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MJ The Terrible Performs Intercom Concert For Malia

Malia and MJ Playful Selfie at Dog Haus Restaurant in Bethesda Maryland

MJ: Oh no! I am all alone in this big house all by myself. What am I going to do?

Malia: I just saw you. 

MJ: I am scared and nervous being all naked and alone. You know when I get all scared and nervous having something in my mouth to suck on really helps me. Can you think of something for me to suck on?

Malia: Gotcha! You are using the sexy texts I sent you, on me. 

MJ: Uh huh

Malia: In that case, yeah, I have parts for you to suck but “Patience is a virtue”. (Remember how you did me?)

MJ: “Patience is a virtue, but MJ is a horny.”

Malia: Oh yeah? 

MJ: OH YEAH! Are you in the mood to throw down?

Malia: Maybe, but you are just copying the texts I used on you. That’s lazy. Makes me think you aren’t going to deliver the good lovin.

MJ: Oh, you want me to raise the bar? I was just warming up you little shit!

Malia: What town are you from?

MJ: I’m from Pound Your G-Spotville, in the state of Endless Pleasure and Orgasmsland.

Malia: Not Licken Zee Dicken? 

MJ: I wouldn’t want to be “lazy” and copy off that text too.

Malia: Baby, what is that scratching sound?

MJ: That was a sound check! It’s almost time for your musical serenade.

Malia: Over the intercom?

MJ: Un huh. Wouldn’t want to be “lazy”, so I’m going big in my home!

Malia: I think the saying is “Go Big or Go Home”.

MJ: Well, my saying is “I’m Going Big In My Home”!

Malia: You know I’m just frustrating you so you do me real good, right? 

MJ: Can you hear me?

Malia: Yeah

MJ: Malia May Johnson! Via the technological miracle of in-home intercom technology, MJ The Terrible Is Horny Productions proudly and hornily presents to you, the sexiest remake ever of “La Bamba”, called “Va Va Gina”.

Malia: Oh my God I love you! I want to remember your Va Va Gina lyrics. I’m texting you the words so I have them.

Va va gina. Va va gina. 

It’s necessary, I poke on your ass yeah. 

I want to poke on your ass yeah. 

I need your pussy. 

If you say no you’re evil, you’re evil. 

For tits and ass. For tits and ass. For tits and ass.

You should not say no now. You should not say no now. 

Let’s get it on! Let’s get it on! Let’s get it on!

Va va gina. Va va gina. Va va gina. 

It’s necessary, I poke on your ass yeah. 

If you say no you’re evil, you’re evil. 

I want to poke on your ass yeah.

Hey Malia Malia. 

I think I got the lyrics right, but I know I love you.

Malia: I get another song too? Can’t wait to hear how you sexy up “O.P.P.”. 

Malia: I’m down with MJT! Yeah, you know me! 

Malia: Oh shit! It’s a whole intercom concert. You can’t possibly make this song any dirtier. “Back That Thang Up” is already pretty dirty.

Malia: I stand corrected. 

Malia: “Malia May Johnson, back that thang up!” You’re crazy baby!

Malia: OMG! “Call me MJ The Terrible when you back that ass up!” I loved your concert. I’m ready to back my thang up meeooww!

MJ: Ask me what my mood is.

Malia: What’s your mood baby?

MJ: Horny as fuck and I’m coming to get you! 

Malia’s Path To Pleasure Foreplay Texts With MJ –

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