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Forget About It vs Fuggedaboutit

Malia May Johnson Falling Asleep In Chair Photo January 2022

Malia: Thank you for carrying me to bed last night after I fell asleep in the chair. That was really sweet of you. 

MJ: I love you!

Malia: Why didn’t you wake me up during my horrible nightmare last night?

MJ: I didn’t know you were having a horrible nightmare. I’m sorry babe. 

Malia: You didn’t want me. It was horrible! 

MJ: I would have woken you up if I would have known. 

Malia: I was your secretary in the dream. We were working late at the office, and I tried to make a move on you, and you denied me. Then I tried again, and you denied me again. I offered to be your suckretary. You ended up locking yourself in your office and calling the police. 2 police officers showed up. Don’t ask me why, but the 2 officers were Tony Soprano and Paulie from the Sopranos. You walked out of your office when they got there. You said- “Thank God you’re here. She kept trying to give me a blow job and I couldn’t get her to stop.” Officer Tony said- “This beautiful young girl kept trying to suck you off, and your first thought was to call the cops? You should have your fuckin head examined.” Then Pauli says- “What are you a cock smoker or what? There are real crimes going on out there and you call us because a pretty young thing like this wants to blow ya? I should arrest you for wasting our fuckin time. We’re leavin so you can be a man and fuck her brains out. What the fucks a matter with you?” Then I woke up. Why didn’t you want me? What’s a matter with you MJ?

MJ: I can’t really answer for me in a dream, but clearly I was not in my right mind.

Malia: Thank you for admitting it. You owe me a lay for your stupidity in my dream. 

MJ: Forget about it

Malia: Forget about it? Now you are rejecting me in real life to. Thanks a lot. 

MJ: I am not rejecting you. In the Donnie Brasco movie, Johnny Depp says “Forget about it” like a million times. I was just saying the one Italian movie gangster word I know.

Malia: Well, unforget about it! BTW, the Italian mafia “forget about it” is spelled “fuggedaboutit”. 

MJ: When do you want your lay Malia May?

Malia: All day MJ.

MJ: I’m on my way.

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