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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia II

Malia Close Up Face Picture With Hair Combed Over

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia II:

The first “Anything Goes Q&A with Malia” was a big success, so we decided to do an Anything Goes Q&A with Malia II.

1. What does the scar on the back of MJ’s head look like now? Can you feel it? Is it bumpy, or flat? Julia Walker Modesto, CA

Malia: The doctors did a good job of concealing it and minimizing the scar tissue, but if you know what to feel for, you can feel it. I would say in the middle between bumpy and flat. I would say it is slightly raised.

MJ doesn’t get his hair cut short back there, because he doesn’t want people looking at it. I think he is slightly self-conscious about it, but even when his hair is short in the back you can barely tell there is a scar. The only time you can see the scar and it is obvious he has had a brain surgery, is when his head is bald.

2. Where is MJ’s home office at? Is it upstairs or downstairs? How close to your bedroom is it? I’m asking because I wanted to know where he was coming from on the arrest warrant sex post. Harper Evans Atlanta, GA

Malia: He has 2 home offices. We have an office we share inside the house. MJ’s home office that is just his is above the detached garage. He was coming from his office above the detached garage on the arrest warrant issued for me sex post. I will take a picture of the path from his office above the detached garage and put it on the post for this chat.

The path from the house to MJ's home office above the detached garage.
The path from the house to MJ’s home office above the detached garage.

3. Does your house in Bethesda have a panic room? Does your condo in Austin have one? Does your house in Port Aransas have one? Home many houses do you and MJ have? Eleanor Robinson Dallas, TX

Malia: Our house in Bethesda does. Our condo in Austin does. Our home in Port Aransas doesn’t. We have 7 homes/condos. We also have a home in Westlake, in Austin. We bought MJ’s Asian Mom’s house when she had some financial struggles, so she wouldn’t lose her house. Even though we own it, we still consider it hers. She is an amazing lady who has overcome so much during her life. We have a condo in Dallas. We also bought a home in Buda close to MJ’s parents’ house. MJ’s parents mostly use it for storage and stuff.

4. How can you tell MJ and MJ’s body double Chris a part? They look just like each other. What are the differences? Caroline Mitchell Arlington, TX

Malia: If you are a close distance to them, and you know what to look for, you can easily tell the difference.

MJ’s best friend since the 3rd grade said- “I know which one is my Mikey because of the fingernail marks I gave him in the 3rd grade.”

MJ’s eyes. When MJ looks at you, you can tell it is him. It feels like he is looking right through you almost. You can tell the difference in their eyes, even when Chris is wearing his blue eyes contacts.

MJ and Chris have the same dragon tattoo on their left arms, but only MJ has a private tattoo just for me in a private area of his body. I have a matching tattoo to MJ’s in a private area on my body.

Chris has a cowlick in his hair that stands up when his hair gets to be a certain length. MJ doesn’t have a cowlick.

MJ is 3 years older than Chris. Chris is slightly taller than MJ.

Things like that help to determine which one is which.

5. Would you give MJ a marriage hall pass for a week? Allison Duval Denver, CO

Malia: No way! I asked him if he wanted a hall pass when we watched the Hall Pass movie together. We were arguing at the time. I thought he was going to say yes to be mean since we were arguing but he didn’t. He said no. He did say he wanted a hall pass from arguing though.

6. Who would win in a fight between the real MJ and Chris/MJ2? Maria Sanchez San Diego, CA

Malia: Chris. Chris is a trained intelligence officer. Chris is 3 years younger than MJ. MJ had brain surgery 5 years ago, and he has a soft spot on the back of his head still. MJ is tough though. He would never run. He is not a coward.

7. Will you add a picture of what the outside of your house in Bethesda looks like on the post for this chat? I would like to see what it looks like. Anna Collins, Houston, TX

Malia: Sure. I can do that.

8. Does MJ think of himself as a hero? Is he arrogant? Does he act arrogant sometimes? Lucy Hill Fresno, CA

Malia: No. No. No. I think of him as a hero. He has been awarded the most prestigious honors, awards and medals a hero can be given by our country, but he doesn’t think of himself as any different than anyone else.

9. You are black, and MJ is white. Do you ever argue about racial issues? Any racial tension between you 2? Skylar Norwood Alexandria, VA

Malia: No. Early on when we were dating, there were some who tried to make race an issue for us, but we weren’t having it. Race is only an issue if you make it one. We didn’t. MJ is like Bill Clinton is with black people and all people. He loves people.

10. Does MJ talk about Stuxnet at all? Josh Ramos San Francisco, CA

Malia: No. Hardly ever.

11. Describe the feeling you got when you first met MJ. Vanessa Ross Cape Town, South Africa

Malia: The moment I looked into MJ’s crystal clear blue eyes I knew I was in trouble. It felt like he was the first person who ever really looked at me and truly saw me. It was electric.

12. Could you ask MJ if there was anything he looked forward to when he was in the hospital? Thanks, Reggie McKenna Baltimore, MD

Malia: I asked him, and here is what he said- “I looked forward to a lot of things. I loved it when Big Joe, one of my roommates, told stories. I loved it when Malia read and sang to me at night. Sometimes I even pretended to be asleep, so she would sing to me. She used to get shy sometimes, so she would only sing to me when I was asleep. I looked forward to Chili day because the smell of Chili was the only smell strong enough to drown out the smell of bleach. It always smelled like bleach.”

13. Can you post a picture of the stairs MJ fell down saving your son Cash when you accidentally left the baby gate door open? Lisa Hughes Raleigh, NC

Malia: Yes. I thought MJ might be dead when I saw all of the blood. When you see the stairs, you are going to be able to tell how much it must have hurt. Side note- I’m so sorry baby! I love you!

14. Which house of yours is the biggest? How many square feet is it? How many bedrooms, how many bathrooms? Avery Kyle Tulsa, OK

Malia: Our home in Bethesda Maryland is the biggest, where we spend most of our time. The main house is 10,500 square feet. It has 9 bedrooms and 9 and a half bathrooms.

I am putting a picture of MJ’s mom, Ma’am Ma’am’s room, on the post for this chat also. We just redid it and I love the way it turned out. Ma’am Ma’am is an awesome Grandma! She is going to come visit once a month from now on, so she has her own room. The kids just adore her, and so do I.

Maam Maam's Bedroom (MJ's Mom)
Maam Maam’s Bedroom (MJ’s Mom)

15. Do you have a gym in your house? Will you post a picture of it? Samantha Ruiz Miami, FL

Malia: Yes and yes.

Photo of Malia and MJ's Home Gym
Photo of Malia and MJ’s Home Gym

16. The first time you went to MJ’s house or apartment when you were dating, did you go through his drawers and closets and personal things? Connie Graven Aurora, CO

Malia: No.

17. Do you talk about the struggle of being black with MJ? Are you and MJ woke to the cause? Jasmine Johnson Oakland, CA

Malia: I have talked about it with him. I would say I am woke to the cause. MJ is woke to the cause in his own way. MJ is just always for the good guys/the underdog/what is right. He is a good guy like that.

18. What is the Tittie Bonga song? Kaitlyn Moore Wichita, KS

Malia: I have big boobs and MJ enjoys playing them like drums. 5 or 6 years ago I think we were fooling around, and randomly he decided to play my boobs like drums, and he came up with the “Tittie Bonga” song. The song goes like this- “Tittie bonga. Tittie bonga. If it ain’t right, it ain’t wronga. Tittie bonga.”

19. You got a movie theater room in your house? Can you put a picture of it on here? Ebony Thomas New Orleans, LA

Malia: Yes and yes.

Home Theatre Room Inside of Malia and MJ's Home In Bethesda Maryland
Home Theater Room Inside of Malia and MJ’s Home In Bethesda Maryland

20. Do yall got a elevator in your house? Can you show it to us? How many floors does your house have? Aliyah B. Detroit, MI

Malia: Yes. It has 3 floors. Sure. I will put a picture on this post chat of the elevator in our house.

Elevator Inside of Malia and MJ's Home In Bethesda Maryland
Elevator Inside of Malia and MJ’s Home In Bethesda Maryland

21. What about a pool? Do you have a pool? Will you take a picture and post it on this post chat? Diamond Davis Irving, TX

Malia: Yes and sure.

22. Can we see MJ’s office? Ronda Miller Richmond, VA

Malia: Yeah. He won’t mind. It’s clean right now. I was the interior decorator of his office. If MJ was the interior decorator of his office it would look completely different. Not necessarily bad, but different.

MJ The Terrible's Home Office Above The Detached Garage
MJ’s Home Office Above The Detached Garage

23. Hey Malia. My name is Jessica and I live in St. Paul, Minnesota. I was wondering how you keep a man like “MJ The Terrible” happy? He could get just about any girl he wants. What is your secret?

Malia: I don’t know about all men, but my man is straight forward. He is pretty easy to love because he is so loving to me. Other than that, I would recommend these tips- Keep his belly full, his balls drained, believe in him, and be there for him.

24. Does the age difference between you and MJ bother you at all? Daisy Parker Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Malia: In physical years, I am 30 and he is 40. In maturity years, I am 40 and he is 30. It balances out.    

25. I read the unauthorized behind the scenes book about Stuxnet. They don’t name names. They use made up names, but the stories in the book sure do line up with the stories on the MJ The Terrible blog. If it is true MJ has been through a lot. Elijah Moynihan Jerusalem, Israel

Malia: No comment, but I think you can see the truth based on the similarities. MJ has been through a lot.

26. I love your nerdy black girl sites. Where did you get the idea for that? Pamela Minnow Fort Wayne, IN

Malia: Thank you for the compliment. I am a nerdy black girl, and I just knew there were more nerdy black girls out there like me to connect with. I don’t work on the nerdy black girl stuff anymore. Masters of Money bought it and MJ’s #2, Tarica Patel runs it now.

27. How does MJ make the money to pay for all of your fancy houses? Jake Edwards Orlando, FL

Malia: I don’t know what all MJ does to makes money for our family. MJ’s friend Marcus said about how much money MJ was making one time that- “Hero shit pays well.”, but I don’t know what all he does. I know MJ basically does 2 things for a living. He is senior partner of the newly merged/combined set of companies (Foreign Corporation), and he does “Hero shit”, which basically means cyber stuff for the government.

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