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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 5

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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 5:

  1. Men are naturally secretive animals. They used to gather their things and hide them in their caves. Are you worried MJ is hiding things from you? Samantha Vargas San Francisco, CA

Malia: No. We share everything with each other. This may sound weird, but MJ is not allowed to be alone with anyone who is not on an approved by the government checklist, so he is not allowed to be alone with anyone to be able to have an affair. Even if that wasn’t the case, he is a good guy. I know he wouldn’t cheat on me.

  1. Name something you do that MJ doesn’t like. Andrea Parker Kiev, Ukraine

Malia: I call him by his full name when I am mad at him, and I call him by his full name when I am happy with him. Sometimes he asks me if he did good or bad after I call him by his full name, if he’s not sure if I am mad or happy with him.

  1. What is the naked argument thing about with you 2? I don’t get it. Vivian Mitchell Charlotte, NC

Malia: We can’t argue when we’re naked, so if it feels like we are about to argue, we take our clothes off, because then we won’t want to argue. It is really difficult to argue when you’re naked. It has worked so we do it when possible.

  1. Have you ever been a maid of honor for one of your girlfriends? Aspen Crawford Anaheim, CA

Malia: Yes.

  1. Are you and MJ going to be getting COVID shots? Cassidy Andrews Miramar, FL

Malia: MJ already had the same cocktail of medicine President Trump got. I am not sure what I am going to do yet. I want to find out more about it first.

  1. Will you post a picture of MJ when he first got out of the hospital? Luke Hansen Shreveport, LA

Malia: Sure. This is a picture of MJ when he first got home from the hospital. He was so happy to be home.

MJ Home From The Hospital Summer 2016
MJ Home From The Hospital Summer 2016
  1. I have a request. Say this to MJ and tell me exactly what he says. and can you ask him while you have his complete attention, and he is not in a hurry. Thank you Malia. Vanessa Underwood Mobile, AL

I am comparing your husband’s answer to my husband’s answer. My husband’s answer made me feel awful. I am curious what “MJ The Terrible’s” answer is. Here is the question.

You are emotionally unavailable to me. How do you plan to fix it?

Malia: I asked MJ. Here is what he said and did. I told him the truth after he answered. He offered to be my guinea pig any time I needed him to be.

After I said it to him, he asked me to hold on a second. Then he grabbed his phone and searched “Emotionally unavailable”. Then he said- “Baby, I just read the definition of emotionally unavailable. I don’t know what I am supposed to do. I didn’t know it was called being emotionally available, but after I read the definition, I thought I did do that. What do you want me to do? Do you want me to listen to an audio book about this or something, so I know more about it and how to do it better?”

That was his answer. He admitted he felt the answer was some kind of setup because that is not how I usually talk to him. He said if I really was upset about him being “emotionally unavailable”, I would tell him what I wanted him to do to fix it after I told him about it. I hope this helped.

  1. Does MJ know Lebron James? They are the same age, and both grew up in Akron at the same time. Trey Jenkins Cleveland, OH

Malia: Yes. MJ said Lebron went to St. V and he went to Garfield, but yes, they were friends growing up together in Akron.

He came over to our house to hangout in 2016, when his team was playing the Washington Wizards. Lebron calls MJ “White Mike Johnson”.

This is what I remember most from when he came over to hang out.

MJ and Lebron were in the kitchen. MJ was standing by the island in the kitchen. Lebron opened the kitchen door to grab a beer, and did this spin move around MJ to shoot the twist top of the bottle into the trash. Lebron bumped into MJ. MJ pushed him and said – “Detroit Pistons basketball.” The Detroit Pistons played really rough basketball back in the day. I think they referred to themselves as the “Bad Boys”. Anyway, Lebron missed the trash can. He looked at me and said, “Call the foul referee Malia.” I said “Foul on the sexy player wearing the gray and black Army shirt. Then MJ said “Ref, #1 you are beautiful. And #2, Lebron wants you to call the foul because he can’t handle playing tough basketball.”

You could tell they were being playful with each other. Lebron is a lot taller than MJ and probably weighs twice as much. He is also one of the best basketball players ever.

Lebron said “Fuck you Bill Laimbeer! I’m from Akron mother fucker! You best back off before you get hurt.” (Bill Laimbeer was a player on the Detroit Pistons Bad Boy team.)

MJ said, “I’m from Akron to bitch!”

Then they talked about how Lebron used to come over to MJ’s parents’ house and they would wrestle in the basement.

MJ said – “Let’s wrestle how we used to back in the day.”

I tried to talk them out of it because MJ was barely out of the hospital. He was really skinny, and he was still bald with the scar on the back of his head showing still.

MJ insisted on it. Lebron tried to talk MJ out of it too. He could tell “White Mike Johnson” wasn’t at his best. We were unsuccessful. We couldn’t talk MJ out of it. MJ walked over to the gym to get ready to wrestle. Lebron had to use the restroom. I waited outside the restroom to tell Lebron to be gentle with MJ because any jerking motion or if he hit his head, could kill MJ. Lebron said- Mike is one tough ass white boy but I got this. I explained how just walking around the house with him today was the most physical activity MJ had done since he was released from the hospital. Lebron said “I am going to let MJ take me down and then tell him I better not wrestle anymore because I don’t want to get hurt and not be able to do my job. When I do that, have my back, and then we’ll go watch a movie or something.” I agreed.

MJ was leaning against a piece of workout equipment with his eyes closed when Lebron and I walked in. I could tell he was struggling to even stand up, but because his longtime friend came over, he was trying to show him a good time.

MJ said, “Are you ready you big bastard?”

Lebron said “I’m Black Andre The Giant. I’m going to take you out Hulk Hogan The Terrible”.

MJ let go of the piece of equipment he was leaning against and almost fell down on the floor. He managed to make it out to where Lebron was. I said “Take it easy guys. Ding. Ding.”

MJ took maybe a step and started to fall forward. Lebron moved up a lot so that MJ would land on him and he could fall down with MJ on top of him. Lebron signaled/whispered to me to come count to 3 as the referee. I counted to 3, and Lebron said “You got me White Mike Johnson. You got me.”

MJ couldn’t get up and get off of Lebron. He said “I can’t move. I need to lay down.” Lebron rolled MJ over so that MJ was laying on the mat. Lebron asked me what to do. Lebron and I walked over to the guest house where Brittany, MJ’s bodyguard/former Court Appointed Supervisor was living. We asked her what she thought would be best. I was ready to call MJ’s doctor, Doctor Frincke, but if she found out MJ was wrestling with Lebron, she would have killed both of them. Brittany and Lebron carried MJ to the couch inside. I ordered pizza for us for dinner. Brittany went and got sleeping bags for Lebron, me and for herself. She said “Do y’all want to sleep in here in the living room with MJ, and have a slumber party?”

Lebron laughed and said “Don’t forget the chick flicks. We gotta watch some good chick flicks.”

We did watch one chick flick that night, but mostly movies everyone would like. MJ slept the whole time. He didn’t move off the couch. The next morning Lebron got up early to use the gym. Then he said goodbye to Brittany and me. Then he walked over to MJ who was still sleeping on the couch. He got down on his knees and put his head up against MJ’s and said- “I love you White Mike Johnson. You my boy. We will always be boys. Akron for life. See you next time my white negro.” That was it. He took off to go to practice.

  1. Do you and MJ support the Defund the Police movement? Kameika Rollins Detroit, MI

Malia: We need police, so defunding them completely doesn’t make sense. I am for increased training, education, and oversight. There needs to be consequences for police who break the law. I think most police officers are probably good officers, but as with any organization, there are a few bad apples here and there. I asked MJ and he agreed with me on this.

  1. Do you have MJ’s passwords? Steph Beltran Macon, GA

Malia: I have all his private passwords. I don’t have his passwords for the defense projects he works on. MJ has top secret clearance, and I don’t, so I don’t have those passwords.

  1. When did MJ meet Mr. Fanning, and why did Mr. Fanning believe in MJ? Why did he take an interest in him? Beth Smith Salem, OR

I’ll try to keep the answer short. Someday I hope MJ addresses this more, and I’m sure he will, because without Mr. Fanning, “MJ The Terrible” would probably be in Guantanamo Bay or Supermax prison.

I am not sure the first time they met, but here is the first story I remember hearing about MJ and Mr. Fanning. Mr. Fanning is a gay man, but he is also a straight up badass. Mr. Fanning was the first top military official to address being gay/how gay people are treated in the military. Due to the attention Mr. Fanning was calling to how gay people were being treated in the military, those in the military who disagreed with him, were trying to silence him. Some with words, and some with force. Before I continue, I want to make it clear that this was MJ before he had the brain surgery in 2015. He was still a good guy, but the world had him backed into a corner unfairly, and he acted accordingly. After his brain surgery, MJ was and is much more calm and patient.

MJ and Mr. Fanning were both eating separately at the bar of a restaurant that was close to a military base MJ was being forced to be at/work at, at the time, and Mr. Fanning was at the military base for some reason that day. Mr. Fanning has been involved in military affairs/Department of Defense/politics for years. MJ and Mr. Fanning, I guess had a friendly conversation at the bar that night. MJ and Mr. Fanning were leaving the restaurant at approximately the same time. Mr. Fanning walked out first, and MJ heard these guys hassling him about being gay. MJ walked up and stood next to Mr. Fanning, and said something like “This is my boyfriend and fuck him every single day assholes. If you assholes have a problem with it, you can go fuck yourselves!” Mr. Fanning’s security showed up at about that time, and the guys who were messing with Mr. Fanning walked away.

Mr. Fanning asked why MJ stood up for him when he didn’t know him. MJ said something like- “It seemed like the right thing to do. They were going to jump you. It wouldn’t have been a fair fight. I hate bullies. Fuck’em!” That was it. They went their separate ways until they met again in the future.

  1. Can I ask how much your wedding ring cost? Did you have it appraised? Was MJ cheap? I’m nosey. Sorry. Nancy Pierce Clarksville, TN

Malia: MJ proposed to me for real twice. The first time he proposed, he gave me his Grandma and Great Grandma’s rings. The ring he actually put on my finger was his Grandma’s ring. His Great Grandma’s ring he gave me later.

I know how much his Grandma and Great Grandma’s rings mean to MJ, and me too. They are priceless, even if their monetary value is not very high. The rings mean the world to me.

MJ also bought a ring and asked me to marry him again in Maryland. The first time he proposed was in Texas.

The ring he bought we did have appraised. It was 5 carats and was valued at $281,000.

MJ said- “It has a good GIA and everything.” Meaning the diamond had a high certified quality.

  1. What’s your favorite food? What’s MJ’s? Courtney Gilmore Yonkers, NY

Malia: I like Italian and Mexican food a lot, but I also like a wide variety of different types of foods. MJ likes home cooked meals. I think his favorite meals are home cooked meals by his mom and Asian mom. MJ also likes Italian, German, and Chinese food.

  1. What are you and your hubby’s favorite cocktails? Leo McClure New Orleans, LA

Malia: I don’t really have one. I don’t drink at all when I’m pregnant. Back when MJ and I were dating, I would drink Mimosas, and vodka tonics, and drinks like that I guess. MJ likes Vesper Martinis and dirty Martini’s.

  1. How many times has MJ been married? Kelly Dwyer Little Rock, AR

Malia: One practice time and once to me.

  1. If MJ was married to the woman you refer to as Gotye and now he is married to you, then who is Gabriella Johnson? This woman How did she die? Karen Nolan Boise, ID

Malia: Gabriella was before Gotye. MJ and Gabriella never officially got married. MJ did marry her, but she had Multiple Personality Disorder, and lied to MJ about who she was, so their marriage was invalidated. MJ was trying to help her when he realized she was not right mentally. They were both just kids. MJ was trying to do right by her. Gabriella took her own life. MJ found her lying on the floor at her apartment, on the kitchen floor. She overdosed on drugs.

  1. Does it bother you people are always talking about MJ and not as much about you? Monica Hendricks Knoxville, TN

Malia: Not really, because even though people mostly talk about him, he is all about me, so I don’t really care.

  1. Do you think MJ feels like he owns you? You know, like you are his property? Zuri Moyer Atlanta, GA

Malia: I asked MJ if he feels like he owns me. He said- “No, but if I was for sale, he would buy me, because he loves me and couldn’t live without me.”

  1. Who is more educated, you or MJ? Michael Monroe Princeton, NJ

Malia: I am. I have a doctorate from MIT. MJ has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Akron. We like to joke that I have all of the degrees, and he has all of the awards and medals. Together we’ve got it all.

  1. Can you tell us something about MJ not many people know about that you think is interesting? Bonnie Malone Ogden, UT

Malia: MJ wrote a movie that was turned into a screenplay and purchased by a studio. MJ titled the movie “Texas Terror Dome”. They changed the name to “AMERIGEDDON”. The movie was filmed and released while MJ was in the hospital recovering from brain surgery.

  1. Do people ever try to use or take advantage of MJ, or accuse MJ of this that and the other, because of who he is? Hannah Duffy Chesapeake, VA

Malia: All the time! You wouldn’t believe it, but he is used to it. He/we have learned how to deal with it. It’s unfortunate, but sometimes it actually turns into a profitable situation. MJ was accused of hacking into the records of a business his company was in competition with for a contract. The company made the accusation in an attempt to hurt MJ and Masters of Money LLC’s reputation. The other company won the contract unfairly, due to the false accusations the company alleged. MJ and Masters of Money LLC’s attorneys sued the person and the company that made the false accusations. The accusations were proven to be false, and the court awarded MJ and Masters of Money LLC 4 million dollars, which is more than what the contract would have been for. Being falsely accused of something he didn’t do actually led to a situation that was more profitable than had MJ and Masters of Money would have won the contract. When MJ got home from court that day, he had a smile on his face, and said- “I used to hate being falsely accused of things I didn’t do. Now I don’t mind it, as long as the accusations are internet and computer related, because I can’t even touch a computer without the federal government monitoring everything I do. Which means, the government can clear me of any and all accusations, any time someone tries to accuse me of something. Isn’t that great? God bless America, my big profit big brother!”

Just FYI, for anyone considering lobbing false allegations at my husband- The government puts special software on all of MJ’s devices, and on all of the devices of every business and contracting device he owns or uses. MJ is also not allowed to buy or use a device that doesn’t have the software on it.

In court the government provides the records that MJ couldn’t have hacked into or did whatever he gets accused of. Then the lawsuits get dismissed and MJ gets to “Go to the pay window” as he likes to say.

MJ has been falsely accused of everything cyber related, by people that either don’t like him or want to take advantage of him. I think it has happened 7 times now, and all 7 ended up leading to MJ collecting a big check.

Final note- The company that made the false records hacking accusation against MJ was the Money Channel. MJ and Masters of Money bought the Money Channel in 2017 with the settlement money the Money Channel had to pay MJ for making the false accusations.

  1. If MJ died, do you think you would get remarried? If you died, do you think MJ would get remarried? Raven Pruitt Geneva, Switzerland

Malia: MJ has told me he would want me to get remarried. He wants our children to have a father figure in their lives, because it is in their best interest, but I don’t know if I would. I told MJ I would want him to get remarried for the same reason, our children’s best interest. MJ isn’t the best at being alone. I don’t mean that he can’t be alone, but he likes being married and having a family. I do to, but I’m okay with being alone probably more so than he is.

  1. What is something MJ feels embarrassed about? Sunny Hurst London, England

Malia: Sometimes his hands shake, and he can’t stop them from shaking. They are called tremors. He gets them a few times a year, but they don’t last very long. He has only had them a couple times in a public setting where it would be noticeable. Both times it worked out to where he could have some time to himself to give “the shakes”, time to get out of his system.

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 4 –

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