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Chrismahonikwanzikaboxanniversarybirthdaynewyears at The Johnson’s This Year

Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson and Second Oldest Daughter Natalie Marie Johnson Wake Up Daddy Secret Picture

We are a celebrating household. We celebrate it all. It is Chrismahonikwanzikaboxanniversarybirthdaynewyears at our house this year.

Daddy (MJ) gets to be home with us more at the end of the year this year. Side note- Bad guys, please don’t try to pull anything major until after New Year’s. I want MJ home with us, and if you cause problems, our Happy Holiday season will be a not so happy one, because MJ will have to come deal with you.

I am going to make sure MJ gets plenty of rest, since he works God awful hours most of the year. Our second oldest daughter Natalie Marie wanted to wake Daddy up and tell him a secret. I asked her what secret she wanted to tell Daddy. She said- “The secret is I want to tell Daddy- I love you.” I took the picture on this post when she told Daddy her secret I love you message. It was too cute for words. Daddy smiled so big and said- “This is the best way to start a day. I love you to Natalie Marie Cutie Pie Johnson.” Then we all did a big Daddy pile hug. 

I both love and hate the fact that when Daddy is playing with the kids, I am all but nonexistent. It’s like I’m invisible to MJ and our kids. I mostly love it though because MJ is an incredible father. He is so devoted, patient, and gentle. 

When MJ walks out the door to go take on a difficult project, he has this serious look on his face with cold penetrating eyes. When he is at home, he is so happy and carefree. I just love this time of year with MJ at home, and the endless cute moments. 

We had a snowball fight. It was all of us against Daddy until Daddy started making snow angels and we switched to doing that. We made a snowman. We did a ride around the house on trailer, and it was all a lot of fun.

MJ is using an excessive amount of mistletoe. You have to be careful around the house because you never know when a “Mistletoe Storm” is going to blow through.

MJ, the kids, and Mr. Pete built an electric ride on train with track that goes through the living room, kitchen, sunroom, down the hallway and back to the living room. 

Their favorite game to play with the train is “Package Delivery”. When they play Amazon delivery style, they get out real fast, throw the packages at me, then get back on the train and take off really fast.

They play “Poo Poo Sheriff”, where MJ has to guess who has “Poo Poo” in their diaper.

When we are watching a Hallmark channel type of movie, at the happy ending part of the movie I say- “Hallmark happy ending!”, and MJ and our kids and I all love on each other and hug and stuff.

If it sounds like I am being way overly Christmassy, I am, but I don’t care. This is our first big family and friends Christmas! In 2015 MJ was in the hospital. 2016 MJ was working and still recovering, etc. This Christmas is special because we get to have a big family and friends Christmas!

Mam Mam and Gaga (MJ’s parents will be here for Christmas). Mam Mam and Gaga are the dream grandparents. Happy 49th Wedding Anniversary today Mam mam and Gaga! We love you!

We have family coming to visit and stay with us here in Bethesda, from Ohio, Texas, and South Africa. We will have a total of 31 people staying with us at our house, guest house, and the house we own next to our house. I am so excited! MJ said- “And of course I’m sure you created a color coordinated chart to help organize everyone so that everyone knows exactly where they will be sleeping, what the schedule is, if there is one, etc.” To that I say- You know me so well! Thank you for letting me be a control freak sometimes. I love you for loving me just the way I am. 

6 years ago, MJ was in the hospital barely holding on to life. I remember it like it was yesterday. That time in our lives was so difficult and painful that we really appreciate the good times. 

Final note- Thank you God for letting us have this happy time in our lives after having so many struggle years! 

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