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Big Butt Malia Hood You Sure Are Looking Good

Malia and MJ B&W Butt Kiss Photo Collage

MJ: It’s a full moon out tonight.

Malia: We better stay inside in case the crazies are out tonight.

MJ: Big Butt Malia Hood. You sure are looking good. You’re everything that a big bad MJ The Terrible would want.

Malia: Little ole me?

MJ: What a big butt you have. The better to hold on to, when I’m having sex with you.

Malia: It sounds like the crazy man is already in my house.

MJ: Big Butt Malia Hood. I’m hunting you, and your vagina to. You’re the hot thing I want.

Malia: I better run and hide. What if the Big Bad MJ The Terrible catches me?

MJ: Ahh-wooooooooo!

Malia: Oh no! Help me! Help me!

MJ: There’s nowhere to hide. I’m gonna take that behind.

Malia: I’m gonna run from you. Until I poop. Then the Big Bad MJ The Terrible can have what he wants.

MJ: Big Butt Malia Hood. After you poop real good. I’m gonna devour that body for an hour. Ahh-wooooooooo!

Malia: Big Bad MJ The Terrible. Have you ever thought I could be reverse psychology hunting you? Because I want to capture you. And drain your baby making juice. You’re everything that a Big Butt Malia Hood wants!

MJ: Ahh-wooooooooo!

Malia: Meeeeoooowwwww!

MJ: Text me after you poop. So, I can come sex hunt you.

Malia: I pooped while we have been texting. Wolf me down big bad daddy wolf!

Joker Girl Malia and Thanos The Terrible Valentine’s Day Love –

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