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If Malia and MJ Broke Up Who Would Give In First To Get Back Together 2

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Question: If Malia and MJ broke up, who would give in first to get back together? #2

The question if Malia and MJ broke up, who would give in first to get back together, came up again at MJ’s surprise birthday party. We decided the question needed an updated round 2.

Here was the original question that was posed 3 years ago: If Malia and MJ broke up, who would give in first to get back together?

This time we decided to make it more of a fair match, to see if the results would be any different.

This is the newly updated question: If Malia and MJ broke up, and MJ had more basic life skills, and he didn’t need Malia to take care of him as much, who would give in first to get back together?

Here were the answers:

Kevin M: MJ is my boy, but he can’t live without Malia. MJ would give in first.

Brittany White (Dubs): MJ can’t live without Malia. MJ would be the one to give in.

Marcus Jennings: MJ is the toughest mofo I know, but he needs Malia like he needs air to breath.

Kristi Jennings: They don’t come any tougher than MJ. MJ would stare down a lion if he had to, but when it comes to Malia, he needs her. I don’t know what MJ would do without her. I’m going with MJ giving in first.

Chin Soum (Asian Mom): Ga My is the best with the computers and the smart things you know but he don’t know how to do that much by himself. He can drive da. He can do that but if he don’t have her to keep him organize he not going to do very well you know. Ga My quitting first I think.

Gene Rockefeller: MJ is the badest mofo on the planet, but even Superman has his kryptonite. Malia is his. He gives before she does.

Big J. Kosta: MJ. He wouldn’t give in with anything, anytime, anywhere, for anybody, except with his family. He gives everything to his family. MJ would be the one to give in.

Jenna Moyetti: They are both crazy obsessed with each other. I think they would both want to give in, but MJ would give first.

Lakshmi Devi: I love MJ. He is tough and fearless with everybody and everything else, but he worships his queen, as all men should worship their queen. MJ gives in first.

Donald Trump Jr: MJ with Malia rules the world. MJ without Malia, I wouldn’t want to see it. It would be ugly. MJ gives first.

Tarica Patel Hubbard: MJ would want to give in. Malia would want to give in. I think MJ gives in before Malia though.

Matthew McConaughey: Are you kidding? MJ The Terrible American Cyber Hero would be on his knees begging her to come back. I think he could make it a day before he started in with the “Please Malia! Please take me back!” psycho calls at all hours of the day and night. MJ needs Malia. It’s a fact. Malia needs MJ, but she knows how to take care of herself. MJ doesn’t. MJ gives first and fast.

Chris Hubbard: MJ would hold out until he thought Malia was serious, and then he would give in. He can’t live without Malia.

MJ’s Mom (Jeanne Johnson): My son would give in first. My son is an American hero. He knows all about internet cyber warfare and security. My son has never taken care of himself exactly. It would take a united effort to hold him together without Malia in his life. My son would give in before my daughter in law.

MJ’s Dad (Dave Johnson): Mike is smart, tough, and mentally tough. He is a warrior, but our daughter in law Malia nursed him back to health after his brain surgery, has given him babies, and well, dedicated her life to being the best wife and mother. She is everything to my son. I think Mike would give in.

Ben Dupont: MJ

Meredith Brooks: MJ, but please don’t fire me MJ. I love my job.

Charlie Copeland: MJ

Ivanka Trump: MJ is a loving devoted hubby. He is one of the good ones. MJ would give in quickly followed by Malia. They love each other. It’s inspiring.

Barack Obama: I have seen firsthand how ferocious MJ can be, but he is just like me. We know where our bread is buttered, and we want to make sure our bread keeps getting buttered. MJ is smart enough to know he should give in first and would give in first.

Pete Dowdle: MJ

Saggie Maggie: MJ

Lorie Rorrer: Mikey

Megan Ayers: MJ would give in first, I think. It would rain women on MJ if they broke up. I know that.

Gina Haspel: MJ. He could take on the world, but he could not do it without Malia. He knows it. We know it.

Fran The Nanny: Mr. MJ needs Miss Malia. He can’t live without her. Mr. MJ gives in. I love them both. They have a beautiful family. It would be a crime if they broke up.

J.J. Mendelhaussen: MJ

Gary McKinnon: No brainer. MJ

Eric Fanning: I am staying with my previous answer. MJ gives in.

Dr. Deb Frincke: MJ first, day one of the breakup. He is mentally tough, but to MJ, Malia was about 50% of his pre subdural hematoma rupture surgery and recovery world, and 100% of his post subdural hematoma rupture surgery and recovery world. Malia is what he knows and loves. To MJ, not having her in his life would crush him. MJ The Terrible loses this battle.

Lebron James: Oh my God I don’t wanna see Malia and MJ break up. MJ would go nuts for real. He might turn the worlds lights out until Malia wanted him back. White Mikey J is a beast. I got bruises on my body to prove it, but with Malia, my boy is puddy in her hands. MJ first for sure.

Malia: I just know how this is going to go. Everyone is going to say MJ would give in first like the last time. I think MJ is capable of making it without me, but I hope he wouldn’t want to. I volunteer to give in first.

MJ: I was slightly upset the first time around because my first thought was, “I’m MJ The Terrible. Of course I wouldn’t give in first.” Then I realized, why would I want to try to hold out at all? Malia is my everything.

The truth is, I would give in first. I would give in first every time. God knew I needed an angel, so he sent me Malia. Nothing but good comes from her. Love, happiness, support, care, my children. I owe her my life. She nursed me back to health after my brain surgery. She never gave up on me, and I would never give up on her. Malia May Johnson is the best woman I have ever known, and for some reason she wants to be with me. I am a lucky man.

Malia after hearing MJ’s answer: How sweet of him. I love that man. I am so glad I gave him a chance and stuck with him through all of the bad, because look how he treats me now. He is so the man of my dreams. I am the lucky girl. I love you MJ! XOXO

Question: If Malia and MJ broke up, who would give in first to get back together? –

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