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Dubs and MJ Get Into and Malia Saves The Day

Malia and Michael MJ The Terrible Johnson Laying In Bed Selfie

MJ: Baby, did you mess with my phone? All of my texts with Gotye are gone, and she is no longer in my contacts. I tried to enter her # so I can check on you know who, but my phone is not letting me do it.

Dubs: I did it. You will be able to resume communication with Gotye on July 8th.

Malia: Mj think before you speak. Please don’t lose it. Please baby.

MJ: I am trying to be calm Brittany. Why did you do that? I would like an explanation please. Please fucking call me right now!

Dubs: MJ, you may use events that occur that you had nothing to do with, to your advantage, but I gave you an order to do something and you did exactly the opposite. This is your punishment. If you want to send an sms to her fine, tell me and I will execute the message on your behalf. No time restrictions with visits, but your messages outside of visits go through me now.

Malia: MJ come upstairs. Please just come up here. Don’t write anything or call dubs.

Malia: Dubs please realize you just kicked a hornets nest. Don’t be unfair.

MJ: Has she been blocked all day because I thought my phone was having issues. I have been working on it all day so I could check on CJ. You could have told me.

Dubs: Deal with it MJ.
Malia: MJ please come fuck me right now. Just focus on me. Please come upstairs right now. I will do anything you want if you will not say or do anything right now.

MJ: You know what dubs you are a real bitch.

Malia: Don’t Dubs. You didn’t tell him. Let him cool off.

Dubs: How would you like me to restrict visits to?

Malia: Chris get over here.

Malia: You are just being mean dubs. This isn’t 2014 anymore.

MJ: I don’t suppose you feel like visiting a Walmart parking lot do you Dubs?

Dubs: Now you’re threatening me? Besides I don’t feel like beating your ass again.

MJ: Threatening you? I was just offering a simple shopping trip. Walmart has everything from clothes to house supplies. You never know what you could need. Now, if while we were in the parking lot and, we decided to get some exercise, by doing alittle competitive sparring, I don’t think there would be anything wrong with that. Do you?

Dubs: Drop it or I will drop you.

MJ: Now that sounds like a threat.

Dubs: It was. Now shut the fuck up.

Malia: MJ you know she will cut time. Don’t do it.

MJ: I am going to show you I have matured. I am going to behave, and you still haven’t told me what I have done to deserve this bullshit punishment yet. Bottom line- I like to check in once a day. Can I please do that?

Dubs: No. I know you didn’t do the most recent controversial thing, it was her ex setting you up, but you will follow AG’s new strict contact schedule and that is final!

MJ: Dubs you know me. Why are you doing this?

Dubs: You know exactly why. Go be with Malia. Calm down. This isn’t the end of the world. I am doing what is necessary to get your ass across the finish line. That’s it.

  MJ: I don’t need to be managed Dubs.

Dubs: Actually you do. Here’s why, you don’t seem to understand that if there are 3 people in a room, Bob, Jane and “MJ The Terrible”, who is the guilty one?

MJ: No one. You just said there were 3 people standing in a room. You didn’t say anything else

Dubs: Thanks for making my point. You “MJ The Terrible” are the presumed to be guilty one every single time. It isn’t fair, but it is what it is, and you don’t have a clue as to how to be careful. I care enough about you keep you from hurting yourself in this already volatile situation.

 MJ: What about phone calls?

Dubs: One in the off weeks.

MJ: Where is my copy of this schedule? I have called AG like 5 times and she won’t call me back.

Dubs: I am handling it.

MJ: Whose idea was all of this?

Malia: The Director himself. You get to do your business, live your life, and move forward.

MJ: Malia, why do you want to be with me if I have to be watched like I’m a zoo animal?

Malia: Hey, I like zoo animals. They’re cute.

MJ: Can we have sex?

Malia: All you want baby. Come and get it.

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