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Malia Plays The Race and Sex Card On Me

Malia Sexy Selfie For MJ

Malia: MJ, it is 4 oclock in the morning! Stop working on your oil pump rig project and come pump me! Come up here!

Today is Martin Luther King Day, I’m black, and I’m pregnant. What does that mean?

That means Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson, that I’m ready for a mother fuckin, and if you don’t do it, you are a racist!

MJ: Baby!!!

Malia: What?

MJ: I’ll be a racist?

Malia: Yep! Masters of Racism.

MJ: Why you gotta play the race card on me?

Malia: Think bigger MJ! I’m playing the race card and the sex card.

MJ: Is it mother fucking Martin Luther King Day?

Malia: MLK had a dream. I have a need. Now fill it!!

MJ: Baby, we are never going to stop having babies. When you’re prego, you are always ready to go.

Malia: Did you just call me the N word?

MJ: You’re crazy woman!!

Malia: What? You believe they should bring back slavery?

MJ: I’ll be up in a minute to prove I’m not a mother fucking racist.

Malia: In a minute you will be a full fledged racist. Now is the time to show your support for equal rights by granting my mother fucking wish.

MJ: Baby, you know I’m ready to do my mother fucking part for the cause. Bring it woman!

Malia: I love him. MJ is to cute for words, and a little bit of a perv. 

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