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Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson & Friends Life Love & Business Quotes II

“I’m tired, but I’m so close to having everything I want. Damn it’s gonna be amazing to get mine and live the American dream!” Marcus Jennings (One of my closest friends, a member of “MJ The Terrible” & Team Digital Death, and a business partner) “Every once in a while, you gotta take a risk. It’s good for the soul.”…

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Legendary Self-Help Guru Napoleon Hill’s 17 Universal Principles of Success & Achievement

About Napoleon Hill Napoleon Hill was a successful American self-help author. He was born on October 26th, 1883 and passed away on November 8th, 1970. His work was mostly focused on teaching and sharing motivation and success principles. His 2 largest influences were Ralph Waldo Emerson and Dale Carnegie. Mr. Hill’s most notable work includes the following books: The Law…

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