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MJ Test Results Bidets and Sex In The Attic

Malia and Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson 2nd Bethesda Maryland House Next To Main Property Collage

Malia: I just talked to Dr. Frincke. She told me your test results on all of the testing you did. She said your test results surprised her.

MJ: Bad? I haven’t been following the diet she told me to follow.

Malia: Yeah, she noticed that. Your cholesterol was high. She asked me to help with your diet because she said you don’t know how to take care of yourself.

MJ: Yes I do.

Malia: No you don’t. You can take care of others, but you don’t know how to take care of yourself.

MJ: Did my scores suck on all the tests?

Malia: No. On the new cyber skills assessment sample test, you got a perfect score. You got a 199 on the IQ test. Your brain function scan was the highest recorded score on record. Dr. Frincke was impressed. You are really smart. We are going to work on your diet though baby. When you go away to work, I am going to make sure Brittany keeps you on your diet.

MJ: What is highest IQ score she ever had on record?

Malia: 199

MJ: You said I had a 199.

Malia: Yeah. The 199 was your score baby. You are really smart. What are you working on smart boy?

MJ: I am taking a break at the moment. I am making a funny list of something right now.

Malia: What kind of list are you working on? Maybe I can help.

MJ: I am making a list of some names for you if your body was a country.

Malia: ?

MJ: I just started working on the list. Here are the names that I have so far. Assganistan, Assiopia, Assmerica, Central Assmerica, South Assmerica, Assakhstan, Assfrica, South Assrica, Buttemala, Bootyganda, Cambootya, and Texass.

Malia: You have an IQ of 199 and the highest score ever on Dr. Frincke’s brain function scan, and you are working on a list of country names for my butt?

MJ: Yeah

Malia: I am flattered, turned on and amazed at the same time.

MJ: I could have lied and told you I was working on some special project or something, but I didn’t want to lie to you.

Malia: Always tell me the truth baby.

MJ: I do. I promise.

Malia: If your body was a country, do you know what your country name would be?

MJ: What baby?

Malia: Dicktopia!

MJ: Nice.

Malia: I could be interested in sex if you asked nicely.



MJ: How much time do we have?

Malia: 45 minutesish

MJ: I can work with that.

Malia: Then come on with it Mr. Johnson!

MJ: Where are you?

Malia: I’m in the attic. Let’s do it up here.

MJ: We don’t have an attic.

Malia: Yes we do. In the house next to ours that we bought. I have been checking it out today and making plans.

MJ: How do I get over there? Do I have to go through our front gate and around to get over there? My security detail is not going to like that. They may want to drive me over there instead.

Malia: No. You can stay on the property and still get over here. Walk up by the pool. The construction guys made us a little bridge today.

MJ: Holy shit! What is little about this friggin bridge? Do I want to see the construction bill for all of this?

Malia: Probably not. I’ll watch the budget.

MJ: I know that whole pond setup/schematic I saw can’t be cheap. How much is the budget for the remodel and combining the 2 properties? I don’t have a key. Can you let me in?

Malia: I don’t know how much the budget is, but when there is a budget, I will watch it. I can see you walking your fine behind up my driveway. What are you selling today sir? I don’t allow solicitors.

MJ: I will go down on you until you cum and then sex you so good with my high cholesterol having dick you will cum again.

Malia: I am sweaty and probably stinky down there at the moment, and this place has a strong cedar woody moldy kind of scent to it. So, I’m going to take a rain check on the go down on me part, but I will take all of the dicking you want to give me.

MJ: Come open the door woman.

Malia: I had to pee. Their bathrooms have bedit toilets. It is an experience, let me tell ya.

MJ: Is that a good thing or a bad thing? They are our bathrooms now, either way.

Malia: It’s an experience. If we keep the bidet toilets, we will need to keep a lot of towels in the bathrooms, and maybe an instruction manual. I can picture people using the bidet toilets and freaking out.

MJ: Are you going to be a while? I am going to walk around and check the place out some if you are.

Malia: About to be on the way. How about you check me out instead?

MJ: Sounds like a plan.

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