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Happy 70th Birthday Jeanne Johnson!

Jeanne Johnson 70th Birthday Photo Collage

Happy 70th Birthday ma! 70 years ago today in Winchester, Tennessee, my mom (MJ’s mom), Jeanne Johnson, was born. 

Happy Birthday Wishes

“Happy 70th J! I will be joining you in the 70 club tomorrow.” David Johnson 

“Mom, Grandma, Mam Mam, Jeanne, your son, daughter in law, and grandbabies wish you the happiest 70th birthday and we love you very much!” Malia May Johnson, Elizabeth Grace Johnson, Cash Michael Johnson, Caroline Grace Johnson, Victoria Olivia Johnson, Natalie Marie Johnson, Michael Christian Johnson, Christopher Alexander Johnson, and Michael David Johnson

“Happy 70th birthday Mrs. Johnson. MJ was and is lucky to have such a strong and classy mother like you.” Eric Fanning 

“Everyone loves Mrs. J! Happy birthday! Big birthday hug from Brittany!” Brittany White

“Mrs. J is my second mom. I love her like she is my birth mom. I wish you the happiest birthday ma #2.” Chris Hubbard

“Happy 70th Jeanne! Ohio misses you! I miss you!” Barb N.

“Jeanne is the best best friend ever. I love her! Happy birthday Jeanne!” Sheila Thomas

“Jeanne is the best. Happy 70th birthday wishes from all of us at MBC!” MBC Church

“Hands down one of the best moms ever. She never took any shit from MJ or Chris, or Lebron, or anyone. She was everyone’s mom when we were growing up. The happiest 70th Mrs. J!” Saggie Maggie 

“Mrs. J is a strong badass woman role model. Love her! Happy 70 Mrs. J!” Kristi Jennings

“Mrs. J is my favorite mom besides my mom. Her chocolate chip cookie recipe needs to be nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Happy 70th birthday! Lots of love Mrs. J!” Matthew McConaughey

“Mrs. Johnson is a one in a million mom. I was nervous when I first met her. We hugged each other with tears in our eyes before we said our first word to each other. Special woman indeed. Happy birthday Jeanne.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“Feliz cumpleaños Mrs. Johnson.” Edea Hawkins

“Ain’t nothin more special than a good mom. I wish you a very happy birthday Mrs. J!” Snoop Dogg

“Happy Birthday Mrs. Johnson and God Bless you!” Joel Osteen

“America thanks you for birthing and raising an American hero. I thank you. The happiest 70th birthday from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!” President Biden

“Mrs. Johnson is fantastic woman. I know her to be an incredible mother. She gave birth to and raised America’s cyber hero. Mrs. Johnson educated thousands of children as an award winning educator. Happy 70th birthday Mrs. Johnson. You’re the best!” President Trump

“Mrs. J don’t mess around. If MJ and all of us got too loud or broke something or something like that, Mrs. J would let us have it. She is generous and caring too though. Love you Mrs. J! Happy bday from Lebron!” Lebron James

“Love Mrs. J! I used to get MJ and Chris in trouble on purpose because it was so entertaining to watch her go off on them. Happy bday Mrs. J!” Jenna Lombardi

“Jeanne is a wonderful daughter. I am going to do my best to see that her 70th birthday is a happy one.” Tennie Partin

“I will never forget when you hit my hand when I tried to grab a cookie and told me to get out of your kitchen while you were cooking. Then you told me I wasn’t to be big to whoop. Then you hit me with your kitchen calendar. The world needs strong women like you to keep knuckleheads like MJ and I in line. Happy 70th birthday Mrs. J!” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

“I have only met you once Mrs. Johnson, but once was enough to know you are a special lady. Michelle and I wish you a happy 70th birthday. Your son is a hero, and he would not be so special without you being the mother that you are.” President Obama

“I still remember walking into your classroom and you yelling at me for interrupting what you were working on with your students. You earned my instant respect. It was an honor to award you National Teacher of The Year that year. Hillary and I wish you the happiest 70th birthday. Enjoy your day Mrs. Johnson!” President Clinton

Jeanne Johnson Quotes

“Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. You haven’t learned it. Stupidity is having the knowledge and not using it.” Jeanne Johnson

“Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, but love is the most powerful force in the universe. Love overcomes all.” Jeanne Johnson

“This has been a difficult week. Bible study better be friggin great this morning.” Jeanne Johnson

“It will be what it is going to be. That’s all it can be.” Jeanne Johnson

“And Gang aft agley (The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men). That’s why I prepare for everything I can think of in advance.” Jeanne Johnson

“Struggle builds muscle. You got this sweets.” Jeanne Johnson

“You finish a job before you start a job.” Jeanne Johnson

“If you can read you can do anything.” Jeanne Johnson

“I don’t care what month it is, as long as it isn’t Neveruary.” Jeanne Johnson

“You know I will always listen to your problems, and you know what I will tell you after I listen to your problems. I raised you. I know you can solve any problem. Now you got that off your chest, go solve your problems!” Jeanne Johnson

“There is a hole in my soul, and a part in my heart over it.” Jeanne Johnson

Johnson Family Recipes Jeanne Johnson Wanted To Share So That Other Families Could Enjoy Her Families Recipes

World’s Best Mom Jeanne Johnson Video

To The Incredible Women of the Johnson Family –

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