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My Favorite Malia May Johnson Sexy Hot Quotes 7 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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Warning: If you are not 18 years of age or older, do not read this post, because these quotes are definitely meant for adults only!

“I can’t help myself. Look, it wants me to. Your c@$k and my mouth were meant for each other.” Malia May Johnson

“I will “Slang my puss” at you whenever you need it. I will be your quickie queen if you know what I mean?” Malia May Johnson

“Pizza and sex go together like peanut butter and jelly.” Malia May Johnson

“The Chicken Dance! I’m about to dirty this song up for you and make this your favorite song. Don’t move. Da da da da da da da. Da da da da da da da da, suck suck suck. Da da da da da da da. Da da da da da da da da, suck suck suck. The clap clap clap version is the Chicken Dance. The suck suck suck version I’m calling the Cock Dance, because chickens are cocks. Get it? Love you! Suck you!” Malia May Johnson

“Do you need a blow and go Daddy?” Malia May Johnson

“When the doctor says we can have sex again, I want to f@&k hard as hell! I have been in the mood to go at it for weeks!” Malia May Johnson

“Yes, I want to fool around. That is my answer whenever you are wondering if I am in the mood to fool around.” Malia May Johnson

“Does it turn you on when you think about how much I think about pleasing you?” Malia May Johnson

“Welcome home daddy.” Malia May Johnson

“You are about to be the Energizer Bunny of sex. You are going to keep cumming and cumming and cumming until I get pregnant.” Malia May Johnson

“Men were meant to be man handled. It’s why God put this convenient handle right here. See, and your man handle is a good soldier. He stands at attention anytime I want him to.” Malia May Johnson

“MJ, MJ, MJ. Can’t you see? We won’t be done having sex until you impregnate me. #wifewantsababypregnancyrap” Malia May Johnson

“And now you know why I read my magazines about “Ways To Please Your Man”, so don’t bitch about the relationship tests I make you take every once in a while. A few simple questions here and there gets you all that, that you just got to experience.” Malia May Johnson

“It is just a sex pleasure question. I am only trying to understand why sometimes you jizz a little bit, and sometimes you Jizzagara Falls everywhere.” Malia May Johnson

“It’s like that one lawyer said but in reverse. He said, “If the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.” The reverse of that in this case is your dick does fit it, so you get to hit it. I don’t know. Just kiss me and make love to me and stuff.” Malia May Johnson

“Hi balls. I’m tongue. That was a hello lick.” Malia May Johnson

“Oh my God! I am “Something About Malia”. You freakin jizz gelled my hair. Go ahead. Take a picture. I know how your mind works.” Malia May Johnson

“This is an out loud letter to your penis. Dear Penis. I think about you a lot. I dream about you a lot. I want you a lot. I need you a lot. I love you in my mouth, my vagina, and my ass. You are my wet dreams come true. MJ, hang out with your penis out, so I can play with my favorite toy.” Malia May Johnson

“How many loads of jizz do you think you have shot in my and on me? I wonder how much all that jizz would fill up? A bathtub you think? I know it’s at least 7 babies worth.” Malia May Johnson

“On our places to have sex list, we have 41 states and 5 continents left. I foresee a lot of travel and sex in the years to come.” Malia May Johnson

“After you, no one could ever go down on me again because I would be disappointed. You made it impossible for me to leave you. Your tongue has me hooked for life.” Malia May Johnson

My Favorite Malia May Johnson Sexy Hot Quotes 6 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – 

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