Details About The Offer Kevin & I Received For Our 3D Technology Company

Questions: I heard you were offered mucho dinero for your biz yesterday. I work for the company trying to acquire you. Can I ask how much? Did the offer include the 3D technology you and DD Kevin created? Was all of the money upfront or did you get offered back end also? What was the retention bonus amount, just curious? Us girls at the front desk talked about you yesterday. We wouldn’t mind working with “MJ The Terrible”. I personally would be willing to work late hours if you need me to. If you pick up what Im putting down MJ. Anonymous. I am sorry I am submitting this anonymously. I don’t want to lose my job. I need this job. But I promise if you move here, I will tell you everything about me and show you every inch of me. 😉

Answers: I’m flattered “Anonymous”. I appreciate the offer, but I have someone in my life, and I wouldn’t cheat on them, even if I would never get caught. Onto business…. There was a buyout offer made. The amount was a half cash and half stock deal, for a total of $1,601,241.73 upfront, plus the retention amounts. The offer did include our 3D technology software. We didn’t get offered any back end percentages or dollar amounts, other than the retention bonus amounts to stay on for a year with yall’s company. The retention bonus required Kevin and I to stay on with the company for a year. Kevin would get $100,000 and I would get $250,000, for the retention year. The offer was very nice and flattering and all, but my son lives in Texas. Moving to California is a deal breaker. Unless the offer includes staying close to my son, that I already only get to see such a small amount of time, I will never accept this or any other offer. I’m not trying to be mean or rude or anything here, but spending time with my son, and watching him grow up, is something money can’t buy.

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