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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 8

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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 8:

1. Are MJ and Team Digital Death going to sue the pilot and the company of the plane they were on that crashed last December? Keith Delacroix Cherry Hill, NJ

Malia: No. There was an investigation into the crash. The crash was due to a mechanical failure. The pilot and NetJets were not at fault. The investigator said sometimes mechanical parts malfunction for one reason or another, and that was what caused the crash. No individual or company was “negligent”.  

“MJ The Terrible” & Team Digital Death Plane Crash Details –

2. What does your dining room look like? Madison Cummings Long Island, NY

Malia: We are lucky enough to have 2 dining rooms. Here is a picture of each dining room.

3. How tall are you? How tall is MJ? Sylvie Leblanc Lafayette, LA

Malia: I am 5 foot 4, and MJ is 6 feet tall. 

4. Would you support your son or daughter if they were gay, or would you try to force them straight? Joshua Avalos Sao Paulo, Brazil

Malia: We will support our children no matter what. That said, I think it might take some getting used to, but we will love and support our kids under any and all circumstances. 

5. Do you buy gender neutral toys for your kids? 

Malia: Some, but mostly traditional toys. Here is the text conversation MJ and I recently had about gender neutral toys. Remy Russo Miami, FL

Triple Double Date With The President Vice President and Gender Neutral Toys –

6. Did you watch Oprah’s interview with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle? What did you think? Are you on their side or the Royal Family’s? Matilda Fletcher London, England

Malia: Yes. There are at least 2 sides to every story. I think it would be difficult for someone who grew up in that life, let alone someone who didn’t grow up in that life. At the end of the day families argue and have disagreements. The Royal Family’s squabbles are just highly public. It is interesting to watch the Royal Family air their dirty laundry, but in the end, I hope they reunite and work things out for the greater good of their family.

7. Where is the grossest place you have had sex? Eve Monroe Nashville, TN

Malia: In a port-a-potty at Austin City Limits Music Festival. It was clean but still a port-a-potty.

8. What do you think the meaning of life is Malia? Lennon Gentry Boston, MA

Malia: Life to me is about overcoming obstacles, appreciating what you have, giving what you have to give, and trying to see the beauty in it all. I think life is an experience as much as it is anything else.

9. Are you right or left handed? Is MJ a righty or a lefty? Ariel Ali Harlem, NY

Malia: I am right handed. MJ is ambidextrous. He can write with both hands. When he was growing up one of his teachers forced him to write right handed. He has written mostly right handed since then. I know he is left handed, because I can actually read what he writes when he writes left handed. 

10. Are you a control freak? Do you like to control everything in your life? Do you try to control MJ’s life? Kimber Cortez San Juan, Puerto Rico

Malia: I wouldn’t say I am a control freak. I asked MJ if I was a control freak. He said I am, but in a good way. 

11. Did MJ try to force you to be a stay at home wife and mother? Morgan Andrews Sunnyvale, CA

Malia: No. I have always wanted to be a stay at home wife and mom. MJ likes it too, so that is what we do.

12. Does MJ force you to do anything? Harper Lambert Little Rock, AR

Malia: No.

13. Does MJ think he can do whatever he wants because he is saving the world? Carter Smith Dallas, TX

Malia: Definitely not. He doesn’t think of himself as being above anyone else. He is as down to earth as it comes.

14. If you died do you think he could raise all of your kids as a single dad? Ellen Ruiz Los Angeles, CA

Malia: He would find a way. He is a very loving daddy, and he is really smart. 

15. Can you ask MJ if Remote Neural Monitoring is real, and if he knows anything about it? Stephen Boyd Chicago, IL

Malia: I did ask MJ, but legally he wasn’t allowed to talk about it. That said, it turned into a post. Here is the post about it. 

Remote Neural Monitoring and Falling In Love – 

16. Do you wear perfume? What is your favorite? Anastasia Rivas Mexico City, Mexico

Malia: I don’t really wear perfume when I am pregnant, but I do wear perfume when I am not. These are my favorite perfumes: Pure Poison by Dior, Chanel Allure, Raw Chemistry, Prada Candy, Hypnotic Poison by Dior, Emporio Armani Diamonds Intense, Good Girl Gone Bad by KILIAN, and YSL Mon Paris.

When I want MJ to want me, I wear Pink Sugar perfume and rub Ocean Potion Scent of Sunshine sunscreen on. It works 100% of the time. It took me a while to find MJ’s perfect horny scent combo, but I know it now. Whenever we argue and I want to sexpologize, I use Pink Sugar and Ocean Potion Scent of Sunshine sunscreen it up and snuggle up to him.

17. On Brittany White’s recent Q&A she did, someone asked her if you broke up MJ’s first marriage. She said no. Do you think you played a role in causing MJ’s divorce from his first wife? Gracie McBride Phoenix, Arizona

Malia: No. MJ was still technically married to his first wife when we met, but they were already headed towards a divorce.

18. Would you rather have sex with Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Phillipe, or Ryan Gosling? If you had to pick one, which Ryan would you have sex with? Rebecca Page Las Vegas, NV

Malia: Ugh! I don’t want to say. All 3 Ryan’s are attractive. I’m afraid to answer, because there is a good chance Ryan Gosling is going to play MJ in the Adventures of MJ The Terrible movie, and I don’t want MJ to worry about me being around Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling recently flew to Maryland to meet MJ. We had dinner with him, and I would never cheat on MJ, but Ryan Gosling is extremely attractive. I hope MJ doesn’t get upset over this. When I told him that Keanu Reeves was my Hollywood crush while we were watching the movie Speed, MJ said- “Blow the bus up.”, because Keanu Reeves’ character was on a bus in the movie.

19. Do you think MJ would be as successful if he had never met you? This is what Brittany wrote on the q&a she did. “Do you think MJ would be as successful without Malia? Liberty Sutton Midland, TX Brittany: No. Malia deserves most of the credit for MJ’s comeback. MJ has said many times that he wouldn’t have made it out of the hospital without her. There was a time when MJ was very standoffish with the government and intelligence community. I was there when Malia told MJ that the government and intelligence community are just as afraid of him, as he is of them. She got him to start working with them versus being standoffish against them. And when MJ started backing down, they started to back down. Eventually things worked out to how they are now. Her advice made MJ rich, and helped him to get his life back.” Lyle Hess Memphis, TN

Malia: I don’t know. MJ has told me a million times he wouldn’t have made it out of the hospital without me. I like to think I have played some role in his success, but I don’t know what percentage of his success I have played. I always try to encourage and support him.

20. This is from Brittany White’s q&a- If Malia was pissed at MJ, do you think she would ever threaten to try to take his kids away? Fiona Hubbard Plano, TX Brittany: No. If MJ slept around on her, I think she would make his life a living hell, but she wouldn’t try to take his kids away. She knows he is a good dad. Malia knows all about Malicious Mother Syndrome, dealing with MJ’s ex-wife. MJ’s ex has called Malia every cuss word in the book, and every derogatory race based hate word imaginable. Malia deserves to be nominated as Saint for putting up with Gotye’s evil vindictiveness. Well, would you Malia? Would you ever threaten to take MJ’s kids away from him? Ramona Montgomery New York, NY

Malia: No. MJ is such a good dad. Unfortunately, I know it is common for a parent to use their child/children to hurt the other parent, but I could never do that, no matter how angry I was at MJ. I believe divorce is an adult problem, and everything that can be done to shield children from it, should be done. I am not willing to psychologically damage our children, to try to punish MJ. I’m sure I would be depressed, angry, emotional, etc., but I know even at my worst, I would love our children more than I could ever hate MJ.

I think a parent who tries to punish the other parent, by trying to keep their child/children away from them, and/or makes false allegations in an attempt to gain an advantage in divorce and custody proceedings, are committing child abuse. Divorce can get ugly. I’ve seen it firsthand, but any parent who is willing to put their own interests above their child/children’s, I believe is not only a bad parent, but is also committing child abuse. The psychological damage that can be caused by taking a loving mom or dad away from their child/children, can have devastating consequences on the child/children. 

21. If you and MJ were getting a divorce, because MJ cheated on you, do you think you would try to take all of his money and assets away from him, to get revenge/punish him for cheating on you? Sasha Kaydence Rochester, New York

Malia: As they say, the people who know you the best make the worst enemies, because they know how to hurt you the most. I know what would hurt MJ, and it is not taking away money and assets. I could take away all of his money and assets, and I don’t think it would bother him that much. He may not like it, but it wouldn’t deeply hurt him. What would crush MJ, is if I tried to take our children away from him. I know it would hurt him more than anything, but I am not willing to psychologically damage our children, and potentially cause irreparable damage, to try to get revenge on MJ for cheating on me.

22. Do you think MJ would try to punish you if you cheated on him, by trying to take y’alls kids away from you? Joanna Hernandez Moreno Valley, CA

Malia: No. MJ feels the same way I do about keeping divorce an adult issue. I have no doubt if I cheated on MJ, which I would never do, but for example purposes, if I did, I am sure it would crush him. But I know MJ would never try to take the kids away from me. He knows I am a good mom, and it would hurt the kids to try to take them away from me. MJ would probably hate me, but he is a great dad. And great dads love their children more than they could ever hate their ex.

23. Can you speak any foreign languages? Can MJ? Which ones? Lee Wang Beijing, China

Malia: I can speak Afrikaans, IsiZulu, and French. 

MJ is very smart. I’m talking genius at the highest level smart. The amount of information he can internalize and recall is really impressive. He can speak Mandarin Chinese, Cambodian, Laotian, Vietnamese, some French, some Russian, some Farsi/Arabic, some Italian, some Farsi/Persian, and of course English. 

24. I copied and pasted this from the q&a Brittany did. “Does Malia ever get jealous of you being around MJ? Do you think she worries about you making a move on him? Lucy Contreras Mesa, Arizona Brittany: Not that I know of. I doubt it. I’m a lesbian, and MJ would never cheat on her. She has nothing to worry about. I believe she knows that.” Do you ever get jealous of Brittany being around MJ all the time? Cheyenne Santos Mesa, AZ

Malia: No. Brittany and MJ are like oil and water. Brittany is a lesbian and MJ is happily married with children. I trust MJ as my husband, and I trust Brittany as our family’s head of security to keep us safe.

25. Do you ever worry about MJ using his cyber skills to do nefarious things? Sierra Rincon Bayamon, Puerto Rico Brittany: No. All his devices are monitored, and he is chipped. MJ’s implant chip tracks his location and scans all the devices around him. MJ’s chip also tracks the proximity of the devices around him. 

Do you ever worry about MJ using his cyber skills to do nefarious things? Nelson Dandridge Piedmont, CA 

Malia: No. Ditto Brittany’s answer. Every once in a while, someone makes false allegations against MJ, to try to get a payday, or because they are jealous of him, but it always backfires. There are so many safeguards in place to protect MJ from false allegations/accusations. The good news for MJ/us, is depending on the level of the false allegations/accusations, sometimes we make settlement money from it. 

The last time false allegations against MJ were exposed, MJ/MJ’s company received a multi-million dollar settlement from it. Our lawyer came over to our house to explain what setting the multiple million dollar false allegation precedent meant. It meant that going forward, anytime someone falsely accuses MJ of something, as long as it meets a certain criteria, when we sue for damages, the precedent set, means, future false accusers will owe him/us at least the same multi-million dollar damages amount. 

When our attorney left, we felt like sex celebrating. I went upstairs to freshen up. I turned on a sexy songs playlist. And I got into bed. The second song that played was Rihanna’s Take A Bow song, and MJ made up some pretty funny and appropriate for the occasion lyrics. Here are the lyrics I remember:

“You look so dumb right now, because now we own your house. 

Don’t tell me you’re sorry ’cause you’re not. You know you’re only sorry you got caught. 

But you put on quite a show. Really had them goin’. But now it’s time to go. Your bank accounts I’m closin’. 

And the award for the best false allegations goes to you, for trying to make people believe that you were a victim.

Let’s hear your false allegations out. How bout a round of applause. A standin’ ovation. Really had them goin’. 

And don’t tell me you’re sorry ’cause you’re not. You know you’re only sorry you got caught.   

Talkin’ ’bout, “MJ’s, guilty. He’s the one. This just looks like a re-run.”  That was quite a show. Very entertaining. But it’s over now. Go on and get the f@&k out!”

26. How are you liking the Escalade MJ bought you for your 9 year anniversary? Fred From The Dealership Bethesda, MD 

Malia: I love it! It has everything I wanted, and I feel comfortable driving it. 

9 Year Anniversary Surprises – 

27. How is the merger of Masters of Money and Cyber Intelligence going? Terry Fagan New York, NY

Malia: Good, I think. MJ talks about it in a positive way when he talks about it. 

Masters of Money LLC Acquires Cyber Intelligence Inc for $14,600,000 – 

28. I know MJ is a workaholic. Was he actually happy during the surprise staycation? Ben Taylor Akron, OH

Malia: Yes! Definitely! MJ is a workaholic but spending time with our kids is all he would do if he could. The 3 day staycation, turned into a 5 day staycation. 

Much Needed 3 Day Johnson Family Staycation – 

29. What makeup and skin care products do you use? Vicki Wheeler Seattle, WA

Malia: These are the makeup and skincare products I like and use- True Match Lumi Glotion Natural Glow Enhancer, Gold Mirage Eyeshadow, True Match Lumi Bronzer, Le Liner Signature Eyeliner, True Match Concealer, Voluminous Lash Paradise Mascara, Bambi Eye Mascara, Colour Riche Satin Lipstick, Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation, La Mer Moisturizing Cream, Dior Lip Glow Moisturizing Lip Oil, La Prairie Cellular Serum Platinum Rare, 3LAB Anti-Aging Cream, and Genaissance de la Mer The Serum Essence. I also love love love Christian Louboutin lipstick collections, and Scott Barnes Beauty products.

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia 7 –

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