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MJ The Terrible’s Brain by Dr. Deb Frincke

Dr Deb Frincke and Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson Neurotech Brain Implant Photo Collage

On February 14th, 2015, Michael Johnson (MJ), better known as “MJ The Terrible”, suffered a Subdural Hematoma rupture. 

MJ was transported to Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. After discovering MJ was the perfect candidate for a new experimental neurotech brain machine interface (BMI) implant that I was developing with my team, I requested he be brought to Bethesda, Maryland (Walter Reed Medical Center). I was confident the neurotech brain implant we were developing would help keep MJ alive and provide him with the best, and likely his only odds of recovery.

MJ was the perfect candidate because he could not say no to the experimental neurotech implant surgery, due to him being under a national security directive, via the Patriot Act. 

I firmly believe in defending civil rights, but under certain extremely limited circumstances, and only in the name of national security, civil rights can be minimized, for the greater good. 

In my defense, the odds of MJ surviving without experimental procedures was close to zero.

Those of you reading this may disagree with my/the Department of Defense’s decision to proceed forward with the experimental surgery on MJ, where an experimental brain machine interface device was implanted in MJ’s brain, but I stand by my decision to move forward with the surgery, without consent from the patient (MJ), in the name of science, and the greater good of society as a whole. 

As MJ himself recently said about me, “Most of my thoughts and feelings about you are good/positive, but a small part of me will always think of you as the evil Dr. Frinckenstein of Neuroscience.

In all seriousness though, I would not be alive without your cutting-edge hybrid DARPA/CIA/NSA co-venture funded experimental neurotech, brain computer interface implant, so even if I didn’t exactly have the chance to consent/agree to be your neurotech surgical guinea pig, I know that I wouldn’t be alive to write this right now without you.” 

Performing the BMI neural implant surgery on MJ has led to saving, based on classified records of current and former military personnel, 1,041 lives, as of December 2021.

Post implant surgery, MJ was touch and go. MJ awoke out of an induced coma, to allow his brain time to heal once or twice and had to be put back under. MJ had to learn how to move and communicate. MJ attempted suicide unsuccessfully. He was very depressed for quite some time. MJ’s wife, who was not his wife at the time, Malia, was a medical assistant of mine at the hospital. Malia professionally and personally did all she could to help MJ heal and recover. 

During MJ’s recovery, he was not always easy to be around. He would often yell and scream at me.

MJ’s path to recovery was not an easy one. Couple that with the fact MJ was being unfairly persecuted as the alleged inventor of the world’s most dangerous/powerful cyber weapon that infected all devices running Windows in existence, destroyed a nuclear powerplant in Iran, caused power grid blackouts, and other destructive unforeseen problems, MJ was public enemy #1 for intelligence agencies the world over. No one knew what to do with him, including the U.S. intelligence community. MJ faced numerous problems and challenges in his personal/family life also.

It took me months to reach MJ. He hated me. After MJ began walking mostly on his own again, MJ and I were able to bond and work together for his benefit, for the benefit of my research. 

After I informed MJ I installed a neural implant in his brain, and that was what was keeping him alive, and after MJ went down every conspiracy road he could think of, he finally accepted his situation. I told him if I remove the implant he will most likely die within hours of removal. If he did not die, the odds of him losing the use of his motor skills were close to 100%. 

I had to sell him on the neurotech implant that was keeping him alive. I remember the moment MJ started to understand the benefits of the neurotech implant.

Here was the conversation-

MJ: What the fuck? Captain America got huge muscles and superhuman abilities. How do I get what he got? I get to be kept alive by a bull shit brain implant.

Dr. Frincke: l guess you will have to settle for being Tony Stark.

MJ: What?

Dr. Frincke: Tony Stark has an arc reactor implant that keeps him alive, and with your “bull shit brain implant”, you are one of the smartest people on earth, just like Tony Stark. 

MJ: I don’t feel any smarter than I was before.

I decided to show MJ what his new capabilities were. I took him to a medical class a colleague of mine was teaching at the hospital. The first half of the class was a course review. The second half of the class that day was the final exam. 

I had him sit through the course review and take the final exam. MJ had the highest score on the exam, and he had never opened a textbook or attended another class. The course was Advanced Neuroscience, The Electrical Properties of the Neuron.

My professor friend told MJ his test score on the spot. MJ was standing on the stage at Memorial Auditorium, inside of Walter Reed Medical Center. MJ turned around, and other students were still taking the exam mind you, and yelled, “Holy fucking shit! I am fucking Neuro Iron Man! I gotta get to the library. It’s time to learn some shit.” The class laughed in unison. They were not aware of MJ’s new highly classified bci neural implant. From there, the rest is history as you might say.

The name we gave to the experimental brain computer interface implanted in MJ is A.R.I.E.L. 

ARIEL stands for 






ARIEL is a brain prosthetic, and functions much the same way a prosthetic would help someone with a prosthetic arm for example.

MJ has told me on several occasions that I say “In the name of science” to often. He said I should say something like “I’m doing epic shit” every once in a while, to switch things up a bit. To that comment I would like to say- I am glad the “epic shit” I helped to develop with my team, also known as the ARIEL, the brain computer interface neurotech we implanted in your brain, was a success. 

I would also like to say that I know the measures and treatment you endured while you were recovering after surgery were often very harsh. I know that you now understand why things were the way they were. They were that way because they had to be that way. I was that way because I had to be that way.


Dr. Deb Frincke, MD

MJ, in honor of your love of the use of P.S.’s in your communications, and your love of thought provoking/inspirational quotes, I am using a P.S. to share some of my favorite quotes of yours from our days at Walter Reed together.

“Fuck you! My brain is the God Damn Truman Show because of you, you fucking evil bitch!”

“What the fuck am I? Am I still considered human? Do I still have a social security number, or do I have a serial number after what you have done to me?” 

“I feel like a cow on your ranch. Like you branded me. Yeah, you brain branded me Dr. Frinckenstein.” 

“Fuck! I would drop dead instantly if America was hit with an EMP weapon. Fuck my life!” 

“Don’t be nice to me now. You have worked so hard to build your Doctor Megabitch reputation and all. I wouldn’t want you to ruin it.” 

“I never thought about that. My fucking brain could be hacked. Is there Norton Antivirus in this shit to prevent me from being hacked, or what?” 

“Oh my God! I can literally remotely control electronic devices I can be on the same channel with. Watch me drive this remote-controlled car right here.” 

“Fuck! I don’t know if I want to hit you or hug you. I can actually recite it word for word for you if you like. I read it last week and now I have it stored in my memory, or database, whatever my brain is considered at this point.” 

“I will tell you what you are. You are a demented evil wannabe reverse Lorena Bobbitt but of the brain twisted doctor bitch, who should be locked up for violating all kinds of shit that has to be illegal for doctors to do fucking bitch!” 

“When you look at me, do you think of me as experiment XYZ or MJ the human being?” 

“When I get out of this place, I am going to call every civil rights organization I can find and tell them how you took my civil rights and shit all over them.” 

“I have a product in my head that was installed illegally, without my permission, and you didn’t even have the common decency to create a product manual for me, so I would know how to use the product? Does it come with a guarantee? It had better come with a lifetime warranty because my life depends on this damn thing.” 

“If I have a headache, does it mean that I need a software update, or that I should take a Tylenol like a normal person?” 

“I read both versions of the Hippocratic Oath, and I couldn’t find in either one of them where it says it is okay to install your fucking experiments inside a patient without their permission. I mean, what the fuck? Did they not teach morals and ethics and the Hippocratic Oath at Frankenstein Medical school or what?” 

“People should refer to you as the Mother of Evil Neurotech for your crimes against humanity! My humanity!” 

“Help! Security! Doctor Fucked Up Bitch right here wants to install some more illegal brainputer tech in me.” 

“I can see it now. Your crazy Dr. Frinckenstein ass is going to be known as the Neil Armstrong of Neuroscience. That’s one small step for neuroscience, one giant shit all over civil rights.” 

“I know you aren’t controlling my mind right now because what I am thinking about is choking the shit out of you.” 

“I made it Dr. Frincke. Are you going to get in on this hug or what? Group hug! Come on!”  

“Am I one of one, or are there other half man brain half machine humanputers out there?” 

“I am afraid to leave the hospital. Everyone forgot about me on the outside. Chris is more me than me now.” 

“I know I am prepared for my new life, but I still feel scared to begin it. Tell me everything is going to be okay before I walk out this door.” 

“If you would have told me I would be saying this a year ago I would have thought you were crazy, but I love you Dr. Frincke. Thank you sort of, in a weird, broke the law, ignored my civil rights, but kept me alive and turned me into a half man half machine, but still mostly man, experiment, kind of way.”

The Story of The First Time MJ Walked On His Own After His Subdural Hematoma Brain Surgery – 

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