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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 10

Malia May Johnson Close Up Picture at LBJ Library in Austin Texas

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 10:

1. What did MJ get you for your push present? Trisha Sellers St. Paul, MN

Malia: MJ went all out. He got a push present for me from each of our kids and he bought me a separate push gift also. His push gift for me was the jacuzzi bathtub I wanted. And he bought me the patio furniture set I wanted with a matching hammock.

2. Do you think it’s okay for a woman or a man to sleep with their boss to get a promotion? Would you do it? Have you done it? Jenny Sterling Los Angeles, CA

Malia: Sleeping your way to the top is perceived as shady, but it’s not illegal. I am not for a person sleeping their way into a promotion. I wouldn’t do it. I have not done it.

3. I read the post about Louis Farrakhan being a friend of your family and him holding you when you were a baby. Are you a Muslim? Are you raising your kids in the Muslim faith? Bridget Manius Tarpon Springs, FL

Malia: Minister Farrakhan has been a friend of our family for my whole life. I love and respect him like he was a member of our family. I/my family are not Muslims, but we respect and appreciate Muslims and Islam. MJ and I are not raising our children in the Muslim faith, but we absolutely will be teaching our children about all faiths and religions. We want our children to be well rounded.

4. Can you post some pictures of the house next to yours that you guys bought? Karen Davenport Nashville, TN

Malia:  Sure.

5. Is “MJ The Terrible” an animal lover? Taylor McBride Vail, CO

Malia: Oh yeah!

6. Who in your life would you never want to have as an enemy and why? Ray Fry Germantown, MD

Malia: MJ, but I know he would never hurt me or harm me no matter what I did to him. When MJ was in the hospital recovering from the subdural hematoma rupture surgery, he was in a room with the CIA’s master of mind control and psychological warfare. I know MJ knows how to drive a person totally out of their mind until they completely lose it. I know MJ would only use what he knows for good.

7. Have you ever read Chariots of the Gods by Erich Von Daniken? Do you think aliens have been to earth? Adele Buckley Portland, ME

Malia: Yes. I have read the book and watched the documentary. I don’t know if aliens have been on earth or not, but it is definitely possible. I like to indulge in conspiracy/may not be conspiracy theories every now and again.

8. Does it bother MJ that most of his followers and following are outside of the US? Travis Blackwell Edmonton, Canada

Malia: No. He has never said anything about it to me. 

9. What are you and MJ’s Zodiac signs? Lennon Wright Edinburgh, Scotland

Malia: I am a Capricorn and MJ is a Libra.

10. Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Shelby Underwood Birmingham, AL

Malia: Yes, but not in a public place. Only at our pool at home with MJ.

11. You and MJ’s mom seem to get along well, but what about you and MJ’s dad? Do you get along well with him? Warren Oliver Auckland, New Zealand

Malia: Yes! Dave and I get along great. 

12. Do you have a part of your body that you don’t like? What part and why? Kim Smith Portland, OR

Malia: For the longest time I didn’t like my butt. When I was a L’Oréal model, I always had to be skinny. Skinny frame, skinny legs, skinny butt, skinny face, skinny everything. The reason I didn’t like my butt in those days was my butt was always big. I felt like if I ate even one French fry my butt grew. The modeling culture can be very harsh at times. One of the sayings I remember from my modeling days was “Be perfect or be passed over.” Ten years later, I love my big butt because MJ loves it, and because I feel comfortable in my own skin now.

13. Has MJ ever had long hair? Do you have a picture of him with long hair? Beth Jenson Hope, AR

Malia: Here is a picture of MJ with the longest his hair has ever been.

Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson Long Hair Photo

14. Will you post a picture of what your garage looks like? Johnny Feinberg Chicago, IL

Malia: I will do that. Here is a picture of our garages at our home in Bethesda.

Malia and Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson Garages at Bethesda Maryland Home

15. What is your favorite kind of soda? What is MJ’s? Raven Moore Kansas City, MO

Malia: I don’t drink much soda, but I guess I would say Pepsi if I had to pick a favorite. MJ’s favorite soda is Diet Coke.

16. I read this post on about if you and MJ broke up, who would give in first to get back together. Everyone said MJ would give in first. If you and MJ didn’t have kids together and you broke up do you think he would give in first if you broke up? Rachel Lewis Juneau, AK

Malia: It depends. If I cheated on MJ, I know he would be done with me. If I betrayed him, as in screwed him over in a big and intentional way, I know he would be done with me forever. If we broke up for other reasons, I think we both would give in and want to try to work it out. MJ is a loyalty guy. As long as I wasn’t disloyal, I think he would want me back. The reason everyone said MJ would give in first I think is that MJ isn’t the best at everyday life activities. He is brilliant at solving the most complex and difficult cyber problems, but normal everyday things that you or I would think are easy, are like a complete mystery to MJ. I think that is why everyone said he would give in first. 

17. What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Wendy Ward-Harris Columbus, OH

Malia: Chick-Fil-A

18. Do you have any friends who are from India? Maitreyi Moorjani Erie, PA

Malia: Yes. Tarica Patel Hubbard, the CEO of Masters of Money, who is married to Chris Hubbard, MJ’s body double, is my best girlfriend. 

19. Have you ever hit MJ when you went Maliacane on him? Hanna Snow Boston, MA

Malia: Just his chest. I was standing in front of him yelling, and he tried to hug me, which I took as him not listening to me, because I was mad, so I hit his chest with my right hand 3 or 4 times.

20. What did MJ do after you hit his chest? Did he try to grab you and stop you? Zoe Snow Boston, MA

Malia: No. He stopped trying to hug me and looked down at the floor like he had done something wrong. Then I stormed off. MJ got a shower. After MJ got out of the shower he laid down in bed. After I cooled off, I laid down in bed next to him, but I didn’t say anything. MJ said- “I don’t want to argue. I’m sorry if I made you angry.” I said- “I am a pmsing hot mess. Will you please accept my apology?” He accepted my apology and we talked about it. Words work. Talking things out and being willing to try to find common ground can work miracles.

21. I am 29 years old. My boyfriend is 34. We have been together for 4 years. We both love each other. We talk about getting married a lot, but he hasn’t asked me to marry him. I can be emotional sometimes and I know he hates it. I probably bitch out on him twice a month. I am trying to work on it, but I’m not sure I can stop it completely. My pmsing is probably like your Maliacaning. I don’t blow up at him in public, but when I’m pmsing I know I can be a bitch behind closed doors. Any tips for helping me level out so my boyfriend will propose to me? Jessica Rizzo New York, NY

Malia: We all get emotional when it’s our time of the month. As long as you can keep your pms crazy under the calling the cops/causing problems that you’ll have to deal with after your pmsing dies down, I think you will be okay. MJ’s practice wife was extreme, so when I’m pmsing, I know as long as I keep it under his ex-practice wife’s total insanity, I’m alright. Without knowing all the details, I would try this. I would try my best to keep the pms crazy to a minimum and love him with all your heart. No one is perfect. I’m sure he isn’t perfect either. It might not hurt to hint that you want him to propose. If it is meant to be it will be. Don’t give up. Keep trying. In the end, love conquers all. Good luck! I hope to hear happy news from you someday!

22. Do you think guys give a shit about understanding woman and our feelings? Tonya Partin Hartford, CT

Malia: I do think guys give a shit about understanding women’s feelings and emotions. With MJ, I know he loves me more than anything, but he has never had a period and been pmsing, so I explain things in ways he understands. The only time MJ is really grumpy is when his allergies are bothering him. I told him when I am pmsing, I feel like how he feels when he has allergies. That he understands, so even though he has never had a period and been pmsing, he understands it in the way that he can understand it.

23. How long did it take for you to finally show MJ your true self? Were you worried about if he would still like you after you revealed the full real not trying to be your perfect self every second you? Mia Street Houston, TX

Malia: I was myself from the beginning in most ways, but I would say that I was fully me not holding anything back at about the 3 month mark. I was feeling sick but I still went out with MJ anyway. As the night went on, I got really sick. I went to the bathroom at this club and threw up a lot. I was on my knees in front of the toilet, and I felt like I couldn’t walk or move. I opened the stall door in the bathroom and asked the girl who was doing her makeup if she would find Michael Johnson. I told her he was sitting at the table in the back left corner of the club. He had a black button up shirt on. She said she would do that, and she said she hoped I felt better. A couple minutes later I hear MJ open the door. He saw me laying on the floor. He scooped me up into his arms to carry me. Then I puked on his shirt. After I puked on him, I said I know you are probably going to break up with me now, but please help me get home before you do. And then MJ whispered to me, “Everything is going to be okay. I love you.” 

I figured that if he loved me at my worst like that, he would love me for regular me. MJ’s court appointed supervisor, Brittany, had to be with him all the time. She was there that night. After MJ carried me to the car, he changed into the extra shirt Brittany had in her purse. The shirt said Roller Girls and had a picture of a roller derby girl on it. I’m sure it’s different for each couple, but sometimes things happen that make it obvious it is okay to let your guard down and be all the way you. 

24. Do people ever try to break you and MJ up because of you are black woman and MJ is a white man? Do people ever try to break you up for other reasons? Angel Howard Lexington, KY

Malia: They used to when we were dating, but not anymore. Next year MJ and I will be celebrating 10 years together. 

Love Is A Beautiful Thing – 

25. My tech savvy psycho ex-girlfriend keeps trying to hack into my cell phone. Can you ask MJ if there is a way for me to be able to stop her from always finding ways to hack into my phone? Thanks. Jason Conway Cary, NC 

Malia: MJ said to check out these websites:




26. How many jobs have you had? What were they? Cynthia David Andover MD

Malia: I was an unpaid intern while I was getting my doctorate. I started and sold Nerdy Black Girls LLC, a blog for nerdy black girls and nerdy girls in general like me. Those are the only jobs I have ever had. I was an unpaid intern and an entrepreneur. I have never really had a job job, in the traditional sense. 

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