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Introducing A.I. System’s New FORCE Bot Prototype

A.I. Systems New 2022 FORCE Robot Drone Prototype Photo

MJ: Baby! The prototype FORCE bot has been built! I’m about text you a picture. A lot of work has gone into it. I love you and I hope you like it……..

A.I. Systems New 2022 FORCE Robot Drone Prototype Photo

Malia: Wow baby! Impressive! 

MJ: Are you just saying that or are you really impressed?

Malia: I’m really impressed! 

MJ: But……

Malia: I don’t want to say what I’m thinking on the hippy chick/nerdy black girl side of my brain. I just want to give you the loving and supportive wife answer. 

MJ: I know that both of the above yous love me. To be completely honest, I’m glad you gave me the more positive answer first, but I would like both, so what does the hippy chick/nerdy black girl side of your brain think?


MJ: Baby! There isn’t going to be a rise of the machines war between robots and humans. 

Malia: Because the humans will already be dead?

MJ: No! I love you hippy chick/nerdy black girl! You know that right?

Malia: I do.

MJ: Do you hate me for building artificial intelligence robot soldier drones for the military?

Malia: I love you for better or for worse until death does us part, even if you are the architect of the world’s most powerful cyber weapon, and the future architect of Judgement Day.

MJ: Baby! I would never cause a Judgement Day!

Malia: I know that, but Dr. Dyson didn’t know he was going to create Skynet in Terminator either. It just happened. 

MJ: If we don’t build them and other countries do, our national defense will be at risk. 

Malia: Men! You guys always have to have your pissing contests. 

MJ: I promise you our goal isn’t to win a pissing contest. I just want the best future for my family/I want my family to be safe.

Malia: I do understand, and I know that, but that doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it. 

MJ: I want a happy, peaceful, bright future for our children and the world. I don’t want war. I hate war!

Malia: I know baby! I know! I don’t want to bring you down when I can tell you are really happy and excited.

MJ: You like the Iron Man movies. Can you think of me like Tony Stark versus Dr. Dyson? 

Malia: I think about you as you baby. You are you and that is who I love.

Malia: Is it fully optimized?

MJ: Yes

MJ: Wait, what do you mean? 

Malia: I just hear you use the word optimized a lot, so I’m asking you if it’s optimized because it sounds smart to ask that. 

MJ: The FORCE bots are next level optimized.

MJ: I’m going to build a Malia button into the FORCE bots just for you my love.

Malia: What is a Malia button? 

MJ: The Malia button is a hippy switch. If the FORCE bots get to Terminatorish, the Malia button will be pushed, and the FORCE bots will automatically turn into hippies and start singing Kumbaya and handing out flowers.

Malia: I feel like l am preventing Judgement Day/A.I. Independence Day as you will probably rebrand it as. 

MJ: How are you preventing Judgement Day/A.I. Independence Day?

Malia: Because I help temper your out of the box full throttle attack mindset.

MJ: Because if you weren’t around the FORCE bots would be all out Terminator human killing machines?

Malia: Pretty much

MJ: Feel like taking a break from straightening up the house? 

Malia: Maybe. Whatcha got in mind?

MJ: To use your word, I was wondering if you would like to “Temper” my horniness.

Malia: Can it be a quickie? You know how I get when things aren’t organized. The house is definitely not organized after our big family Christmas.

MJ: You know what is scarier than Judgement Day/A.I. Independence Day?

Malia: What?

MJ: When you go Maliacane!

Malia: If you want to prevent Maliacane Monday, say yes to the quickie, quickie me, then let’s both go back to getting stuff done. 

MJ: Yes! I’m walking up back staircase now.

Malia: I’m getting undressed now. 😉

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