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Malia and MJ Driskell Hotel Ghost Tour Austin Texas

MJ: I can’t believe the company is taking off like it is. We friggin bought Cyber Intelligence Inc today baby!

Malia: I am so proud of you. Tarica text me that you cried at the press conference. 

MJ: Happy tears baby! 

Malia: You slept through a plane crash like it was nothing, but you tear up at a press conference. You are an original baby.

MJ: Tarica was great at the press conference. They kept trying to ask me questions, and she said- “I will be running the combined company. “MJ The Terrible” will be working on the big picture. If you have questions about Masters of Money buying Cyber Intelligence, I will answer them.” Then I kind of made my exit so she could enjoy the moment and do her thing.

Malia: How did you make your exit? Describe it please. 

MJ: I did a little outro and headed for the exit. 

Malia: I would like to know what you said and did right before you left. 

MJ: Baby, just some nice words and I teared up. It was a moment! Don’t mess with me woman!

Malia: Would I want to hear it? Did you mention anyone during your outro? 

MJ: Baby, I left because I wanted to be with the most incredible person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, to celebrate with her, because without her, I never would have made it out of the hospital 5 years ago. 

Malia: I watched it on TV. That was so romantic. I teared up when I saw you tear up. I had a feeling you were thinking about me at that second. Then you said, and I will never forget it- “Malia. This day was only possible because I was lucky enough to meet an angel on Thursday March 8th, 2012. I’m going to go have a Hollywood happy ending with my wife. Tarica, I know you got this. I gotta go. Bye guys.”

MJ: I meant every word. I want you Malia.

Malia: I’m right here baby. I don’t know what was wetter when I saw you say that my face from the tears, or my you know what between my legs. 

MJ: I have 2 questions I want to ask you, and you have to be honest with me ok? 

Malia: Of course baby! 

MJ: 1. Why did you want to be with me back in 2012? I had nothing to offer you. I wasn’t even allowed to leave the building we met in, because they were still trying to figure out what to do with me after the Stuxnet fiasco. 2. You could have any guy you wanted. You are the most beautiful, brilliant, loving, loyal, giving, woman. Why me Malia? My nickname is “MJ The Terrible”! Why would an angel want to be with “MJ The Terrible”? 

Malia: Well, part of it I can’t explain. I was just drawn to you. There is this incredible energy about you. I was intrigued by you. I mean, you are the only person I have ever heard of that the military and intelligence community had no idea how to handle. You are one of one in that category. That was crazy to me. I guess I expected you to be a monster almost, and here you were this all American guy who looked like a sexy farm boy from Nebraska. When you looked into my eyes, no one has ever looked at me like that before or since. It was electric. Then I got to know you, because the rumors about you were just that, rumors. The real you was so sweet and loving. You didn’t want to be with me because you were worried about me getting hurt. And you always got the door for me. You still do that 9 years later. You could have taken all of the credit for yourself today at the merger press conference, but instead you told all of Bethesda how much you love me, and how I’m the reason for your success. That is up there as far as romantic gestures go baby. There were so many moments that over and over again kept proving you were the one for me. I was amazed that I made you nervous. Here you were with basically every military, defense, and intelligence agency around the world, and even the FBI coming down on you big time, and you didn’t seem all that concerned about it, but I made you nervous. That was unbelievable to me. My heart belonged to you the second you looked deep into my eyes. My heart still belongs to you, and my heart always will belong to you. 

MJ: Fair enough. There has been so much pressure and stress in the build up to today’s merger announcement. I need some stress relief/to blow off some stress, and chill for a day or 2.

Malia: What kind of stress relief did you have in mind? Will I be naked for this stress relief that you speak of? 

MJ: 😉 and yes!

Malia: I had a feeling you would want some sexual healing after all the hoopla today, so I prepared accordingly. 

MJ: How did you prepare? 

Malia: Well, let’s just say that I don’t have any hair from the neck down, I’m wearing something from Victoria Secret, and I got all dolled up for you. You will be getting the heroes welcome you deserve. I can’t believe you did that today Michael David Johnson. I got like 10 calls and texts after you told the whole city that I’m an angel and I’m the reason for your success. I can’t believe you did that! You’re crazy baby!

MJ: I’m crazy about you!

Malia: I heard you come in the front door. You know why I love you, because you are so loving that you don’t even realize how loving you are. I am ready and waiting in our bedroom to make mad passionate love to you!

Masters of Money LLC Acquires Cyber Intelligence Inc for $14.6 Million Dollars –

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