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I Love You Sleeping Beauty

Don’t worry about a thing baby cakes. I’ll take care of everything while you are getting some much needed sleep. Rest those beautiful eyes. I love you to infinity and then some baby! You are so beautiful, even when you are sound asleep! The First Conversation Malia and I Ever Had by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – When…

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How To Find Your Dream Job

How to Prepare for the Interview- In order to get the perfect job you have to first pass the interview process and get to the hiring manager. That means you have to know how to conduct yourself at the interview in order to even pass the first stage. There are some places that will hire you directly without going through…

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5 Free Business Ebooks

Here are 5 free ebooks you may enjoy: GOLDEN RULES FOR MAKING MONEY By P.T. Barnum – My Life and Work, by Henry Ford – Makers, by Cory Doctorow – Psychology and Achievement, by Warren Hilton – The Go-GetterBy Peter B. Kyne – Important note- It is completely ok to make your big plans and dream big…

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The #1 Dream Killer

The #1 Dream Killer- EXCUSES! Don’t be that person. Don’t make excuses. Don’t hold back your true potential. Don’t make me have to call the Wambulance, because you are making excuses! If something happens to you get back up, brush yourself off and move on. When something doesn’t work, act immediately on the next idea, so there is very little…

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