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Anything Goes Q&A With Brittany White

THE ONE AND ONLY DUBS - Brittany White

Anything Goes Q&A With Brittany White:

1. Who do you want to play you in the Adventures of MJ The Terrible movie? Ella Davis Chicago, IL

Brittany: Rhonda Rousey. 

2. Did MJ really try to punch you in a Walmart parking lot? Dave Clark Albany, NY

Brittany: Yes. 

3. Is it true Chris hit MJ with his ex-wife’s workout equipment, because you told Chris you were sleeping with MJ to piss him off when you were dating Chris? Do you regret telling Chris you were sleeping with MJ to piss Chris off, when you weren’t really sleeping with MJ? Eli Torres El Paso, TX

Brittany: Yes. Yes. 

4. Why do you think MJ wanted you to stay on to protect his family when you were no longer his Court Appointed Supervisor? Was it MJ who made the decision to ask you to protect his family? Parker Campbell Louisville, KY

Brittany: MJ knows I will protect his family. Yes.

5. Do you and Malia ever hang out together? Are you and Malia friends? Morgan Foster Reno, NV

Brittany: When I was MJ’s CAS, I spent a lot of time with MJ and Malia. I got to know her. We are friendly with each other. My personality and Malia’s personality are very different. 

6. How long were you MJ’s Court Appointed Supervisor? Sloan Greer Fayetteville, NC

Brittany: 6 years

7. Have you ever been afraid of MJ? Savannah Weaver Memphis, TN

Brittany: No.

8.  Do you think MJ has ever been afraid of you? Amanda Weaver Nashville, TN

Brittany: No. When I was his court appointed supervisor, I think he was afraid of what I would do if he got out of line. I don’t think he was afraid of me personally.

9. Do you think MJ would try to hurt you if he could get away with it when you were his Court Appointed Supervisor CAS lady? Cora Gardner Bismarck, ND

Brittany: No. Not really. Don’t tell him I said this, but I know he’s one of the good guys. His personality type is that of a protector. 

10. Brittany, will you compare MJ’s 1st wife Gotye to Malia? What are their similarities and differences? What I am trying to find out is if MJ has a type of girl that he likes. His life is interesting. He is hot. Devon Lambert Atlanta, GA

Brittany: Gotye and Malia are nothing alike. Gotye is white. Malia is black. Gotye is older than MJ. Malia is younger than MJ. Gotye is lazy and selfish. Malia is hardworking and generous. Gotye was a lot of MJ’s downfall. Malia was a lot of MJ’s comeback. Gotye is nothing like MJ’s Mom and Asian Mom. Malia is exactly like MJ’s Mom and Asian Mom. 

11. Did Malia break up MJ’s first marriage? Kelly Kennedy Richmond, VA

Brittany: No. MJ and Gotye’s marriage was ending before Malia entered the picture.

12. What do you think was the main reason for MJ’s first marriage ending? Leslie Monroe Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Brittany: MJ’s first wife was a difficult and manipulative person. All of MJ’s family and friends told him not to marry her, but he did it anyway because he was young and dumb, and because his Catholic boss told him to, because it would help his career. Gotye was Catholic when she wanted to pretend to be anyway. MJ had his faults as well, but as far as blame for the divorce in his first marriage goes, she was 95% at fault. MJ’s 5% at fault was due to not having much relationship experience. He couldn’t see that she was a pariah, and he was a minnow. She was an expert two face. Smile to your face and stab you in the back when you turn around. 

13. Do you think MJ would be as successful without Malia? Liberty Sutton Midland, TX

Brittany: No. Malia deserves most of the credit for MJ’s comeback. MJ has said many times that he wouldn’t have made it out of the hospital without her. There was a time when MJ was very standoffish with the government and intelligence community. I was there when Malia told MJ that the government and intelligence community are just as afraid of him, as he is of them. She got him to start working with them versus being standoffish against them. And when MJ started backing down, they started back down. Eventually things worked out to how they are now. Her advice made MJ rich, and helped him to get his life back. 

14. What is your favorite thing about MJ? What is your least favorite thing about MJ? Katie Long Lakewood, CO

Brittany: My favorite is he always stands up for what is right. My least favorite is he is always focused on what’s fair or not fair. Sometimes it is what it is, fair or not. 

15. Has Malia ever been afraid of MJ? Have you ever seen him try to scare her? Jenna Bishop Montgomery, AL

Brittany: No. No. He worships the ground she walks on.

16. If Malia was pissed at MJ, do you think she would ever threaten to try to take his kids away? Fiona Hubbard Plano, TX

Brittany: No. If MJ slept around on her, I think she would make his life a living hell, but she wouldn’t try to take his kids away. She knows he is a good dad. Malia knows all about Malicious Mother Syndrome, dealing with MJ’s ex-wife. MJ’s ex has called Malia every cuss word in the book, and every derogatory race based hate word imaginable. Malia deserves to be nominated as Saint for putting up with Gotye’s evil vindictiveness.

17. What was it like dating Chris/MJ#2? Did it feel like you were dating MJ kind of? Daniela Christensen Madison, WI

Brittany: It was fun while it lasted. Chris and MJ look similar and can act similar, but they are different. Chris is a country boy. MJ is a city boy. 

18. Do you think Chris or MJ would ever try to sell each other out? Benedict Kennedy Dallas, TX

Brittany: No. They are both very loyal people. Legally they couldn’t sell each other out, but they wouldn’t regardless.

19. Who is your least favorite person in MJ’s life? Daisy George Columbus, GA

Brittany: His ex-wife. That is one hate filled manipulative woman. 

20. Have you and Malia ever fought? Mackenzie Abbott Memphis, TN

Brittany: Physically no. Malia is 5 foot 4, 100 pounds. I am 5 foot 10, 180 pounds. Verbally no. Malia has always been nice to me, and I treat people how they treat me.

21. How many times have you and MJ fought? Sunny McKay Dallas, TX

Brittany: Physically one time. He lost. Verbally too many times to count. Most of our verbal arguments happened before MJ’s subdural hematoma rupture, and brain surgery. Being in the hospital, learning how to walk and talk again changed him for the better. 

22. Since you are no longer MJ’s Court Appointed Supervisor, how do you get MJ to do what you want him to do when he doesn’t want to? Hayley Prince Killeen, TX

Brittany: Under certain legal circumstances, I am allowed to make MJ comply. Option 2 is talk to Malia. MJ will listen to her. Malia is close with the 2 other people he will always listen to, his Mom Jeanne, and his Asian Mom Chin. If Malia, Jeanne, and Chin, all tell him to do something, I guarantee he would do it.

23. Is MJ easy to talk to? Kelsey Mora West Rand, South Africa

Brittany: MJ is easy to talk to. He is only standoffish when he is upset about something. The best way to communicate with him is to be straightforward. 

24. I have tried to contact MJ via phone, email, text, im, and social media. I am good at getting a hold of people. MJ is the first person I can’t get a hold of. Does MJ ever respond to attempts to contact him? How can I get a hold of him? Nathan Long New York, NY

Brittany: All of MJ’s communications are screened by the NSA. If you need to get a hold of him, I am probably your best bet to try to do so. You can send me an email if you like

25. I know MJ’s ip address. I have hacked him before. What do you think about that? Razor Sharp Skillz The Great, Beyond

Brittany: MJ doesn’t have an ip address. All of his communications are routed through anonymous secure NSA servers. I don’t think about that. I know you are lying.

26. Do you ever worry about MJ using his cyber skills to do nefarious things? Sierra Rincon Bayamon, Puerto Rico

Brittany: No. All his devices are monitored, and he is chipped. MJ’s implant chip tracks his location and scans all the devices around him. MJ’s chip also tracks the proximity of the devices around him. 

27. Have people tried to use MJ’s cyber skills against him? You know what I mean like has anyone tried to make false allegations against him? It would be easy to try to frame him for cybercrimes. Sarah Wilcox Hialeah, FL

Brittany: You might think that, but it’s the opposite. All of MJ’s devices are monitored, and he is chipped. MJ’s implant chip tracks his location and scans all devices around him. All his bank accounts are monitored. All his interactions and transactions are monitored.

An acquaintance from MJ’s past put together an elaborate scheme to try to frame him once. When the matter made it to court, the government produced MJ’s implant chip records, and device records. The person admitted what they had done. MJ agreed not to press charges for bringing false allegations against him, and/or sue him, if the person agreed to sign a confidentiality agreement, and do a few other things like that.

Because of who MJ is, what he knows, and the types of projects he works on, his life is very insulated. Multiple decoy addresses have been set up for him. Multiple social security numbers and driver’s licenses have been set up for him. There are more safeguards and protections in place than you would believe. 

Due to the fact that it would be impossible for a law enforcement agency or court to prosecute MJ if he did commit a crime, the government has put numerous safeguards in place to make sure that he can’t commit a crime. He couldn’t commit a crime besides jaywalking if tried. If someone alleges MJ committed a crime, they are lying.

28. How did MJ get the nickname “MJ The Terrible”? Lola Quintero Los Angeles, CA

Brittany: MJ was talking with his doctor, and the doctor asked him about his son. MJ said his son was two years old. The doctor referenced the terrible twos. When the doctor was walking out of the room, he said, we’ll see you next time MJ The Terrible, and walked out. When we were leaving the appointment, I joked with him about the MJ The Terrible reference. He told Malia about it. She joked with him about it. Then Malia did an interview with a South Africa news outlet, and told them about the MJ The Terrible nickname, and it took off from there. 

29. Since you protect MJ’s family, do you interact with his kids? Maxine Nash Winston-Salem, NC

Brittany: I do. I’m “Aunt Brittany”.

30. How much money do you make as the head of security for MJ’s family? Lai Tapia Rustenburg, South Africa

Brittany: I make $250,000 a year, plus I get a hero helper check from the government on top of that. I am not allowed to disclose the amount of my monthly hero helper check.

31. Do you think MJ is attractive? Would you fuck him? Jacqueline (Jackie) Whitaker Huntington Beach, CA

Brittany: I am not going there. MJ would never cheat on Malia. He is happy in love, and I am happy for him. 

32. Are you happy for Chris and Tarica? You used to date Chris and now he is married to Tarica. Do you and Tarica get along? Emery Banks Bethesda, MD

Brittany: Chris is a good guy, but I like women. If Chris had a vagina, it might have worked, but he doesn’t. I think Chris and Tarica make a great couple.

33. Are you a lesbocouger? Rumor has it you like Tarica’s assistant Meredith Brooks. MRMISS LGBTQ San Francisco, CA

Brittany: I think highly of her. Other than that, no comment. 

34. What are your thoughts on the 6 different police organizations each requiring 1 of their officers be with MJ at all times when he is in Italy for the Mediaset buyout deal? Leo Grimes San Diego, CA

Brittany: I think it is laughable. Years ago, MJ was on a watchlist/had a travel ban issued on him. I think his watch listing/travel ban popped up, and INTERPOL, EUROPOL, and the like freaked out. You should see the flight risk disclosures and notifications that were in the package Mediaset sent MJ. Malia and their kids are more important to MJ than anything. Malia is pregnant and can’t travel. The only way MJ would ever be a flight risk is if Malia and his kids were with him, but even then, why would they want to go somewhere, and where would they go? They live a happy successful life. He lives like a king. Why would he give that up? Next year their 2 oldest will be starting pre-school. MJ is not a flight risk.

35. Are you worried about being falsely accused of something? Roger Acosta Jr.  Quantico, VA

Brittany: No. All my devices and accounts are monitored, and I have an implant chip just like MJ does. 

36. Are Chris’s devices and accounts monitored and does he have an implant chip like you and MJ do? Brenda Acosta Quantico, VA

Brittany: Yes.

37. Are Marcus’s devices and bank accounts tracked, and is he chipped too? I mean Marcus Jennings on Team Digital Death. Remy Lugo Cape May, NJ

Brittany: Yes.

38. Are all of Team Digital Death’s devices and bank accounts monitored, and do they have implant chips? Frank Ramsey Annapolis, MD

Brittany: Yes. 

39. Is Malia chipped? Does MJ’s wife Malia have an implant chip? Shelly Fletcher Richmond, KY

Brittany: No.

40. Have you ever killed anyone? Drake Carver Conyers, GA

Brittany: I can’t talk about that. I have to move on to the next question. 

41. Who stays in all of Malia and MJ’s houses and condos when they aren’t staying in them? Ed Maddox Sheffield, England

Brittany: Sometimes their friends and family do. They hired a company to take care of their properties when they aren’t there.

42. Do Malia and MJ have a live in nanny? Eli Ewing Highland Park, TX

Brittany: Yes. Her name is Fran. She is a lovely lady. 

43. Does Malia ever get jealous of you being around MJ? Do you think she worries about you making a move on him? Lucy Contreras Mesa, Arizona

Brittany: Not that I know of. I doubt it. I’m a lesbian, and MJ would never cheat on her. She has nothing to worry about. I believe she knows that.

Thank you for your questions. Have a nice evening everyone. Sincerely, Brittany White

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