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Do you think any handy men that have come to fix our stuff have fantasized about having sex with me?

Malia Johnson Wearing Daisy Dukes and Pink Crop Top

MJ: What do you like better, your new Cady or your Hermes bags?

Malia: I like you the best daddy!

MJ: 🙂 

Malia: Do you think any handy men that have come to fix our stuff have fantasized about having sex with me?

MJ: Yes 

Malia: Baby!

MJ: What?

Malia: You’re not upset about that?

MJ: What do you want me to do? As long as they don’t try to grab you or something, and they aren’t staring at you in an obviously inappropriate way, there isn’t much I can do about it. I can’t charge them with a thought crime. 

Malia: If we weren’t married, and you came to fix something at my house, would you fantasize about me?

MJ: Absolutely!

Malia: Baby! Why would you fantasize about me? That would be inappropriate! 

MJ: I could have lied about it, but I don’t want to lie to you. You are hot as f@&k! I would probably try not to make it too obvious, but baby, you off the charts sexy!! You promise me you won’t get mad if I tell you something?

Malia: Maybe

MJ: I’m going to risk it. When we were at our condo in Austin, I saw a cable/wiring repair guy check you out briefly when you bent over. Then he looked at me with a “Sorry” kind of look, and I gave him the “I get it. She’s hot, but don’t stare too much look.” It was harmless.

Malia: I can’t believe you didn’t get mad. 

MJ: He didn’t try to hit on you. He just took a quick look. Besides, you had the Texas hot girl look going on. You had on those really short Daisy Dukes, and that tight exposed belly t-shirt on. I couldn’t wait for those guys to leave that day. As soon as they left, I was all over you. I remember you had like 15 sweatshirts on. You looked like a Prada eskimo one minute, and then the next time I saw you, you had the tightest, sexiest short shorts on, with a hey, look at my boobs and belly t-shirt on. I couldn’t think about anything but ripping your clothes off. I thought about asking them to leave because of how much I wanted to bang you. It is impossible to think about anything else when you are dressed like that. 

Malia: You are exaggerating. I didn’t have 15 sweatshirts on. And I’m sawwy Daddy, but you weren’t paying me very much attention that day and I didn’t like it, so I did something about it!

MJ: You sure did. I’m glad I’m allowed to stare at you because I can’t help it. You are always beautiful and sexy, but when you decide to really turn it on, damn! Just damn!

Malia: Wanna come sleep with me? 

MJ: I would, but I just downed a venti Starbucks Double Shot. I don’t think I could fall asleep for a nap right now.

Malia: I can see how that message could be confusing. I didn’t mean “sleep” with me. I meant the other meaning of wanna come sleep with me?

MJ: Sexy business?

Malia: The sexiest!

MJ: Yes I do. 

Malia: Warning! I haven’t had a shower or a bath today. 

MJ: I’ll hold my nose.

Malia: Baby!

MJ: I’m just teasing my love. It’s all good. You are the cleanest person I know, and you always smell good with all of the lotions you use, and other smell good shampoos and stuff. 

Malia: Baby, you ignored me for the last few days on our staycation because you wanted to spend time with the kids. I want to smell good for some reason, okay? I’m getting a quick shower. 

MJ: You are some kinda special my love.

Malia: I really want to make you happy. It makes me happy to make you happy. 

MJ: You do. You’re great baby. You’re really great. Likewise! It makes me happy to make you happy.

MJ: I love you forever sweetheart.

Malia: Come get in the shower wiff me Daddy. 


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