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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 4

Malia May Johnson Riding In The Car Port Aransas Texas Photo

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 4: 

1. Does MJ make money decisions without you? Monica Walker Colorado Springs, CO

Malia: No. We don’t manage our money. Our money is managed by The Carlyle Group. We bought our houses together. We bought our cars together. We make decisions together. He makes the business decisions mostly, and I make most of the in-home decisions. By in home decisions, I mean decorating and food and groceries, and things like that.

2. Do you ever feel degraded by the way MJ talks to you when he is propositioning you for sex? Amy Perkins Savannah, GA

Malia: No. He is my husband. He loves me. It turns me on when he is attracted to me. 

3. Do you think MJ would ever run for political office? Do you think he would make a good politician? Matt Tillman Winston-Salem, NC

Malia: I don’t think MJ would ever run for a political office. MJ loves people, but he is not the politician type.

4. What benefits does MJ get from the government for being an American hero? Vincent Brown Mesa, AZ

Malia: I don’t know all of the benefits. I know he gets a hero check of about $8,000 a month for the rest of his life. He gets free Space A air travel. He can be buried at Arlington National Cemetery if he wants to be buried there. He gets to be on the forever remembered heroes wall at the CIA. He gets free tickets to stuff. He gets to go to Presidential parties and galas. He also gets free Tricare insurance and priority medical treatment for the rest of his life. Those are the benefits he gets that I can remember.

5. What are the odds something emotionally or physically dramatic happens to MJ in 2021? Whitney Pierce Sydney, Australia

Malia: 100%

6. I work for the U S. Space Force. They called us all together today in the cyber division and told us “MJ The Terrible” and his cyber team were going to come work with us to build our cyber infrastructure. I am so excited to meet and work with your husband. Has he said anything about it to you? Is he excited to come work with us? Unknown Unknown N/A, N/A

Malia: Yes, he has mentioned it, and yes, he is excited. MJ loves America, and he would do anything to help protect her, whether it be on earth or in space. He is very excited. I think you will enjoy working with him. He is brilliant and dedicated. He won’t let you down.  

7. Where were you born? Where was MJ born? Natalie Parker Boston, MA

Malia: I was born in Cape Town, South Africa. MJ was born in Akron, Ohio.

8. Can you tell us about an odd/weird moment with MJ and your friends if there have been any? Jessica Ramos San Antonio, TX

Malia: There were some awkward moments at first. We were playing truth or dare with my friends early on in our relationship, and MJ couldn’t answer a truth question, because the answer was “classified”. 

“MJ The Terrible” aka my husband MJ, is a really sweet and kind guy, once you get to know him. My friends and family don’t think about him as “MJ The Terrible” at all anymore. They just look at him as my husband.

9. What year did you graduate from high school? What year did MJ graduate from high school? What were your mascots? What were your senior prom theme songs? Cadence Lewis Joliet, IL

Malia: I graduated in 2009. MJ graduated in 1999. We were the Golden Dragons. MJ was a Golden Ram. My senior prom theme song was the Plain White T’s song Hey There Delilah. When I asked MJ what his senior prom song was, he said- “I think it was that Whitney Houston song And I Will Always Love You. I really have no idea. I just made that up. Call Lorie. I know she’ll know. I called Lorie, and she said “Mikey and I’s prom song was Boys To Men End of The Road.” Lorie has been MJ/”Mikey’s” best friend since like the second grade. She was the best man at our wedding, even though she is a woman. Thank you Lorie. I told her MJ’s Whitney Houston answer, and she said- ” Guys don’t remember that stuff.”.

10. If you and MJ died, who would take care of your kids? Do you have a plan for that? Nina Welch Toronto, Canada

Malia: Our best couple friends Marcus and Kristi would raise our kids. We would raise their kids if God forbid something happened to them as well.

11. When did Chris start standing in for MJ? Rafael Santos Fort Hood, TX

Malia: I don’t know an exact starting date, but sometime during 2011 is when Chris started standing in for MJ on a limited basis. 

 In 2012, Chris actually had to go on a cruise with MJ’s wife at the time (his practice wife), to the Bahamas I think it was, because MJ wasn’t allowed to go.

I got to read classified documents about it. I remember laughing when I read it because it ordered Chris to drink an excessive amount of alcohol daily and to even spill some on himself during the cruise, because MJ’s wife wouldn’t want to be close to him, which would help him to keep his identity concealed.

By 2015, when the subdural hematoma inside MJ’s head ruptured, Chris was living more of MJ’s regular life than MJ was. 

While MJ was in the hospital, his then wife (his practice wife), couldn’t even tell the difference between the real MJ and Chris. She had a drug problem. She was hooked on Xanax, so she would be zoned out a lot anyway. Chris and her slept in separate bedrooms. They came up with a lot of ways to keep Chris estranged from MJ’s then wife. 

So that his then wife wouldn’t suspect anything like behavioral differences, Chris pretended to have “GAIT Disorder”, and pretended like he had a bad back, so he had to rest a lot, and be away from her. 

I can’t believe they pulled it off. MJ is so affectionate. If MJ wasn’t affectionate for even a day, I would pick up on it, guaranteed. I would know if this would have been pulled on me. MJ tried to tell her in a roundabout way what was going on, but he told her she couldn’t tell anyone no matter what. She immediately told people, and that made things so much worse for MJ, which inevitably is what led to MJ’s subdural hematoma rupture and Chris having to step in and live 100% of what was MJ’s regular life at that point. 

When MJ was in Ohio visiting family, Chris and MJ tried to trick MJ’s best since the second grade (Lorie). Lorie hugged Chris, thinking he was MJ. Chris hugged her back. Then Lorie was telling her kids stories from when her and MJ were young, and she rolled up Chris’s sleeves, to show them the fingernail marks she put in his arm in the 3rd grade, and they weren’t on Chris’s arm. MJ immediately walked in and told her about the whole 2 MJ’s situation. She laughed and said “Only my Mikey could have a crazy ass situation like this.” 

On that same trip to Ohio, Chris and MJ tried to see if MJ’s Asian mom would be able to tell the difference between Chris and MJ. It took her about 20 minutes before she realized Chris was not MJ. She figured it out because Chris kept calling her Mom. MJ always calls her Ma. Chris also didn’t remember stories from when MJ used to live in Ohio as a kid. 

12. Have you and MJ ever thrown stuff at each other? Becca Thompson Asbury Park, NJ

Malia: We had a breakfast taco food fight once. I threw a tv remote at him when I was really pissed off one time. 

13. Has “MJ The Terrible” seen the Stuxnet documentary Zero Days? What were the chief Architect of Stuxnet’s thoughts on it? Rick Foster Chicago, IL

Malia: I made him watch it. He didn’t want to. We watched it together. When it was over, he didn’t say a word. He just turned the TV off and walked out of the room. 

14. Have you and MJ ever made a sex tape? Yasmin Rojas Santiago, Chile

Malia: Yes. For home use only. It was fun. 

15. Who gives MJ the most shit in his personal life? Chase Reilly Cape Canaveral, FL

Malia: Brittany. Brittany “Dubs” has been protecting MJ/watching over MJ for a long time. She has a challenger personality. She is standoffish, and I think she still looks at MJ, like she is still his CAS (Court Appointed Supervisor) sometimes. That said, I know deep down she loves MJ, and thinks of him as like her little brother kind of. MJ loves her like a family member too, and I think he thinks of her still as his Court Appointed Supervisor sometimes. 

16. Does MJ spend time with the people who were in his life before he was in the hospital? Landen Fitzpatrick Boston, MA

Malia: Rarely. It is hard for him to do that because his life is so different now. He does stay in touch with some of the people he knew before. There are a lot of legal and national security risks that must be avoided/protected. I don’t know everything about all of that, but I know it prevents MJ from getting to spend much time with people from his past. 

He went to a guy’s night happy hour with a former neighbor of his that used to live on his street last year I think it was. The happy hour was at a restaurant close to MJ’s old house. MJ wasn’t allowed to go by himself. Armed security guards were with him the whole time. 

I will name the guy Chuckie to protect his identity. Chuckie was glad to see MJ and MJ was glad to see Chuckie. They hugged and talked about old times, but MJ told me about how different it was now to see the guys. He enjoyed seeing them, but they kept asking about the big security guards that were with him. He couldn’t tell them fully why they were there, and it made the guys feel somewhat uncomfortable. I guess a couple of the guys and Chuckie knew kind of why they were there, but still, it made things weird.

For the rest of MJ’s life, he will have a security detail. Most of the time they let him do what he wants to do. They just stay in the background, but it is awkward if you aren’t used to it. 

17. Who is your hero? Do you have one? What about MJ? Angie Dyer Nashville, TN

Malia: I think my hero is my mom and MJ’s mom. MJ’s hero is his mom. She really is great. MJ’s mom Jeanne is the most prepared person I have ever met. She is good at everything. She is smart. I think my favorite thing about her is she figures things out. She doesn’t let anything overwhelm her. 

18. Which President does MJ like the most personally, George Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, or Joe Biden? Eli Sutton Washington, District of Columbia

Malia: I don’t know. MJ never worked with George Bush when he was President, but personally MJ and former President Bush hit it off. President Bush came to MJ’s parents’ house on his 39th birthday and spent time with MJ and his parents. Barack Obama and Mr. Fanning, who was an Obama administration official, are the 2 people most responsible for giving MJ his life back after all of the Stuxnet craziness. For that reason, I know MJ will always be grateful to President Obama. MJ and President Obama get along on a personal level really well. MJ told me Donald Trump reminds him of the first boss he ever had, named Bob Difeo, who was tough but fair. MJ and President Trump work well together. Personally, I don’t know. MJ and Donald Trump Jr are good friends. MJ hasn’t spent much time with President Elect Biden yet. I think because President Obama was the President that helped set MJ free so to speak, that MJ probably likes President Obama the most.

19. Can you ask MJ what tv or movie wife he thinks you are the most like? Just curious. Thanks. Jess Stone Tempe, AZ

Malia: He said the character Salma Hayek played in the movie “Fools Rush In” or the character Sandra Bullock played in the movie “The Blind Side”. I agree. I think he called it. 

20. They say men marry someone like their mother. Is that true with you and MJ? Do you have similar characteristics to his mother? Edith Peterson Tucson, AZ

Malia: Yep. My skin color is darker, but other than that, MJ’s mom Jeanne and I are a lot alike. 

21. If MJ was in a competition and you could help him cheat to win, would you do it? Dylan Gentry Tuscaloosa, AL

Malia: MJ wouldn’t let me do it. He wouldn’t want to win if it wasn’t legit. It’s just how he is. 

22. Has MJ ever bought you something that offended you? What was it? Scarlet Phelps Dublin, Ireland

Malia: Sort of. He bought me an “Oh My God Becky” Sir Mix A Lot Song t-shirt because I have a big butt and MJ likes it. At first, I didn’t like it, but now I kind of do. 

23. How much of your wedding did MJ plan? Was he involved much or hands off? Ana Folley Lexington, KY

Malia: He was involved but he wanted me to have what I wanted, because weddings are important to girls. Weddings are important to guys to, but it’s different. 

24. What kind of cell phones do you and MJ have? Morgan Welch Los Angeles, CA

Malia: Samsung just sent us 2 brand new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra’s, but we haven’t activated them. Due to the top-secret work MJ does for the government, we have special encrypted phones. MJ and I both have Bittium Tough Mobile 2C phones. 

25. Besides his family, who does MJ look to/trust the most? If the shit hit the fan, who is MJ going to call? Andy Rollins Newport News, VA

Malia: Eric Fanning “Mr. Fanning”. MJ looks at Mr. Fanning like a second father almost. Mr. Fanning more than anyone believed in MJ, when MJ’s whole world was caving in. If Mr. Fanning wouldn’t have stepped in and helped MJ, and talked President Obama into believing in MJ, MJ might still be trying to get his life back today. Thank God for Mr. Fanning! Seriously! 

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