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FORCE Robots “MJ The Terrible” Cyber School Building and Proposing To The One You Love

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MJ: Are you awake my love?

Malia: Yes. What’s up?

MJ: I came up with an Akronym for the A.I. robot drones.

Malia: Just trying to be helpful. This is the correct spelling of acronym.

MJ: I’m from Akron, so I tweaked it.

Malia: What’s the “Akronym”?



Malia: Baby! You said the robots were going to be “peacekeepers”. “FORCE” does not sound peaceful.

MJ: The name needs to fit what it is. Maybe the intimidating name will prevent bad guys from starting shit, and then the FORCE teams won’t need to be sent in.

Malia: How in the world did a hippy girl like me marry “MJ The Terrible”?

MJ: That is a great story I would love to tell you sometime.

Malia: How about this hippynym.



MJ: Did you just come up with that on the fly?

Malia: No. I have been thinking about it some. You always bounce everything off me, which I love by the way, and I wanted to be ready when you brought me whatever scary Terminator themed name you threw at me.

MJ: The DOD liaison said they like scary names and acronym names because scarier names are more likely to strike fear into the hearts of the bad guys, like a deterrent kind of.

Malia: Remember that movie we watched about the war robot turned nice robot from the 1980’s?

MJ: Yeah. Short Circuit. The robot was Johnny 5. “Johnny 5 alive!”

Malia: Do you love me?

MJ: Oh my God!

Malia: Do you love me?

MJ: Oh my God Malia.

MJ: MJ needs a minute. It’s Brittany. I am texting for him.

Malia: Is he ok?

MJ: I handed him a letter from President Biden. President Biden will be announcing the new American Cyber University, and a building on campus is being named after MJ.

Malia: Wow!

Brittany: Look at number of MJ The Terrible Google searches. 6 months ago it was 16 million, and now it is 33 million. He is going to be a household name someday.

Malia: Are they naming the building after his real name or “MJ The Terrible”?

Brittany: It doesn’t say.

Malia: I am so happy for him, for our children. MJ used to worry that he would die with the world still thinking he was a bad guy, and our children would have negative clouds over their heads, because of the misperception about him.

Brittany: That isn’t a worry anymore. Congratulations to you Malia.

Malia: About the building naming honor or baby Christopher being born?

Brittany: Both but meant building naming honor. You had a lot to do with his success and comeback.

Malia: Congratulations to you to.

Brittany: What did I do?

Malia: You kept MJ in line when he needed it.

Brittany: Someone had to. It wasn’t always easy.  Can I ask you something?

Malia: Uh huh

Brittany: Do you think MJ would give me away if I asked Kat to marry me?

Malia: Yes, he would absolutely do that!

Brittany: We give each other a lot of much shit, but with my dad gone MJ is my next best option.

Malia: MJ has told me how much he cares about you many times. When you were having relationship troubles and you went to MJ for advice, he stopped everything he was doing to help you, didn’t he?

Brittany: Yes, he did. MJ might not want to give me away in a same sex marriage.

Malia: If you asked MJ to give you away, he would be honored, and he would happily do it. MJ is loyal to the core.

Brittany: Thanks. I am going to ask Kat to marry me tonight. Same sex marriage has its challenges, but I want her and no one else, so I am going for it.

Malia: Go for it girl! MJ and I will help you anyway you need us to.

Brittany: Thanks Malia

Brittany: MJ walked back in, and I asked him if he would give me away. He was sitting down at his desk when I asked him. He got up out of his chair and walked around his desk to hug me and say yes. He said “Sure Britt. You always have my back, and I will always have yours.” I cried a little bit when he hugged me and said that. I thought he was going to make fun of me when I started crying because I always act like a badass bitch, but he didn’t. He stood there and hugged me while I cried on his shoulder.

Malia: Aww!

Brittany: I know you didn’t tell him to do that either because I had his phone.

Malia: I didn’t. That was all him.

Brittany: FYI MJ and Malia, I am considering rotating out with Pete so I can leave a little early to go surprise Kat and pop the question. Thank you for agreeing to give me away today MJ. It meant a lot to me.

MJ: I don’t think so!

Brittany: MJ, come on. Don’t fucking ruin this special day and the nice moment we shared earlier.

MJ: I wrote I don’t think so, because I am refusing to let you consider rotating out with Pete to go surprise your girl and pop the question. I am demanding that you rotate out with Pete and go surprise that girl and pop the question!!

Brittany: I am not usually this emotional.

MJ: Love is a powerful force.

Brittany: Shit! What if she says no?

Malia: You have been together forever. You love each other. If you love her and want to marry her, tell her you love her, and ask her to marry you.

MJ: If you have learned anything from me, it should be that life is short. Brittany, if she says no, she’s crazy!

Brittany: I am going to go for it! How should I ask her? What words should I use?

MJ: You can’t script it. The words are in your heart. She is going to say yes. Damn it woman! Go!!

Brittany: How do you know she is going to say yes?

MJ: Call it a hunch.

Brittany: Did you contact her? No, you would never do that. Did she contact you about marrying me?

MJ: No comment. Do you trust me Brittany?

Brittany: You can be impossible sometimes, but you are a man of your word, so yeah, I do.

MJ: She is going to say yes. I am not uncertain. Go get her Britt!

Brittany:  👍

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