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Malia’s Path To Pleasure Foreplay Texts With MJ

Malia Path To Pleasure Picture Collage

Malia: Oh no! I am all alone in this big house all by myself. What am I going to do?

MJ: Baby, I have to get this done. I promise as soon as I get this done I will be all over your ass. 

Malia: But I want you all over my ass now. Did I mention I am naked and all alone in this big house all by myself?

MJ: 30 minutes tops, and then it’s on like Donkey Kong!

Malia: I am scared and nervous being all naked and alone. You know when I get all scared and nervous having something in my mouth to suck on really helps me. Can you think of something for me to suck on? 

MJ: Patience is a virtue. I promise I will make it worth the wait. 

Malia: Patience is a virtue, but Malia is a horny. 

MJ: I see. 

Malia: Look out the window towards our bedroom. All you have to do is walk the short little path to pleasure from your office to the house. Then you can see, touch, and feel.

MJ: Wow! The neighbors might see you.

Malia: Through the trees and from far away? 

MJ: I know you, and when you get like this, you don’t stop until you get what you want. 

Malia: And I want you!

MJ: Let me guess. You are not going to stop until you have me?

Malia: Uh huh. I want your PEN and 15 put together.


Malia: Yeah 

MJ: There isn’t a chance in hell that you are going to let me finish what I am working on, is there? 

Malia: Not unless what you are working on is me. 

MJ: Can I have just 5 minutes?

Malia: No. Your time is up for that activity. It’s time to move on to your next activity. Let’s see. It looks like your next activity is, uhm, me!

MJ: You always seem to get what you want. 

Malia: You are just now learning that? 

MJ: I love you!

Malia: I love you too! Ask me what town I am from.

MJ: What town are you from?

Malia: I’m from Lickin Zee Dickin.  

MJ: I love that town!

Malia: Come pway wiff me Daddy!

MJ: You win. Shutting everything down now. 

Malia: I’m sawwy if I made you upset Daddy. You can punish me if you want too.

MJ: Daddy knows what you need, and I am going to give it to you!

Malia: Yes Daddy! I want it! 

MJ: Daddy is on the way now.

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