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Malia: I am feeling……horny, concupiscent, desiring, hard up, hot, hot to trot, lascivious, libidinous, lustful, passionate, randy, turned on, loving, affectionate, hot and heavy, impassioned, infatuated, lovesick, lovey dovey, lusty, passionate, spirited, salacious, sensual, sexual, smutty, sex crazed, dirty, suggestive, salacious, erotic, hot, sensual, smutty, steamy, suggestive, voluptuous, wanton, sensualistic, freaky, stimulated, sexed up, titillated, hypersexual, and frisky!

MJ: Nice!

Malia: It’s play time daddy, and I will be your toy.

MJ: Do you have a Kung Fu action grip?

Malia: As a matter of fact I do.

MJ: Your timing for wanting to fool around is spot on. I am wrapping up a conference call. As soon as the call is wrapped, I am going to wrap you up tight in my arms, and………

Malia: ………?


Malia: I have a confession.

MJ: Uh oh

Malia: No. It is a good kind of confession.

MJ: Ok. Confess to me my love.

Malia: I have stayed wet all day today thinking about you going down on me. I want that so freakin much!

MJ: We need to teach their tech department leetspeak. That combined with bimonthly rotating passwords should be more than enough to keep their data safe going forward.

Malia: Oh yeah! I want leetspeak! Do leetspeak on me daddy!

MJ: Shit. Sorry. Meant that to go to Marcus.

Malia: What is leetspeak?

MJ: Leetspeak, which was shortened from Elite speak replaces letters with numbers and symbols to communicate in a way that not many people know about. It is used for sharing confidential data/information over the internet basically.

Malia: Ya learn something new everyday they say. I guess this was what I learned new today.

MJ: I love you.

Malia: If you love me then lick me.

MJ: Asap baby!

Malia: I will wait patiently, but if I have to wait long I might get feisty and start bugging you until you come be with me.

Malia: I WANT YOUR 👅

MJ: Was that even 2 minutes of wait time?

Malia: I WANT YOUR 🌭

Malia: I WANT YOUR 🐓

MJ: Shutting down now. One minute warning until the naughty business starts.

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