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MJ The Terrible House Underground Tunnel Allegation

MJ The Terrible House Photo - Austin Texas

Here is a video from a conspiracy theorist who is threatening to go public with the tunnel underneath my old house, that he believes will “blow the doors off the whole “MJ The Terrible” conspiracy”. He also believes “The tunnel doesn’t go through your back yard MJ. You and I both know it goes under the street in front of your house and comes out in the restricted area across the street. You can’t fool me MJ and neither can the CIA. I’m on to your games.” Anonymous Do Gooder

I wouldn’t exactly call it a conspiracy, especially since what really happened is going to be declassified and released someday anyway. Government conspiracies to me anyway, are ones that would be harmful/hurtful to the country to be kept secret. Due to national security, some things need to remain classified until they can safely be declassified.

The real life “MJ The Terrible” events I’m sure will be declassified someday, but for the safety of the lives of anyone still in harms way, the government is keeping the details classified.

Instead of threatening to release whatever it is you are threatening to release, and putting people’s lives at risk that are fighting hard to keep our country safe, you could just wait to see the real details when they are declassified/released first, before you start screaming conspiracy. Just trying to help you out bud. The rest is up to you. Sincerely, Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

MJ The Terrible House Underground Tunnel Allegation
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