsibility, charge, committal, devoir, duty, liability, must, undertaking, vow, word, ought, knockers, melons, bosom, feminine, ladylike, soft, tender, womanly, effeminate, womanish, chest, cleavage, pair, genitalia, pudenda, clitoris, breasts, bosom, chest, nipple, bust, front, mammilla, teat, udder, hymen, cunnilingus, choice, dainty, darling, delish, trust, confidence, expectation, faith, hope, assurance, certainty, certitude, conviction, credence, credit, dependence, positiveness, reliance, stock, store, sureness, entrustment, gospel truth, girl, mother, matron, she, femme, woman, divine, gratifying, inviting, lush, pleasant, pleasurable, rare, unique, sapid, scrumptious, intercourse, copulation, intimacy, coition, coitus, fornication, relations, sex, carnal knowledge, love making, sexual relations

Life has an interesting way of teaching us lessons. If there is one lesson life has taught me better than any other lesson, it’s that you are irreplaceable.

A person can’t live without a heart, and you Malia May Johnson, are my heart.


Michael David Johnson

P.S. The Center of my Universe –

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