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It’s Bang O’clock Somewhere!

16 Year Old MJ Pontiac Firebird Formula Collage

Text messages between Malia and I yesterday, on President’s Day. I will definitely remember this President’s Day! Sincerely, MJ

MJ: This is FOTY. Do you come in MILF? Over.

Malia: What does FOTY stand for? Is MILF Mom I’d Like to F@$k? Over.

MJ: FOTY- Father of The Year (at our country club anyway) and yes on MILF.

Malia: Is it bang o’clock?

MJ: It’s bang o’clock somewhere.

Malia: I am so happy. You have me bouncing around this house. I skipped baby! I literally skipped down the hall this morning like a giddy schoolgirl I’m so happy. 

MJ: But the question is, is your vagina happy?

Malia: Yes! It is smiling from hip to hip.

MJ: Is that the vagina reference for smiling from ear to ear?

Malia: Yep!

MJ: It’s weird right, because this is such a crazy time in the world. How are we so happy at one of the most uncertain times in modern history? 

Malia: We are really lucky I guess. Our home is our happy safe haven. Our house is filled with love.

MJ: And our bedroom is filled with passion?

Malia: It needs some passion right meeeoooowwwww!!!

MJ: Then #bohica 

Malia: #?

MJ: #bendoverhereitcomesagain

Malia: ##it

MJ: #youhave2hashtagstogether

Malia: #poundit

MJ: #poundit?

Malia: #myvagina

MJ: #poundyourvagina?

Malia: #unhuh

MJ: #iloveyou and #ilustyou and #whenigetthatfeelingineedyoursexualhealing

Malia: #youarethebesthusbandever and #ifiamlivinginadreamrightnowineverwanttowakeup

MJ: #canyoucometothegarage?

Malia: #why?

MJ: #iwanttodotheonethingihaveneverdoneintheblackcar

Malia: #isthe1987pontiacfirebirdformulayouhadwhenyouwereakidthatwetrackeddownandboughtforyouyourfavoritegiftever?

MJ: #thatisalonghashtagandyes 

Malia: #iamhappyigettodotheonethinginthatcaryouhaventdonewithanyoneelse

MJ: #metoo and #itisfunnyhowwhenyouarewith”theone”howthingsjustseemtocometogether

Malia: #iknewbelievinginyouwhenyouhadnothingwastherightdecision and #andidontmeanbecauseyouarenowtherichestpersonintheindustryyouworkin

MJ: #awomansloyaltyistestedwhenhermanhasnothing and #amansloyaltyistestedwhenhehaseverything

Malia: #happiestgirlever and #382012forever

MJ: #happiestguyever and #ditto382012forever

Malia: #2minutewarningandillbetherebaby

MJ: #thegroundskeepersarenotcomingtodayandneedtogetinthegarageright?

Malia: #theycomeonwednesdayssowearegoodtogo and #theydontgointhedetachedgaragetheygointheattachedgarage

MJ: #thankyouforindulginginmyfantasieswithme

Malia: #idonthavemykeyswithmeunlockthedoor and #itisfreezingcoldwaitingoutsideinthecold

MJ: #icanseeyouandsorry

Malia: #nomorewordsorhashtagsneededletschristentheblackcar

We Hope You Love Your Special Gift Baby…..

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