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Dear A.I.U. Incorporated Staff,

Welcome to the Master of Money Family of Companies!  We are an equal opportunity employer, and we encourage our employees to think and dream big. If your ideal career is to work for a company that values and rewards its employees based on their accomplishments, you will enjoy working for the Masters of Money Family of Companies.

We will be moving you into the 4th floor offices, inside of the Masters of Money building, located in downtown Bethesda. The driving distance from Langley to Bethesda is only about 20 minutes, so your commute time to the office shouldn’t change much.

Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson, Founder of Masters of Money, LLC., and Senior Partner of Masters of Money, LLC.’s parent company, Foreign Corporation (LTD) AG., Marcus Jennings, Partner @ “MJ The Terrible” & Team Digital Death (LTD) AG., and myself, had the opportunity to study A.I.U. Incorporated’s artificial intelligence automated learning software. We were blown away!

Commonly asked questions and answers based on previous company acquisitions:

1. What is it like working with “MJ The Terrible”?

You will not be working with MJ/”MJ The Terrible”. He does what he does, and we do what we do.

2. Is Masters of Money’s office building COVID safety compliant?


3. Will our benefits be the same as they were at A.I.U. Incorporated?

No. Your benefits will be better than they were at A.I.U. Incorporated.

4. Will I get to meet and spend time with MJ/”MJ The Terrible”?

Yes. You will get to meet and spend time with MJ/”MJ The Terrible” at our yearly Holiday/Christmas Party, and company events.

5. Who do I report to?

You will report directly to Peter Gil, Head of Product Development. Mr. Gil was the founder and CEO of Cyber Intelligence, Inc. Cyber Intelligence, Inc, was acquired by Masters of Money last year.

6. Will there be a new company orientation?


7. Will my pay be the same, or can I expect a pay cut?

We will not be cutting your pay.

8. Will I get to meet Chris Hubbard, MJ’s body double?

Yes. You will get to meet my husband.

9. Will I get to meet Malia, Dubs (Brittany), etc.?


10. Will I get to meet celebrities and politicians?

Sometimes. It depends. I have met President Joe Biden, President Donald Trump, President Barack Obama, President George W. Bush, Vice President Kamala Harris, Vice President Mike Pence, Elon Musk, Tony Robbins, Donald Trump Jr., Martin Scorsese, Jeff Dachis, and Tiki Barber. Lebron James and Matthew McConaughey came to our company retreat last year.

My favorite celebrity meet was Ryan Gosling. He spent the day with MJ learning about him because he is going to play MJ in the “MJ The Terrible” movie about MJ’s life. He hugged me and kissed my cheek! I wouldn’t cheat on my husband Chris, but Ryan Gosling is the most attractive man I have ever laid eyes on. Every female employee at the company did not get much work done that day. It was where is Ryan and what is he doing day. He looks and smells so good! (This answer was to show that we are human and like to have fun while we work.)

11. How are women and minorities treated at Masters of Money?

Your boss (me) is a woman of color, a minority, and a first generation American. No matter who you are, no matter what your background, you will be treated the same as anyone else.

12. Is MJ/”MJ The Terrible” scary? Do I need to worry about my safety working at Masters of Money?

No and no. MJ/”MJ The Terrible” is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. He is an American hero. The only difference you will notice is office security increases when MJ is in the building.

13. Can I have an office by/close to MJ’s office?

No. MJ’s office is not on the same floors as Masters of Money’s office. There are separate elevators, etc.

14. Do you offer stock options and/or bonuses for employees who excel?

Masters of Money is not as of now a publicly traded company. Stock options are not currently available. We do offer a generous bonus structure. We believe in rewarding employees who perform above and beyond expectations.

*The highest non-executive bonus paid out last year was $207,000.

15. Do I have to sign a non-compete/confidentiality agreement?


16. Will I need to pass a background check?

Yes. Only those who have been convicted of a felony offense cannot be permitted to work at the company. Everyone else should be just fine.

17. Do I need to have national security clearance?

No. Only part of the company concerns matters of national defense/security.

18. Is there possibility for advancement?


19. Can I put in for a transfer to work at one of Masters of Money’s other offices in a different city?

Yes, but transferring to a satellite office must be approved.

20. What are some of the company perks?

Lunch is catered daily. Time off for time put in. Continuing education and training. Free onsite daycare. Give back days, where employees get paid to go do charity work for the day. Executive level employees get company cars (I love my Porsche!).

In non-legal speak, Masters of Money takes care of its own. If you take care of the company, the company will take care of you. Our transition team will be reaching out to all of you shortly, to help with the transition and to make sure that all your questions get answered.


Tarica Patel Hubbard
Partner @ Masters of Money, LLC.

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