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Have you ever had a big fight with MJ in public?

MJ The Terrible and Maliacane Fighting Collage

Question: Have you ever had a big fight with MJ in public? Dianna Maze Los Angeles, CA

Malia: MJ rarely argues with me. He is not a good arguer. I can only think of a couple of times I blew up at him in public. If we argue, or I should say, if I argue with him, it’s at home.

I blew up at him at Austin City Limits music festival. There was this like 17 year old girl who just kept running into us everywhere we went, and MJ being MJ, just kept being nice to her, and trying to be close to him. I kept my cool until she started touching him. MJ is retarded when it comes to women. He thinks they are “just being nice”, but he doesn’t realize the difference between “just being nice” and getting hit on. MJ gets hit on all the time and I hate it!

If a guy ever hits on me, which happens occasionally, MJ can’t stand it, and immediately runs the guy off.

MJ told me to tell him when a girl is doing more than “just being nice”, and he will put a stop to it. So, when it happens now, I say- “ACL (Austin City Limits) Festival girl.”, and he knows the girl is over the line. He stops it immediately. He is good about it. I know he loves me and doesn’t want me to feel disrespected.

ACL was the second time I think I blew up at him. The first time was a similar situation, but at a club. A girl kept “just being friendly” too much, and MJ wasn’t stopping her. She wasn’t touching his penis or anything, but she was eye fucking him, and she was leaning in close to try to talk to him, and she would not leave him alone. I tried to warn MJ in subtle ways, but it was not working.

I wanted MJ to see/know what it feels like seeing somebody make a move on me, because I knew he would hate it, and he would get the point.

I decided to show him in an innocent way what it feels like to see someone hit on me, and me not stop it right away. I didn’t want to hurt him. My plan was to be somewhat flirty with a guy at the bar, and I was hoping that MJ would see the guy touch my shoulder/touch my back/brush up against me somehow. Instead of coming back from the restroom right away, I went to the bar. I know MJ. He likes to always be touching me/holding on to me. He doesn’t do it to be controlling. He just likes to hold onto me. I really like it. It makes me feel close to him. I knew if I was gone for a long time, he would start to wonder where I was/if I was ok, and he would start looking for me.

Brittany (MJ’s Court Appointed Supervisor at the time) had to be with MJ every day, all the time, except when MJ was at his old house, because that place was bugged and LoJack’ed like you wouldn’t believe. Also, MJ’s other more covert Court Appointed Supervisor lived in the house right next to him.

Back to the story. Brittany was the first one to notice what was going on. When MJ was in the bathroom, Brittany came to find me and tell me not to do anything to make MJ jealous, because MJ could not handle it. I should have listened to her, but for some reason I didn’t.

As MJ was walking back from the bathroom, I could see Brittany approach him, and try to turn his head away from the bar area. MJ pushed her hand off and turned his head towards the bar area. The guy I was flirty with decided to skip right past a shoulder/back touch and put his hand on my butt. I looked right into MJ’s eyes as the guy grabbed my butt. I was already wishing I didn’t do this before that happened, but when I saw MJ’s eyes as the guy put his hand on my butt, I felt like I had cheated on him. MJ’s eyes got big and he immediately came towards where we were, as he yelled “Get your fucking hands off her!” Brittany was trying to grab his arm while he was walking towards us. I could hear her saying “MJ if you violate your probation you are going to jail.”

MJ picked up a full beer glass on the way to the bar and threw it right at the guys face. When MJ got close enough to grab the guy, Brittany pushed me in front of him because she knew MJ wouldn’t hurt me. That gave her enough time to grab MJ and put handcuffs on him. Brittany told the guy to “Get the fuck out of here because you just grabbed MJ The Terrible’s girlfriend’s ass, and he will kill you.”

The guy left. Then Brittany took MJ outside in handcuffs. I followed Brittany and MJ outside. Brittany threw MJ against the car and was yelling at him. I begged Brittany not to take him to jail. Brittany told me she wouldn’t take him to jail if I told MJ what really happened, and if MJ would come willingly back to the military base he was staying at, at the time. I told MJ what I did, and tears ran down his face. Then I told him to please go peacefully back to the base with Brittany.

MJ didn’t say a word. I knew he was upset. She kept him in the handcuffs and put him in the back of the car. She called a taxi for me and waited until the taxi picked me up before she took MJ back to the base.

I shouldn’t have done that. MJ was under so much pressure. I was all he had in many ways then, and I lit the fuse that could have really hurt him. I guess I didn’t really “go off” on him, but I did something stupid that was like nonverbally going off on him.

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