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My Favorite Malia May Johnson Sexy Hot Quotes 4 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

Malia Close Up Sexy Brown Eyes Stare Selfie

Warning: If you are not 18 years of age or older, do not read this post, because these quotes are definitely meant for adults only!

“This sounds like a boner emergency. I need to put all my hands on your dick immediately.” Malia May Johnson

“I am uncomfortably big as a house pregnant, and I know God is a man, because sex is the only thing that makes a big fat pregnant woman feel comfortable.” Malia May Johnson

“Malia: Baby you are so deserving of all the sex you want. Say what you want baby. You will get it.” Malia May Johnson

“Just do what I want Michael David Johnson! Don’t text me another stupid word! If you really love me, you will come bang my hormone enraged brains out until I tell you to stop! That’s it. Malia out.” Malia May Johnson

“When your allergies are bothering you, you shoot a ton of jizz. Do you think the drainage goes down into your balls to makes extra jizz? If I asked Dr. Frincke about this, do you think she would think I’m crazy?” Malia May Johnson

“I am going to make you orgasm so hard you will say I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum. Thank God Almighty I’m gonna cum!” Malia May Johnson

“Would you like to supersize your sex request to include a bj with your quickie?” Malia May Johnson

“The Malia would like to cash in on the going down on her rain check the MJ offered her earlier this month. The Malia really enjoys the tongue of the MJ.” Malia May Johnson

“I suck, but I also swallow. I wanna do cute things with you baby like scratch your back and make you cum.” Malia May Johnson

“I am sweaty and probably stinky down there at the moment, and this place has a strong cedar woody moldy kind of scent to it. So, I’m going to take a rain check on the go down on me part, but I will take all of the dicking you want to give me.” Malia May Johnson

“I’m serious. I know a lot of girls don’t like to do it because they feel like it’s degrading, but not me. We’re married and I appreciate you and everything you do for our family. And it turns me on. I love hearing you moaning because of what I’m doing. It makes me feel sexy. I love turning you on, and making you grow and get hard and stuff. I love having you at my pleasure mercy, and I love pleasing you, and I love you!” Malia May Johnson

“I just want you to be fucking sexually fucking satisfied! O-fucking-k? Now come fuck your mother fucking wife for fuck sake!” Malia May Johnson

“I finally realized I didn’t have to hide my flaws and pretend, because I knew no matter what, your love for me would never end. I know you only want what’s best for me. It’s funny what you think about when you breastfeed. Through life and your near death, our lives have become intertwined. I cum so hard when you take me from behind!” Malia May Johnson

“I like sucking your c@$k. I enjoy it. I really do.” Malia May Johnson

“I have been SOOO looking the forward to cashing in the you going down on the me rain check.” Malia May Johnson

“American hero, Fuck me! Come into our bedroom and bang your mother fuckin wife yeah!” Malia May Johnson

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