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Foreplay Texts Gone Wrong (I Got This Baby!)

Malia and MJ at Dr Pepper Factory in Waco Texas

Malia: I am sick and tired of being used as your sexual toy, whenever and wherever you want it only!

MJ: Huh?

Malia: You use me as your sexual toy, expecting me to have sex with you anytime you want it, and anywhere you want it.

MJ: I thought that was ok because we made an agreement. You said we could have sex anytime I wanted to. I love having sex with you. Sue me!

Malia: Well, we also made another agreement. You agreed to have sex with me anytime I wanted it.

MJ: Are you mad or is this foreplay?

Malia: Both.

MJ: I don’t understand.

Malia: We are married. Marriages are supposed to be 50/50, but one area of our marriage has been like 70/30.

MJ: You told me yesterday that I am an awesome dad. I was just nominated for Father of the Year at the club. You also told me I was a great husband. What am I missing here?

Malia: You are a great husband and father. That is not what this is about. Can you guess what this is about?

MJ: It is about something in our marriage that is like 70/30, but I am not sure what that is yet. I’m reading back through the texts now to try to figure it out.

Malia: Oh my God Michael David Johnson!

MJ: What? I don’t get it. Can you just tell me babe? I love you and our family. I am really happy right now. I want you to be happy too. I don’t know what I am supposed to do here.

Malia: I am really happy too baby. You make me really happy.

MJ: Then WTF?

Malia: I’ll tell you “WTF”! “WTF” is we made an agreement that you would have sex with me anytime I wanted to have sex too, but you have been the only one taking advantage of our sex whenever each one of us wants it agreement.

MJ: Are you trying to say that you haven’t been taking advantage of our sex whenever you want it agreement?

Malia: That is exactly what I am saying! You just expect me to have sex with you whenever and wherever you want to, but I have needs to baby.

MJ: Yesterday you said you had never been so sexually satisfied.

Malia: Baby, this is foreplay. I am horny. I made up this scenario to get you in the mood. I am frustrating you, which makes you horny. I am reminding you of our agreement because you never break agreements. I also just realized that I hid your Adderall, so you can’t think for shit right now.

MJ: Why did you hide my medicine?

Malia: Because you are great in bed when you don’t take your meds. Hey, that rhymed.

MJ: Stop being the friggin Riddler and tell me what I am supposed to freakin do!

Malia: If you were on your meds right now, you would already be inside me.

MJ: Well someone stole my meds and is playing friggin mind games with me.

Malia: I’m not perfect, okay? I was trying to make the point that you agreed to have sex with me whenever I want it too, and I want to start taking advantage of it.

MJ: I love having sex with you.

Malia: I love having sex with you too.

MJ: I am all about keeping agreements. Anytime you want to have sex, I am at your service.

Malia: Without your Adderall, I’m giving it a 50/50 chance you get this answer right. When do you think I want to have sex with you?

MJ: Well you stole my Adderall. And how could I possibly know when you want to have sex with me? What do you want me to do Malia? You are driving me crazy with this woman.

Malia: Now baby. I want to have sex with you now. I realized at the end there that without your Adderall, you are great in bed, but my foreplay texts were a big waste of time.

MJ: So come have sex with you right now?

Malia: Yes, and I’m going to meet you at the big sliding glass door, so you don’t get distracted along the way.

MJ: Medicine stealer!

Malia: You’ll forget all about that in a minute baby.

MJ: I have to pee first.

Malia: Forget the sliding glass door plan. I just realized you haven’t had your morning or afternoon Adderall, so I’m going to come get you. Mommas got this. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride baby.

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