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Anything Goes Q&A with Malia III

Malia Close Up Picture in Hutto Texas

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia III:

1. Was there a tunnel underneath MJ’s old house? Did you ever see it? Andrew Morgan London, England

Malia: I am not allowed to answer this officially. Unofficially, it is possible there was a tunnel underneath his old house. Also, unofficially, I may have seen it and been in it.

MJ The Terrible House Underground Tunnel Allegation –

 2. Where was the first place you and MJ had sex in public? Brittany Scott Los Angeles, CA

Malia: At former President LBJ’s ranch in Johnson City, Texas. I may have made a little chant about it on the way home that day that goes a little something like this- “Hey, hey. MDJ, we had a quickie at LBJ’s house today!”

3. Is your family moving to Maryland officially? How much time do you spend in the Great State of Texas? Juan Gomez Dallas, TX

Malia: We haven’t officially moved to Maryland, but we do spend most of our time there. Recently we haven’t spent much time in Texas, but that is because most of MJ’s work over the past year has been in the Washington D.C., Virginia, Maryland area. But we love Texas. We have family and friends there.

4. Does MJ have any weird superstitions? Jamie Harrison Phoenix, AZ

Malia: Only one that I can think of. He likes to sleep under an old comforter, from his old house. It is the comforter he was sleeping under when the subdural hematoma burst in his head. There is dried blood on it and everything. He believes sleeping under it is a way to hide from past bad demons. He/we don’t sleep under it every night. It is in a spare bedroom. MJ sleeps in there only on nights when he is likely to have Stuxnet nightmares/night terrors. Anniversaries of certain dates.

5. Have you ever seen MJ commit a crime? Travis Justice Huntington Beach, CA

Malia: No. He is a good guy. Not a law breaker.

6. You said on the last chat MJ has never been physically violent with you, but has he ever been verbally abusive to you? Lorie Cox San Francisco, CA

Malia: MJ won’t even argue with me. If anything, I’ve been verbally abusive to him. When he gets upset/angry, which rarely ever happens, he gets quiet, not loud. If I yelled and screamed at him, and I have, he either walks away or lets me finish and then walks away. I love it and I hate it. I love it because I win every argument. I hate it because I always feel bad about yelling at him, and then I end up giving in and trying to make it up to him.

7. If you tried to leave MJ, do you think he would try to physically restrain you? Kathryn Fisher Dallas, TX

Malia: No. I think MJ would probably try to talk me out of it, but he would never be violent with me. If I left him for another man, which I never would, but if that happened, I know he would never be violent with me, but there is a chance might be violent with the guy I left him for. There is a plan in place in case something like this ever happened. MJ’s handlers I guess you would call them, Mr. Fanning, Dubs, etc., went over what would happen if I left him or we broke up for some reason. I know if we broke up, even if I left him for another guy, MJ probably wouldn’t do anything, but because he does have the ability to do very destructive things on a grand scale, there is a plan in place to prevent it. But I would never leave MJ. I’m in for life! I love you MJ!

8. You say MJ isn’t physically violent, but didn’t he try to punch Brittany “Dubs” in the face? Didn’t he destroy the Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter “Ashhole’s” office? Those are violent things. Karen Mitchell Lexington, KY

Malia: Both of those situations are don’t judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoe’s situations. Both of those things happened before MJ’s subdural hematoma rupture. Almost dying, having to learn how to walk and talk again, etc., changed him. He was a good guy before it, but he is a great guy after.

 MJ’s world was crashing down on him, and completely unfairly I might add! Brittany made MJ’s life even harder, and she was always on him about something. She was extremely strict at the time, and MJ had to do whatever she said, because she was his Court Appointed Supervisor. At any time, Brittany could have had MJ thrown in federal prison.

I think Mr. Carter “Ashhole”, was the Assistant Secretary of Defense when MJ destroyed his office. I don’t think he was the Secretary of Defense at that point. Mr. Carter was the one who at the worst possible time, not only broke the deal that MJ had with the government, but he also informed MJ that things would be getting a lot worse for him, when they were supposed to be getting a lot better. MJ was forced into a corner. Both Brittany and Mr. Carter have apologized to MJ for what they did to him.

9. What about Chris/MJ#2? Is Chris violent, physically or verbally? Didn’t he hit MJ with MJ’s ex-wife’s workout equipment, causing MJ’s subdural hematoma rupture? Kate Smith Washington D.C., VA

Malia: Chris and MJ have been friends since college. Brothers and brothers from different mothers fight sometimes. Chris/MJ#2 was under a lot of pressure at the time too, just like MJ was. The reason Chris hit MJ with MJ’s ex-wife’s (practice wife) workout equipment, was because Brittany, MJ’s Court Appointed Supervisor at the time, and Chris/MJ#2 were dating. Brittany told Chris she was sleeping with MJ, which wasn’t true, to get back at him, because she thought Chris was sleeping with MJ’s wife at the time.

Chris felt bad about doing it, and MJ understood why he did it. They are still best of friends. I have seen Chris and Brittany argue and yell at each other, but it was nothing. It was the same way any couple argues. Chris and Brittany aren’t together anymore. Chris is a laid back chill guy. He is not violent.

10. Can you post pictures of your guest house you stayed in when you had the flood? Claire Thompson Myrtle Beach, SC  

Malia: Sure. I will do that.

11. Are you a Democrat or Republican? Is MJ a Democrat or Republican? Nora Riley Bridgeport, CT

Malia: I am pretty liberal. I can’t help it. I have a bleeding heart. MJ isn’t very political. He is very informed about what is going on, but he has to work with both parties, so I think he tries to remain neutral. MJ’s mom is liberal and his dad is conservative. He grew up with a pretty balanced viewpoint.

12. What does MJ do for President Elect Biden, who he and Team Digital Death met with recently? Raven Simon Memphis, TN

Malia: I don’t know exactly what he does. He has described kind of what it is he does in a general sense, but I think it is different each time. It’s not exactly like this, because I know MJ wouldn’t do the same things the Conrad Breen character did in the movie “Wag The Dog”, but I think that is kind of like what MJ and his team do. They are “fixers”. They fix things that require an incredibly unique skill set.

13. The government went from not trusting MJ to trusting him. How did that happen? Henri Benoit Paris, France

Malia: It took time. They learned that MJ always keeps his word. When I say always, I mean always. When they learned from Mr. Fanning, who I think was the Under Secretary of The Army at the time, that if MJ gives his word, he will keep it 100% of the time. I think that really helped. Mr. Fanning went to bat for MJ with the President at the time, President Obama. President Obama grew to trust MJ. Then Donald Trump Jr and MJ hit off, and President Trump trusted MJ. Now President Elect Biden trusts him.

14. I read the post about the first time you and MJ had sex. MJ said Stuxnet killed 5,000 people. That # is fucking low! Your husband’s cyber weapon took the power grid out in my country. It did not only affect Iran. My father died when the power went out. The machine keeping him alive in the hospital stopped working. MJ might not have known they were going to use the cyber weapon he created offensively, but they did use it and people died! My father died! I think the death toll could be as high as 80,000 people!! It could be more than that. Why should I not hate “MJ The Terrible”? Ahmad Hadid Istanbul, Turkey

Malia: I am sorry for your loss. MJ is a good man. Stuxnet happened 2 plus years before I met MJ, but he was still having night terrors and horrible nightmares from it 3 or 4 times a week. He still has nightmares from it sometimes now, 10 plus years later. He is required to see a psychiatrist once a week because of all that he has been through/goes through. MJ can’t go back and not create Stuxnet. Stuxnet may have also prevented a war between the US and Iran, by destroying Iran’s underground nuclear facility. More lives may have been lost by a war than by unleashing MJ’s cyber weapon Stuxnet. I don’t know. What I do know is, MJ is a good man, and he has a good heart. Again, I am sorry for your loss. I will pray for your family.

15. Yall be having sex all the time. Don’t you ever not want to have sex? Chloe Donavan Los Angeles, CA

Malia: Sometimes. MJ has a big penis. Before giving birth, sometimes my vagina would be sore if we had sex a lot. Sex was still enjoyable, but it could be uncomfortable at times. After giving birth, MJ fits better inside of me, and sex became even more enjoyable, so we have a lot of sex. Nothing wrong with that. I’ll stop there I guess, but I think after I gave birth to Cash and Liz, our sex life went from really good to great.

16. What do you tell people your husband does for a living if they don’t know you are married to MJ The Terrible? Kim Wu Tokyo, Japan

Malia: I just say he works in cyber security and does special projects for the government. I leave it at that.

17. Do you and MJ check in with each other when you aren’t together? Sophia Amaretti Mexico City, Mexico

Malia: Yes. We both like being close to each other, even when we are a part.

18. Will you post some pics of your condo in Dallas? Brooklyn Partin Cleveland, OH

 Malia: Sure.

19. What is MJ’s best personality trait? What is MJ’s worst personality trait? Nevaeh Jones Jersey City, NJ

Malia: Uhm. I love how MJ sees the good in people. Worst, I guess would be his stubbornness sometimes. He is flexible to change, but he can be stubborn on certain things.

20. Is MJ funny? Does he make you laugh? Vera Kreger Toronto, Canada

Malia: MJ does make me laugh. He is funny in an accidental cute/clumsy way.

For example, we were at the airport trying to find our connecting flight on Aer Lingus Airlines. MJ wanted to make sure we were going the right way, so we stopped to ask a flight attendant if we were going the right way, but MJ forgot the name of the airline. He got close to the right name, but he was slightly off. He said- “Ma’am, is this the right way to get to Cunnilingus Airlines?” The flight attendant was like “What? What airline?” MJ said- “Cunnilingus Airlines I think it’s called.” She looked at me and we both started laughing. I said- “Baby, I think you mean Aer Lingus, right?” The flight attendant said- “Sir, I have never heard someone call Aer Lingus by that name before, but you were kind of close. You are going the right way. You will see the signs if you keep walking straight ahead. Google Cunnilingus. You will see why we were laughing.” We thanked her and started walking away. I immediately told MJ what “cunnilingus” was, and he said- “Holy shit! I just asked that lady where Oral Sex Airlines was.”

21. Real Christmas tree or fake Christmas tree? Sloan Johnston Austin, TX

Malia: Real this year.

22. Who does what in you and MJ’s relationship? Who pays the bills? Who makes what decisions and stuff like that? Wyatt Russell Bentonville, AR

Malia: I pretty much run the household, inside the house. He pretty much runs the household, outside the house. Our accountant pays our bills. We make decisions about our kids together. If we can’t agree on a decision, Mr. Fanning, someone MJ and I both completely trust, is our tie breaker. We have only had to go to Mr. Fanning for a tie breaker once, and it was only to see what his tie breaking vote would have been. We had already come to an agreement before contacting Mr. Fanning.

23. Does your family’s head of security Brittany White live with you? Linda Ward Saint Paul, MN

Malia: Yes and no. She is with us/MJ most of the time, but she also does advance planning for MJ, which requires her to travel in advance of MJ going to plan things out/make sure things are safe/planned out for MJ. When Brittany/Dubs is not with us/MJ, Mr. Pete, Mr. Keith, Mr. Steve, Chris, Mr. Darius, and/or other security professionals are with us/MJ.

24. Do you have security with you 24/7? Does Chris/MJ#2 have security with him 24/7? Does MJ have security 24/7? How does that work? Lauren Davis New York, NY

Malia: All of the security is focused around MJ. Wherever he is, the security is. Wherever he goes, the security goes. MJ has 4 or 5 security guards at all times. He usually has 1 on body, meaning close to him at all times, and several off body, meaning around him, but not right by him at all times. Chris does not have a security detail. 

When MJ isn’t with us, the kids and I usually have 2 security guards. MJ is the one who knows our national secrets, so he has to be protected. That is why all of the security is focused on and around him.

25. Is MJ’s life as micromanaged as it appears to be? Isaiah Powell Philadelphia, PA

Malia: Yes and no. When MJ is at home, his life isn’t micromanaged. When he is working on a project, he isn’t micromanaged. He is the one making the decisions. MJ’s life when it comes to where and when he can go places, is micromanaged. After he got out of the hospital, after his subdural hematoma surgery, I don’t think MJ has been anywhere without a security detail. It used to be weird for MJ, but he has gotten used to it. It is really weird at first, but you do get used to it.

Anything Goes Q&A with Malia II –

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