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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 7

Malia May Johnson Black and White Close Up at the Driskill Hotel in Austin Texas Photo

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 7:

1. Did your family like MJ when they first met him? Ellen Lloyd Topeka, KS

Malia: Yes. Very much so. I think they wanted to try to like him, because they knew he treated me well, but I think they ended up liking him without actually trying to.

2. What is the weirdest thing you have ever said during an orgasm? Can you ask MJ what he remembers the weirdest thing you have ever said during an orgasm is? Tonya Esposito Brooklyn, NY

Malia: He said he doesn’t know if this is the weirdest thing I have ever said during an orgasm, but this is what came to his mind- “Wait, did I orgasm? No, there it is! Oh my God! Keep going! Go! Go! Keep going! Oh my God!”

3. What was your relationship like with MJ before he was a millionaire? Did he live off of your money? How much money did you give him or loan him? Did he know you had money when you met? Anita Watkins, Bath OH

Malia: MJ was broke when we met. He could barely afford to go out on dates, so we stayed in a lot. I offered to pay but MJ didn’t accept money from me. He told me he didn’t want me to think of him as a loser. I never thought of him as a loser. I told him just because a person doesn’t have much money, or any money, that does not make them a loser.

MJ never asked to borrow money. I found out later he wasn’t allowed to accept any money from me or anyone else back then.

MJ did not know my family was wealthy until I took him to my condo in Austin. When he first saw my family’s condo in Austin, he said- “Shit! You’re pretty, smart, and wealthy? How am I supposed to compete with the pazillion other guys out there who have so much to offer you? This is bull shit! Friggin INTERPOL (International Criminal Police Organization) just called me “The most dangerous hacker in the world”, and “A threat to cyber security infrastructure worldwide”. I’m a leper! This isn’t Hollywood. Are guys like me allowed to get the girl in real life? Tell me the truth Malia. Do I really have a chance to be with you? Tell me now because I am already in love with you. I know I am only going to fall more in love with you and the longer this goes on, when you break up with me, the more I’m going to be hurt. Don’t do me like that woman!”

I hate to admit this, but after he said that, when he turned around to look at me, I was laughing.

When he saw me laughing, he said- “Are you laughing at me? I am speechless. I don’t know whether you really want me, or I am like this novelty plaything to you.”

I told him he was both, and then I gave him a tour.

4. Do you have a 50 Shades of Grey room? Paris Overton Queens, NY

Malia: Maybe a 25 Shades of Grey room, because it has more than just sex stuff in it. Our bedroom has a connecting room you can only access through our bedroom, that has all of our like sex stuff, and family heirlooms, and other things that we want to keep private.

5. Since MJ is close with his mom, does he ever side with his mom over you? Brook Walker Modesto, CA

Malia: No. I am really close with his mom. We text and talk several times a week. MJ calls her once a week to check on her. His mom isn’t bossy. I’m not bossy either. We get along well. I can say this, if MJ’s mom and I agree on something, then MJ won’t fight it, whatever it is.

6. Have you ever had a big fight with MJ in public? Dianna Maze Los Angeles, CA

Malia: MJ rarely argues with me. He is not a good arguer. I can only think of a couple of times I blew up at him in public. If we argue, or I should say, if I argue with him, it’s at home.

I blew up at him at Austin City Limits music festival. There was this like 17 year old girl who just kept running into us everywhere we went, and MJ being MJ, just kept being nice to her, and trying to be close to him. I kept my cool until she started touching him. MJ is retarded when it comes to women. He thinks they are “just being nice”, but he doesn’t realize the difference between “just being nice” and getting hit on. MJ gets hit on all the time and I hate it!

If a guy ever hits on me, which happens occasionally, MJ can’t stand it, and immediately runs the guy off.

MJ told me to tell him when a girl is doing more than “just being nice”, and he will put a stop to it. So, when it happens now, I say- “ACL (Austin City Limits) Festival girl.”, and he knows the girl is over the line. He stops it immediately. He is good about it. I know he loves me and doesn’t want me to feel disrespected.

ACL was the second time I think I blew up at him. The first time was a similar situation, but at a club. A girl kept “just being friendly” too much, and MJ wasn’t stopping her. She wasn’t touching his penis or anything, but she was eye fucking him, and she was leaning in close to try to talk to him, and she would not leave him alone. I tried to warn MJ in subtle ways, but it was not working.

I wanted MJ to see/know what it feels like seeing somebody make a move on me, because I knew he would hate it, and he would get the point.

I decided to show him in an innocent way what it feels like to see someone hit on me, and me not stop it right away. I didn’t want to hurt him. My plan was to be somewhat flirty with a guy at the bar, and I was hoping that MJ would see the guy touch my shoulder/touch my back/brush up against me somehow. Instead of coming back from the restroom right away, I went to the bar. I know MJ. He likes to always be touching me/holding on to me. He doesn’t do it to be controlling. He just likes to hold onto me. I really like it. It makes me feel close to him. I knew if I was gone for a long time, he would start to wonder where I was/if I was ok, and he would start looking for me.

Brittany (MJ’s Court Appointed Supervisor at the time) had to be with MJ every day, all the time, except when MJ was at his old house, because that place was bugged and LoJack’ed like you wouldn’t believe. Also, MJ’s other more covert Court Appointed Supervisor lived in the house right next to him.

Back to the story. Brittany was the first one to notice what was going on. When MJ was in the bathroom, Brittany came to find me and tell me not to do anything to make MJ jealous, because MJ could not handle it. I should have listened to her, but for some reason I didn’t.

As MJ was walking back from the bathroom, I could see Brittany approach him, and try to turn his head away from the bar area. MJ pushed her hand off and turned his head towards the bar area. The guy I was flirty with decided to skip right past a shoulder/back touch and put his hand on my butt. I looked right into MJ’s eyes as the guy grabbed my butt. I was already wishing I didn’t do this before that happened, but when I saw MJ’s eyes as the guy put his hand on my butt, I felt like I had cheated on him. MJ’s eyes got big and he immediately came towards where we were, as he yelled “Get your fucking hands off her!” Brittany was trying to grab his arm while he was walking towards us. I could hear her saying “MJ if you violate your probation you are going to jail.”

MJ picked up a full beer glass on the way to the bar and threw it right at the guys face. When MJ got close enough to grab the guy, Brittany pushed me in front of him because she knew MJ wouldn’t hurt me. That gave her enough time to grab MJ and put handcuffs on him. Brittany told the guy to “Get the fuck out of here because you just grabbed MJ The Terrible’s girlfriend’s ass, and he will kill you.”

The guy left. Then Brittany took MJ outside in handcuffs. I followed Brittany and MJ outside. Brittany threw MJ against the car and was yelling at him. I begged Brittany not to take him to jail. Brittany told me she wouldn’t take him to jail if I told MJ what really happened, and if MJ would come willingly back to the military base he was staying at, at the time. I told MJ what I did, and tears ran down his face. Then I told him to please go peacefully back to the base with Brittany.

MJ didn’t say a word. I knew he was upset. She kept him in the handcuffs and put him in the back of the car. She called a taxi for me and waited until the taxi picked me up before she took MJ back to the base.

I shouldn’t have done that. MJ was under so much pressure. I was all he had in many ways then, and I lit the fuse that could have really hurt him. I guess I didn’t really “go off” on him, but I did something stupid that was like nonverbally going off on him.

7. Have any of your friends ever hit on MJ? Can you tell us about it? Kassidy Ward Roseville, CA

Malia: Yes. Only one. She wasn’t a close friend, but she was a friend. MJ and I had some friends over to our condo in Austin, and this former friend of mine, was all about MJ the whole night. MJ was nice to her, but I could tell he was getting uncomfortable with how she was acting towards him. At the end of the night, when people were starting to leave, MJ walked into our bedroom while he was looking for me. She followed him into the bedroom and told him she wanted him and tried to kiss him. MJ said- “No! Don’t do this. I love Malia and you are her friend.” She said – “I want you. Don’t you think I’m pretty?” MJ said- “I love Malia! I only want to be with her and that’s it.” I was in the bathroom connected to our bedroom. I heard the whole thing. I walked out right after that and asked her to leave. She told me to go f- myself. Then she started yelling at me and telling MJ how he should be with her. Mr. Pete, one of MJ’s security guys heard her yelling and came running. Mr. Pete asked her to leave nicely. She still refused. That’s when Brittany, aka Dubs, our family’s head of security walked in. She took a swing at Brittany. Brittany ducked and hit her in the face. She fell down. Brittany said- “If you take another swing at me you will wake up in the hospital. Do you understand me?” My former friend said- “Yes.” Then Brittany said- “Get up and walk straight towards the front door. Mr. Pete here will be escorting you to your car. I don’t want to see you again. Make that happen.” She didn’t say another word after that. Brittany and Mr. Pete walked her to the door, and Mr. Pete walked her to her car. That was the end of our friendship.

8. Do you have any transsexual friends? Shawna Ortega Salt Lake City, UT

Malia: I know a few trans girls, but I don’t have any close trans friends.

9. What did MJ get you for Valentine’s Day? Taylor Anderson Nashville, TN

Malia: He hired the interior decorator I wanted to work. He had flowers and chocolates delivered to the house. He wrote me a love letter. He got me the baby safe organic makeup and bath kit I wanted. He also made a basket of stuff that our kids made for me. He also got me a box of 1,000 pens as a joke, because I couldn’t find anything to write with one day when I was trying to write something down.

10. Do you like doing the q&a’s? Has MJ ever tried to force you to do anything for his company that you didn’t want to do? Karen Cook Fayetteville, AR

Malia: I like doing the q&a’s, and MJ has never tried to force me to do anything for his company that I didn’t want to do.

11. Why isn’t the “MJ The Terrible” movie getting made right now? I thought the deal was done. I want to see it. Wyatt Locklear Juneau, AL

Malia: The deal is done, but the movie can’t be made yet unfortunately. The government won’t let the movie company make the movie until certain details about the Stuxnet computer virus MJ was the chief architect of are declassified, and certain details of MJ and his life are declassified.

12. What kind of cars does MJ have? Does he have any exotic sports cars? What is his favorite car? Dan Farrow Columbus, OH

Malia: Here is a list of MJ’s sports cars. I feel bad for MJ, because he rarely gets to drive anywhere, let alone take his sports cars out for a drive, due to security concerns.

White Lamborghini “MJ The Terrible” Mobile

Red Ferrari Enzo (with a recently added dent- Sorry baby!)

Black Cadillac CTS-V

Black Corvette ZR1

White with blue racing stripes on it Shelby Cobra Mustang

Black Mercedes SL

Black with white racing stripes 1969 Chevelle SS (Was given to MJ in his friend Captain Ray Lutz’s will. I have never seen him drive this car.)

White and black Iron Man Edition Audi R8 V-10 Quattro

Red Ferrari 458 Italia

Green Lamborghini Huracan

Silver Porsche Carrera GT

Black 1987 Pontiac Firebird Formula  

Silver with black racing stripes Shelby GT500 Eleanor replica car from the Gone In 60 Seconds movie

Red Ford GT-40 (The most uncomfortable car I have ever been in. You feel every single bump in the road!)

Red Ferrari LaFerrari

White 1986 Ferrari Testarossa from Miami Vice tv show

Black Tesla Model S

Silver DeLorean car from the Back To The Future movie

Silver 007 James Bond Edition Aston Martin DB7

Yellow with black racing stripes Bumblebee Transformer movie Camaro

Red Lamborghini Countach with a big wing on the back of it

His favorite car I think is the 1987 Pontiac Firebird Formula car we bought him as a gift recently, that he had when he was a kid growing up in Ohio. It isn’t the fastest, coolest, or most expensive car he has, but the sentimental value to him is priceless.

13. What was the first kind of car MJ took you out on a date in? Beth Keegan Liverpool, England

Malia: It was a black Cadillac CTS. It was MJ’s company car at the oil company he worked at. It was the only car he had. He didn’t actually own a car.

14. Is MJ a good driver? Ellis Strausburg Indianapolis, IN

Malia: Yes. MJ is a really good driver, but he drives a little on the fast side.

15. Is MJ a better hacker, husband, or father? Erica Landry Houston, TX

Malia: You would think because MJ is the first person in history to be awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Cross for Cyber Warfare, that I would say hacker, but he is a better father than anything else. He is amazing with our kids, and kids in general. He is a good husband too, but if MJ is spending time with our kids, I could walk by completely naked and MJ wouldn’t even notice. A better father definitely.

16. Does MJ have the biggest penis of any man that you have slept with? Rachel Mendoza Laredo, TX

Malia: Yes. I have only slept with 3 men. MJ was #3, and yes, his penis is the largest of the 3.

17. Have you ever kissed a girl? Did you like it? Gwen Sandoval Anchorage, AL 

Malia: Yes. My best friend and I growing up kissed a few times, but it was more being silly than serious.

18. How do you get along with MJ’s first wife now? Monica Fox South Gate, CA

Malia: We don’t get along. I have tried and tried to be nice to her, but nothing has worked. She is a mean person and has been for a long time. I understand how it could be difficult for her to see me and communicate with me, but she could at least be civil. You would think she would want to be civil for the kid MJ and her share together, but maybe that is just wishful thinking on my part. She calls me the “N” word constantly. You wouldn’t believe some of the emails and text messages MJ and I get from her. It’s sad. I don’t know if she will ever try to be civil with us, but maybe someday. 

19. Does MJ have PTSD? Ross Kramer Fort Leonard Wood, MO

Malia: He has never officially been diagnosed with PTSD I don’t think, but he has to see a psychiatrist once a week, due to what he does for a living/because of all that he has been through.

20. Do you see a psychiatrist, Malia? Georgia Morgan Macon, GA

Malia: No. Twice a year MJ’s psychiatrist asks that I meet with her to have a session about MJ, but I don’t see a psychiatrist myself personally.

21. Are MJ’s mental and physical health records classified by the government? Vivian Meyerson Washington, D.C. 

Malia: Yes. His records are sealed from everyone without top secret military clearance and the medical professionals who directly treat him.

22. Is MJ on any type of probation right now? Trace Edwards Pembroke Pines, Florida

Malia: Not exactly. Due to his top secret security clearance, what he has been a part of, the types of projects he works on, and the security required to protect him, he has some restraints on what he can and can’t do, but for the most part, he is free to do what he wants to do.

23. If you started treating MJ as poorly as his ex-wife did, do you think he would leave you? Audre Twala Bloemfontein, South Africa

Malia: I would never do that. MJ knows I would never intentionally treat him like she did, but if I had postpartum depression or something, and I wasn’t my normal self for a while, MJ would know something was wrong, and he would try to do the best he could to work with me to figure it out. MJ isn’t a runner or a cheater. He is a loyal loving guy.

24. Has MJ ever tried to hit on any of your friends? Have any of MJ’s friends tried to hit on you? Ann Nguyen Perth, Australia 

Malia: No and no.

25. Will you ask MJ what his favorite thing you do to turn him on is? Just curious. Thanks. Ariana Rodriguez El Paso, TX

Malia: I asked MJ what his favorite thing I do that turns him on, and he said a lot of things I do turn him on, but his favorite is when I suck on his fingers.

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 6 –

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