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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia

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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia

  1. Do you and MJ have any tattoos? What are they? Where are they? Jenny Petrus Gainesville, FL

Malia: Yes. MJ has 2. He has a dragon tattoo on his left arm. His other tattoo is in a private area on his body. He got it for me, and I am going to keep that one between us. I have one tattoo in a private area of my body. It matches the tattoo MJ has on a private area on his body.

  1. Is MJ circumcised? Beth King Kent, OH

Malia: Yes

  1. Have you ever been in a fist fight? Shawna Jenkins Los Angeles, CA

Malia: No

  1. Have you ever broken a bone? Patricia Hollingsworth, Minneapolis, MN

Malia: Yes. When MJ was learning how to walk again after his brain surgery, he fell on me and broke 2 of my ribs. It was an accident. MJ was more upset about it than I was.

  1. What is your favorite sexual position? Bonnie K. Sioux City, Iowa

Malia: It depends. MJ is really good at oral sex. I mean like amazing at it. I like “doggy style” to, because I think that is MJ’s favorite, and it turns me on when he is turned on. I am comfortable with MJ because I know he loves me no matter what, so I feel comfortable going with the flow, wherever it leads us.

  1. Do you like to talk dirty in bed? Does MJ? Samantha Hernandez San Antonio, TX

Malia: Sometimes. I think I like foreplay more than he does. MJ can get into it, but he needs some encouragement.

  1. Have you ever pole danced for MJ? Melanie O’Day London, England

Malia: Yes. Only in private.

  1. Do you moan a lot in bed? Does MJ? Tonya Monette New York, NY

Malia: If no one is around, and we don’t have to worry about waking babies up, I get into it for sure. So yes, I guess I do. MJ doesn’t usually moan that much. If he does, I know he is really into it. He shows his pleasure through facial expressions more so I think.

  1. What do you wear to bed/sleep in at night? What does MJ sleep in? Gloria Anderson Fort Worth, TX

Malia: I switch it up a lot. I sleep in everything from honeymoon nightgowns to baby doll lingerie. MJ always sleeps in either a t-shirt and boxers, or a t-shirt, boxers and shorts.

  1. Have you ever had a threesome? Has MJ? Tatyana Thomas Phoenix, AZ

Malia: I never have. I think MJ likes it that I never slept around. I have only been with 3 guys. MJ was #3. The third guy was the charm. MJ had one threesome. He told me about it. His friend Derron told me about it. 2 of his old broker buddies told me about it. I have heard about it more times than I care to think about.

  1. Is there anything you and MJ do after sex? (For example, smoke, eat, drink) Bella Stone Las Vegas, NV

Malia: I like to cuddle. MJ knows I like to cuddle after sex, so we cuddle.

  1. Have you ever had a one night stand? Has MJ? Emma Clark Glendale, CA

Malia: No. I haven’t. One time MJ and I role-played having a one night stand and I hated it. I love having sex but only with the one I love.

MJ had 1 one night stand. It was with a porn star. Her name is Caroline Pierce. I met her once. I thought she might be standoffish, but she wasn’t. She was friendly. She joked about getting MJ trained to please me.

  1. Have you ever been afraid of MJ? Has he ever tried to scare you? Kimberly Heinz Yonkers, NY

Malia: No and no. MJ is a teddy bear. I have been a complete bitch to him, and he just took it. “MJ The Terrible” is only mean to bad guys.

  1. Weirdest place you have ever had sex? Kelly Wright Huntsville, AL

Malia: The White House. MJ was nervous about having sex in the White House and so was I until Donald Trump Jr called him while we were starting to fool around. I could hear him tell MJ- “Don’t worry about getting the sheets dirty. Every couple that stays in the White House fucks. It’s a special fuck of a lifetime. Enjoy it. Can Malia hear me? If you can hear me Malia, do some nasty shit with my boy MJ.” We took Donny’s advice.

  1. Have you ever been arrested? What about MJ? How many times? Where? Ava Mendoza Mexico City, Mexico

Malia: I have never been arrested. MJ has been arrested 3 times. The FBI arrested him in Austin, Texas, at the oil company he worked at, by the 360 bridge. He was arrested by the Louisiana State Police, at the Texas/Louisiana border, because his court appointed supervisor messed up his paperwork. The FBI arrested him again by the jetty in Port Aransas, Texas. He was picked up by the FBI once while we were on a date, but he wasn’t arrested. The FBI needed his help with some cybercriminal they had trouble catching.

  1. How old were you when you lost your virginity? How old was MJ? Olivia Davis Savannah, GA

Malia: I was 21 when I lost my virginity. MJ was 16 when he lost his virginity.

  1. Do you have any phobias? Do you know if MJ has any? Trisha Price Pasadena, TX

Malia: I am afraid of snakes and creepy crawler bugs. MJ isn’t scared or freaked out by much. He just worries about us, his loved one’s.

  1. Have you ever been caught having sex? Madison Stone Joliet, Illinois

Malia: Yes. MJ and I have been walked in on twice. Both times it was MJ’s body double Chris/MJ#2. Both times MJ said – “What the fuck dude? Can we get some privacy? Jesus!” It was like deja vu.

  1. I read somewhere MJ has a big man tool. Is it true? How big is it? Have you measured it? Kennedy Watson Torrance, CA

Malia: MJ does have a large penis, but it is mine! All mine! I am only talking about it for fun. I have never measured it with a ruler, but I measured it with Red Bull cans after we had sex. His penis was one and a half Red Bull cans. I’m guessing 8 or 9 inches. Again, MJ’s penis is only for me, and I am not sharing.

  1. If a rich cougar offered you a million dollars to sleep with MJ, would you take it? 10 million? Becca Alvarez Enterprise, NV

Malia: No to both. No amount of money is worth risking our happy family.

  1. Would you ever name a baby after the Stuxnet cyber weapon your husband created? Naomi Castillo Springfield, MO

Malia: No. MJ couldn’t handle it, and I would not want to brand our child with that name.

  1. Has MJ ever used the N word? Chloe Morgan St. Petersburg, FL

Malia: Never! MJ is a man of the people. A real people person. No one would ever accuse MJ of being racist.

  1. If a girl has had a large number of sexual partners do you think she can still be wife material? Mia Long Melbourne, Australia

Malia: Why not, as long as she is ready to settle down and be with one man. The man she marries will get to benefit from her “experience”. Who a person was before may not be who they are now. People can and do change. So yes, I believe a sexually experienced woman can be wife material.

  1. Are you for or against plastic surgery?  Delilah Monroe Jersey City, NJ

Malia: I don’t know. If someone wants to change their looks, who am I to judge? I am indifferent I suppose.

  1. Name one of your early favorite dating moments with MJ. Camila Chavez San Juan, Puerto Rico

Malia: The first time I got to meet his friends from college was one of my favorites. They were at MJ’s house hanging out. When I opened the door and walked in, MJ’s friends were all looking at me. MJ pointed at me and said – “That is the love of my life Malia. I get to have sex with her. Isn’t life great?”

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