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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 6

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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 6:

1. Has MJ ever had any trouble getting it up? Devon Phillips Tempe, AZ

Malia: No. I think MJ finds comfort in sex. Sometimes our sex is business like, because MJ just needs it to reset, I think, but most of the time it’s for fun and making babies. Either way, MJ is ready to go or can be ready to go when the moment arises.

2. Has MJ ever made you feel less than him because he is white and you are black? Gianna Dorset Houston, TX

Malia: No. I don’t think MJ has ever thought of our skin colors as a dividing factor. He just doesn’t think in terms of skin color.

3. Has MJ ever made you feel like shit on purpose when you were arguing? Piper Dunn Denver, CO

Malia: MJ doesn’t really argue with me. I am a woman. I can be emotional. And I admit that I start most of our arguments. That said, MJ doesn’t really argue. I am the one who yells at him. He just takes it and then walks away, or he just walks away at the beginning of it.

MJ gets quiet. It’s his thing. You know he is angry or upset because he goes stone cold silent. MJ is like an abused adopted puppy. He has been through so much with his first wife (his practice wife), and in his life, that he protects himself from arguing and fighting by shutting down, not by opening up.

I am an emotional person, and I can’t help but pick arguments with MJ sometimes, even when I’m not really trying to. MJ knows that, and because I know I can’t stop myself from doing it, and MJ doesn’t deserve to have to deal with it when he hasn’t done anything wrong, I promised him that he gets sex after every argument. It’s my way of apologizing. After we have sex and we are both relaxed, then MJ will open up and talk to me about anything I said when I argued with him. It’s our process and it has worked well.

4. Hello Malia. I saw Louis Farrakhan coming and going from your home. I live in your neighborhood. I thought Louis Farrakhan hated “whitey”? You are black and your husband is white. What does Louis Farrakhan think about you marrying and having children with a white man? Did your white husband get along with Louis Farrakhan? Why did you let him stay in your home? Neighbor Your Bethesda, MD

Malia: Minister Farrakhan’s family has been friends with my family for as long as I can remember. I have pictures of him holding me when I was a baby. Any friends of our family are of course welcome to stay with us. We invited him to stay with us while he was in town.

Minister Farrakhan and his family would have been at our wedding, but unfortunately, he had some health issues that prevented him from coming.

The first time MJ and Minister Farrakhan met was Minister Farrakhan’s recent visit. When Minister Farrakhan arrived, MJ had a bad headache, and was laying down on our bed with the lights off.

When I was giving Minister Farrakhan a tour of the house, I told him MJ had a bad headache, and was laying down in our bedroom, so I would have to show him MJ and I’s bedroom tomorrow.

The bedroom we put him in is on the same floor of the house as MJ and I’s bedroom. While Minister Farrakhan was getting unpacked, I went downstairs to work on dinner. Minister Farrakhan decided to go into our room and check on MJ. When MJ has a headache, he is out for a day. I mean out, as in not getting out of bed except to do the 3 P’s (Pee, Poop, and Puke). Minister Farrakhan got MJ a cold washcloth and put it on MJ’s forehead. Then he sat down next to MJ and read him a book for probably 2 hours. I had no idea this was going on until I came to get everybody for dinner, and I found Minister Farrakhan reading to MJ.

When I told Minister Farrakhan it was time for dinner, MJ reached his hand out toward Minister Farrakhan. Minister Farrakhan held his hand and whispered that he looked forward to meeting him tomorrow. MJ grunted, and then Minister Farrakhan came downstairs for dinner.

The next morning, they officially met at breakfast. We were all eating breakfast when MJ walked into the kitchen. Minister Farrakhan was holding the newest edition to our family, Caroline Grace. MJ said- “Thank you for taking care of me last night.” Minister Farrakhan said- “We all need to be taken care of sometimes. I used to hold Malia when she was a little baby. Now I am holding her babies. I feel like a proud father and grandfather even though we aren’t blood related.”

MJ and Minister Farrakhan got along great. It was like they had known each other for years. There was no conflict whatsoever.

I could be reading this wrong, but it sounds like you may not like Minister Farrakhan for whatever reason. How about the next time he comes to visit, you can come over and meet him? I think you will find Minister Farrakhan is one of the most warm hearted people you will ever meet.

Note- Most people you see on TV or the internet are different in person then they are on TV or the internet.

5. Did your friends like MJ when they first met him? Aiden Oliver Glendale, CA

Malia: I think it took a couple of meetings for my friends to get comfortable with “MJ The Terrible”, but after they realized he was a good guy who took good care of me and treated me well, they got comfortable with him. Now they just think of him as my husband MJ. They don’t think of him as “MJ The Terrible” at all anymore.

Back & Forth Texts Between Malia & “MJ The Terrible” From The First Time “MJ The Terrible” Met Malia’s Friends –

6. Your husband MJ’s life has been crazy! Does MJ think his life has been crazy, or because he has lived the life he has, it’s normal to him? Kayla Harper Greenwich, CT

Malia: He knows it’s been crazy. It is a miracle he isn’t jaded from it all. I think if he wouldn’t have had calming forces helping him along the way during all of the craziness, his life would have gone down a completely different path.

7. Would you be a stripper to support your family? Stacy Daniels Las Vegas, NV

Malia: I wouldn’t want to, but as a last resort, if I had to, I guess I would.

8. Has MJ ever been addicted to any drugs? Have you? Mateo Rodriguez Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Malia: MJ no. Me no.

9. Is it true a movie studio approached MJ for permission to use an “MJ The Terrible” style character as a cyber bad guy in a movie and they wanted him to help mold the character? Trinity Brookfield New York, NY

Malia: Yes, but MJ had to turn it down due to MJ already signing a deal with a movie studio to make a movie about his life. The government is blocking the movie at the moment, but eventually it will get made.

10. MJ being a government insider and all, is there a list of chosen Americans who would be given the opportunity to live if an end of the world event was imminent? Do you know? Has MJ talked about it? Have you seen the movie Greenland with Gerard Butler? Robert Sutton Jackson, MS

Malia: I’m sure the governments of the world have end of the world contingency plans. We have seen the movie Greenland. I asked MJ if our government has end of the world contingency plans similar to the U.S. government’s plan in the movie Greenland. He said “Yes, but there aren’t any known end of the world type of events currently, and hopefully there won’t be any.”

11. Do you and MJ have movie star crushes you would each give each other a pass to sleep with if by some crazy set of circumstances, the opportunity presented itself? Who is MJ’s? Who is yours? Kristen Lowrey Hialeah, Florida

Malia: No. We both have crushes, but it would kill me if MJ slept with any other woman but me, and MJ would kill any man I slept with besides him. He knows my Hollywood crush is Keanu Reeves. I told him Keanu Reeves was my Hollywood crush when we were watching the movie Speed, and MJ immediately said- “Blow the bus up!” MJ wanted the bad guy to blow the bus up because Keanu Reeves was on the bus in the movie. MJ’s Hollywood crush is Charlize Theron. I’m from South Africa and so is she. I’m not going to lie, as soon as MJ told me his Hollywood crush was her, I blocked every movie of hers on our on demand.

12. Can you think of something gross but cute about MJ? What is it? Ambry Pruitt Mobile, AL

Malia: Uhm, one time MJ took me into the bathroom because he wanted to show me his “huge turd”.

13. What made MJ different from other guys you might have been dating when you met MJ, besides the obvious. Did he act differently than reg guys? Dana Fry Augusta, GA

Malia: His crystal clear blue eyes are what first attracted me to him. He did act differently than other guys, but that could have been because of the circumstances. Something else that stood out to me was he always opened the car door for me. He still opens the car door for me when he is the one driving. He rarely gets to drive anymore, because his security detail usually drives and rides along with him/us.

14. Please don’t be offended by my question. I don’t know who to ask my questions to. You seem like a classy lady but also laid back at the same time. I love my husband. He is good to me. My husband and I have sex. We enjoy ourselves, but neither one of us is very adventurous in the bedroom. We have talked about trying new things, but we are both shy and conservative. We have missionary sex mostly. Sometimes he asks for sex from behind me. Rarely do we orally pleasure each other, and I have never swallowed his semen. Oral is usually to get him going. I really want to swallow for him. I know it is something he would enjoy so much. His porn search history confirms how much he wants it, but I don’t want him to think of me as a whore. I think he thinks of swallowing as an act of a whore, but it is his foremost sexual fantasy. I want him to respect and love me. I said this once already, but we are both extremely shy and extremely conservative. Do you do that for MJ? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. It is very forward of me to ask. Don’t hate me. If you have advice or pointers for a Midwestern conservative girl who wants to please her man, without him thinking of me as a whore, I would appreciate it very much. If I never said anything to him about it or I never tried it on him, he is the kind of man who would never complain. I want him to have his pleasure and I want to give it to him. Mary Oldenburg Westfield, IA

Malia: Thank you for the compliment. Each couple has their own sexual boundaries/comfort zone. I don’t know your husband, but I don’t think he will think of you as a whore if you are performing a sexual act on him that he wants. The word whore is usually reserved for a cheating spouse, not a spouse that wants to please her husband by trying new things.

And yes, I do swallow for MJ. He loves it. MJ is the first and only man I swallowed for. There is nothing wrong with pleasing your husband! He is your other half. Why wouldn’t you want to make your other half happy? MJ does all he can to make me happy. If I didn’t do the same for him, what kind of wife would that make me? Not a very good one, that’s for sure.

Mary Oldenburg in Westfield, Iowa, if I were you, here is what I think I would do. I would buy some sexy lingerie and some sexy smelling perfume. I would get all dolled up. I’m talking about sexy red lipstick, the works. I think if you fulfill this sexual fantasy of his, he will have a huge smile on his face, he’ll be singing along to songs on the radio on the way to work, etc. From one wife to another, I think you should rock your man’s world!

15. Does MJ ever talk about his first wife? Jenna Moore Paterson, New Jersey

Malia: No. He married her for the wrong reasons. It was a marriage of convenience, not love.

16. What is the most recent movie you and MJ have seen? Wes Howard Kalamazoo, MI

Malia: It was either Triple Frontier with Ben Affleck or Songbird about COVID-23. I liked Songbird better. It had a love interest angle to it. Triple Frontier is an army movie with lots of “Murder Death Kill” as MJ would say.

17. Have you or MJ ever gotten hurt during sex? Alexa Pennington Addison, TX

Malia: Not exactly during, but before. MJ has gotten hurt a few times during foreplay. We wrote about one of the times MJ got hurt during foreplay. It worked out though. Here is the post if you would like to read it.

Malia & MJ The Terrible…..”Naughty Karate” –

18. What were your friend’s initial thoughts when you told them you were dating “MJ THE TERRIBLE”? Trevor Luna Madrid, Spain

Malia: I only told them I met someone named Michael Johnson, and everyone calls him MJ. I left off the “The Terrible” part until I was serious about him.

My friends asked me if I looked him up on the internet to make sure he wasn’t crazy before I went out with him. I told them that I looked him up on the internet to make sure he wasn’t crazy, and I told them he was a patient of mine on the military base I was interning at, so I knew a lot about the guy.

They were cool with that. They figured since I knew more about him than most guys most girls go out on first dates with, everything would probably be okay.

I did feel safe dating MJ. There was just something in his eyes that said, “I’m one of the good guys, and I will treat you right.”

MJ had a court appointed supervisor that had to be with him 100% of the time. His cell phone had a monitoring device in it. MJ had to always wear this amulet necklace that monitored where he was. MJ was also chipped with an RFID chip, that measured his proximity to the amulet necklace he had to wear at all times. MJ’s black Cadillac was LoJack’ed.

The truth is, I never felt safer with a guy. When we were together, we didn’t have much privacy, but I always knew I was safe, because MJ couldn’t have gone anywhere without the military and intelligence communities knowing exactly where he was. MJ even had a monetary limit on his debit card, so that he couldn’t get far if he chose to make a run for it. How much safer can a girl get with a guy than that?

I found out MJ loved me from Brittany, MJ’s Court Appointed Supervisor at the time, before I found out from MJ. MJ and I got separated at a concert once, and Brittany ended up staying with me while MJ and I were separated. I asked her why she was staying with me, and she said- “He loves you. He wouldn’t make a run for it without you, so staying with you is the next best thing to staying with him.” That made me smile. I actually stopped and hugged her, and said I love him too.

Being with MJ was never easy, but I knew he was the one. He used to tell me how the only time he was happy was when he was with me and/or his son.

19. Have you and MJ ever had anal sex? Do you like it? I am thinking about trying it. My boyfriend wants to try it. He keeps bringing it up. I hope you answer my question Malia. You are my idol. Jessica Blanchard Dallas, TX

Malia: Yes, we have, and I did not like it at first, but I do now. I was an “anal virgin” until MJ. I was happy I saved that so I could give MJ a part of me no other man had ever had before.

I had used vibrators to pleasure myself, you know, in that area, but small ones. I thought having anal sex would feel pleasurable like that, so I sprung it on MJ without talking about it beforehand. Big mistake! MJ has a large penis. It hurt like hell! I started crying. MJ stopped. I tried to get him to keep going because I felt like I was letting him down, but MJ refused. He told me sex was meant to be pleasurable and that he didn’t want to hurt me to have pleasure himself.

I felt awful. I got out of bed and ran into the bathroom crying. MJ tried to follow me to talk/comfort me, but I locked the bathroom door. I was so embarrassed. He said I didn’t have to open the door if I didn’t want to, but he asked me if he could tell me a story. I didn’t say anything. He started telling me a story that made me laugh. I decided to open the door. MJ sat down on the floor with me and put his arms and legs around me. He just held me and whispered how much he loved me.

I told him I wanted to give him my anal virginity, and I wanted it to be an unforgettable experience. He told me we had a lifetime to explore whatever we wanted to, whenever we wanted to. We sat there naked on the bathroom floor and talked about how we could take it slow and ease into it if we wanted to, or we could forget about it altogether.

I asked MJ if he had anal sex before. He said no. He said he didn’t know what to do when I told him to “put it in my ass”, so he just did what he would do if it was my vagina. We both had never tried it, so neither one of us had any idea the best way to try it. We just went for it.

I told MJ I wanted to try again, but I asked him if he would be willing to try it the way I wanted to try it. MJ told me we didn’t have to, but I told him I really wanted to.

He lubed up his fingers and inserted them to loosen the area up. I told him I wanted to experiment on him, but I didn’t want him to watch.

I had him lay on his back and I put a towel over his eyes. I made him promise he wouldn’t remove the towel no matter what. I told him I would remove the towel blindfold when I felt comfortable. He agreed.

I looked at him lying there naked and thought about what the best way would be to get his penis in my butt without it hurting so much.

I tried several different angles to slide it in, but it hurt so much. I asked MJ if he had any ideas. He asked me if he could remove the blind fold so he could look to see what angle might work best. I agreed. MJ laid me on my stomach, and he lubed everything with almost the entire bottle of lube. Then he said, “Let’s take it slow.” I told MJ I was embarrassed and nervous. MJ said- “Baby, my nickname is “MJ The Terrible” because the computer virus I built almost started world war 3. Malia, you are the one single force in my life that has held my life together. You never have to worry about a thing when we are together. We don’t have to try this again if you don’t want to.” Then I told him I wanted him to go slow. I’m not going to lie. It hurt like hell. He went slow, but it hurt the first time. After he orgasmed, I ran into the bathroom again and cried. MJ told me it would be okay. He told me we didn’t have to do it again. I told him we are going to do it again whether he liked it or not!

We didn’t try it again for a while, until after I gave birth to Cash and Elizabeth. The doctor told me to wait so long before we had intercourse, and we were going to wait. For some reason, I was really horny, and I told MJ “You know that thing we tried once that hurt, my other hole? I want to try it again, right now!” I could see the bulge in MJ’s Adidas sweatpants. I took him upstairs, we undressed each other, and laid down on the bed. We got the lube out, and he lubed me up, and I put my butt straight up and said, I want you inside my ass! MJ’s penis was so hard. He took it slow, and it didn’t hurt at all. It felt great! MJ asked me if it hurt, and I told him no. I told him to keep going. We both had powerful orgasms. It was amazing! I think it took having a baby/babies, to prepare me for anal sex.

Now, whenever I want it, I just tell MJ, let’s do that thing you like to do sometimes, and he knows what I mean. I think he thinks of it as like a special treat sometimes. If you are in a loving relationship, where you can talk about things, and trust each other enough to try new things, I say- Go for it!

20. Where do you get all of the fun foreplay ideas to surprise MJ? I would like to surprise my boyfriend more. I have borrowed a few of your ideas. I love your blog. I am obsessed with it! MJ is my one guy my boyfriend agreed to give me a pass to sleep with if I could somehow. Reilly Kemp Bellevue, Washington

Malia: Hey now! MJ is my husband. Fantasize if you want to, but please don’t ever try to act on your crush. That said, I am glad you enjoy reading the “MJ The Terrible” blog. I get most of the foreplay ideas from reading romance novels. I also listen to what MJ wants, and I try to make it happen.

21. Why did MJ take a swing at Brittany? Shiloh Pham Chicago, IL

Malia: Well, it was a combination of things. MJ was under incredible pressure at the time. His world was caving in. MJ had just found out from Ashton Carter, who was the Assistant Secretary of Defense, that the Government was not going to keep their agreement with MJ, which meant MJ wasn’t going to get his life back for a long, long time. That is when MJ “forcefully reorganized his office” for him. Not too long after that, in the Walmart parking lot, in Royse City, Texas, Brittany told MJ that the government had also RFID chipped his son, because they knew MJ would never try to make a run for it without his son. That is when MJ took a swing at Brittany.

Brittany was/is a highly trained government agent. MJ knew her as his Court Appointed Supervisor (CAS), but she was a lot more than that.

MJ teases with Brittany sometimes about how if the subdural hematoma that was in his head, that he didn’t know that he had at the time, wasn’t causing him health problems, and he hadn’t lost so much weight from all of the panic attacks and stress he was under, he would have kicked her ass.

I have seen the 2 of them wrestle fight, in a playful but serious way, and Brittany won both times. Brittany is a large framed muscular girl, with highly trained fighting skills. I bet she could beat up 9 out 10 guys. Even tough ones. 

22. Do you support the body positive movement? Does MJ? Pam Salazar Albuquerque, NM

Malia: Definitely! I do believe all body shapes and sizes are beautiful. I explained to MJ what the body positive movement was. He said yes.

 23. If you had one wish what would it be? Kimber Wallace Miami, FL

Malia: My wish would be that our kids live long, healthy, happy lives.

 24. Why does MJ keep Brittany as the head of your family security if she is mean to him? Why would anyone want to keep their court appointed supervisor around any longer than they have too? Tony De Luca Scranton, PA

Malia: I don’t know all of the details, but Brittany took a stab wound protecting MJ one time. I think that helped bound the 2 together.

Brittany also fought off the security guards that forcefully removed MJ from Ashton Carter (who MJ nicknamed “Ashhole”), who was the Assistant Secretary of Defense’s office, when they were roughing him up.

Brittany is also the egg donor for MJ’s first son. MJ’s first wife (his practice wife) wasn’t able to have children. It’s a long story, but Brittany’s eggs are what made MJ’s first son.

It’s like we (Brittany, Chris, MJ, me, etc.) kind of grew into all of this “MJ The Terrible” craziness together, and MJ feels like we are a team/a semi sort of family and feels like we should stick together. I think those are the main reasons. MJ and Brittany may fight like a brother and sister kind of, but they both genuinely care about each other, even if they don’t always want to admit it.

25. Who do you think would win in a fight between MJ’s body double Chris and Brittany? Ricky Ortega Kansas City, MO

Malia: Chris. I have seen Brittany and Chris play wrestle/pretend fight, and Chris won, but Brittany almost had him a couple of times. Brittany and Chris are both trained CIA agents, and they both are total badasses!

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 5 –

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