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On this post, you’ll find the Infomercial Secrets Revealed Video Course sales letter, and we give away the entire Infomercial Secrets Revealed Course…..FOR FREE!

Here we go……

25 year in the making…..but now for the first time EVER, you’ll get to…..

“Discover My Infomercial Secrets Most Marketers Will NEVER Know That Has Allowed Me to Make Millions Each Year For DECADES And How YOU Can Use These Drop-Dead Easy Principles To KEEP Cash Flowing In For Years!”

These Infomercial Secrets Go Way Beyond A “Thumbnail Sketch”, “Product Genres”, And “Media Buying”. This Is Stuff You MUST HAVE If You Want A Long-Term Sustainable Businesses!

Seriously, This Is Like A Free Seat at The Top Table Learning Secrets That Took 25 Years To Learn & Make Millions Of Dollars…So You Can Create Your Own Money Tree Over And Over Again!

Dear Entrepreneur,

If you’re looking to discover how to generate obscene amounts of sales, faster than you ever seen before……then this message will cut to the chase and give you the answers you’re looking for!

Because I’m going to reveal the untold specific strategies that I used to ATTRACT dedicated customers for YEARS and improve some lives along the way.

Imagine this: Being able to promote a product one time and have an avalanche of orders crash into your bank account……Or not having to worry about where your income is going to be 5…10…15 years from now…..and KNOW you can replicate this at any time.

That’s what my companies and I have been enjoying for years. That’s because we’ve been employing a UNIQUE formula you won’t find ANYWHERE out there.

This Is The “Secret Sauce” To Making Money For LIFE!

Here’s the deal- You’d be hard-pressed to find any other TV Guy who has been on air as long as me. Most “Gurus” Get lucky after 1 or 2 years…and then spend the next decade trying to figure out what happened……Whereas I’ve had winning shows that have generated $7,000,000, $22,000,000, even $100,000,000 in sales over a period of 20+ years!

If you talk privately with the biggest names in the Infomercial Business, even the legal eagles, They will all tell you I have one of THE BEST RECORDS of Anyone in the Industry…. Period!

Now I don’t say this to impress you. I just mention this because…well….I know a thing or 2 about making the phone ring and getting people to take action.

And I know for CERTAIN that…..Once You Know How The Industry Works ANYONE Can Use These Techniques To Go To The Pay Window!

Listen- Everyone in this industry had never been in it before….everyone is a newbie at the beginning. The HUGE advantage you have is that you will have someone to hold your hand every step of the way. And not just anyone!

Someone who has been where you are today, and has now achieved what you want to achieve.

Now don’t get me wrong- Lots of people try to make it big and fail. You know, they watch an episode of Shark Tank or Dragons Den and think they can take the world by storm……and expect customers to flock to them because of great service…or “amazing” content. This just ain’t going to happen!

The BIGGEST Mistake You Can Make As An Infomercial newbie (This is HUGE!): I see this all the time. People get seduced by media buyers, station owners, manufacturers and every other middleman in the industry that their intellectual property is going to be the next big thing.

Newsflash- You have to look after Number 1. Everyone else has no risk and only upside. Every new “Test” that runs on a station at full price, kicks up the stations and media buyers earning ability. (You get screwed! Unless you are in the know)

You absolutely NEED the inside track if you want to be in business 5 years, 10 years, and 15 years from now. And LONGER! Otherwise you constantly have to keep working and working to get more CUSTOMERS into your pipeline.

And you know how it goes. It’s getting harder and harder to make money every day…and every year. But guess what? There’s multiple strategies you can use to lower your risk. And it is absolutely CRITICAL to implement proven marketing strategies to protect your future.

It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new in the industry, have your own product, or even are just starting out. If you are serious about getting your slice of this $250 BILLION market…then this IS for you.

And those numbers are just in the US. Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand….They all have similar hidden opportunities for you to make your fortune!

How Anyone Can Make Millions!

Infomercial Secrets Revealed is your ultimate blueprint for Sourcing…and Creating…winning products so the cash keeps rolling in time and again.

Listen- It’s a LOT of work to succeed in the business. should know…after creating over 100 infomercial on products from Dr Atkins to Hair Loss and everything in between…so I can know how to make this work.

And, in Infomercial Secrets Revealed, I outlined my step by step blueprint to consistently keep creating winning shows in the Long-term……And when I say “Long-term”…l mean 10, 15, even 20 years from now!

I share with you ALL of my best formulas and techniques. I Literally leave nothing in reserve. Every facet of the business is covered in granular detail.

This is NOT a “basic how-to” course. I don’t have a second more “advanced” version to sell you down the Line. This is IT. This is everything on EXACTLY how I managed to consistently hit the big numbers.

You’ll get the entire 3-days on DVD…..AND be able to watch over my shoulder as I rip the lid off the industry. It just as if you were there…LIVE…watching me go through every element within the business! That’s over 18 hours of live tuition with the Infomercial King (Not my choice of words…but hey, who doesn’t like to get Kudos like that)

Here’s Just SOME Of The Tried And Tested Strategies I Cover-

The way you should REALLY assess whether a product has potential for TV or not-this will put you head of 99% of your competitors…..and the #1 reason I’m still so visible after all these years!

How to buy Media at a fraction of the cost of your competitors and even receive FREE airtime to promote your products or service. I am talking about 30 minutes to sell your product on the Networks dime!

Specific companies you should use to turn your new business on to auto-pilot. This is everything from getting products manufactured to who answers the calls (You even get an industry Jargon “dictionary” so you can sound and act like a pro your first day)

How to get started even if you don’t want to develop your own product. How to leverage other peoples material as if were your own.

Where to find hidden gems that have already proven their winning ability but have been replaced by newer, shinier products from the big boys.

What you can do to increase your profit on every single call…..even those that don’t buy from you!

How to track and interpret sales results in minutes, even when you have thousands of stations running your shows……and a whole LOT more!

It’s Like Being Able To “Pick My Brains Every Step Of The Way”

Now I mentioned before that I only usually implement these strategies with companies I am involved with. This is seriously the blueprint for the way my ENTIRE business was run…..and I charged my seminar attendees a premium to learn this stuff……especially since this can have a HUGE impact in any business or service they provide.

Price I charge? The seminar attendees were thrilled to pay $50,000 each.

But you know what? They were all thrilled. Why? Because they were able to BOOST their profits and business skills in a fraction of the time it normally takes if they tried to go blind in to this industry, they may have lost $50,000 in crazy product licenses and fees before they spent a penny on media (You know actually selling something)…..Seriously, take a look at Shark Tank or Dragons Den in the UK…..”How much have you invested so far?” The responses are staggering. $50,000, $200,000, 1 chap in the UK had already sunk in $1.600,000….. and HE WAS STILL AT PROTOTYPE STAGE.

This does not happen to people in the know. So you can imagine that Infomercial Secrets Revealed could be worth at least $5,000. Especially since you could easily get that money back in no time, making that $5000 irrelevant.

But, guess what? You don’t have to pay $5,000. You don’t even have to pay $2997 or some funky price marketers make up to trick you in to buying. When you take action and click on the Add To Cart button below, I’ll ship you Infomercial Secrets Revealed for only $997. (Note- Keep reading! We give away this course completely free at the bottom of this post.) That mean you can try this course risk-free. No hassles and no fuss.

So Here Is The Catch…..There is less than 80 copies of this training available…..and the good folks who recorded the seminars are still trying to find the masters. This isn’t some goofy attempt at false scarcity! You see I was commissioned to record this seminar and it was my final act before retiring and kicking back. I am not recording another one…so this could be a “collector’s edition!”

I reveal everything to you in this step by step blueprint right here…right now. Because I KNOW you will summon an avalanche of profits for your business and set yourself up for long-term sustainability for years to come……like I have for my OWN business!

So now it’s time to get an unfair advantage over your competitors who don’t know these secrets…….You’re just one step away. So claim your copy of Infomercial Secrets Revealed…..right here…..right now…by clicking here……(Note- There isn’t a button to click here, because we’re giving the course away for free at the bottom of this post.)

Yes! I Want To Discover How To Crush It In The Infomercial Business & Create Cash Flow For Life!

I realize that, when I take action on what you teach in this course, I’ll be able to find willing buyers for my products who’ll give me money over and over again……and be thrilled!

I also know you’re unveiling these Infomercial & Money Making secrets for the first time EVER-after 30 years in the infomercial business. So this is RARE material that could put my income over the top!

I also know that I have a full 60 Days to digest Infomercial Secrets Revealed. And I know I can always return it for a FULL REFUND for any reason at all!

So with all this in mind…..l’m IN! Please ship me my copy of Infomercial Secrets Revealed So I can start communicating with my customers in a way they’ll bond with me…and keep giving me money!

Infomercial Secrets Revealed only $997! When you take action on this, it can literally change your business!



P.S. One more thing- You don’t have to be an outgoing sales type” to implement these principles. You can choose whether you want to be the “front man” or hire someone else to be the spokesperson. If you do have a product, as an Infomercial Secrets Revealed Insider, we even have industry veterans that can review your product and may even partner with you and put up the CASH!-so claim your copy right now!

P.P.S. Disclaimer. You can try to “go at it alone” and do this yourself. But I have over 20 years of infomercial experience under my belt and KNOW there’s a certain formula…..or “way”… have to do this. Now you may screw it all up. You may do absolutely nothing with the information. So whilst I can’t guarantee you’ll get my results, you’ll be learning from the best in the business. So do yourself a favor and get Infomercial Secrets Revealed today!

Infomercial Secrets Revealed Course (19 Videos) Enjoy! –

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