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My Favorite Malia May Johnson Sexy Hot Quotes 8 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

Malia May Johnson Wearing Sexy Camisole Nightgown Showing Cleavage Holding Johnson Family Pet Penny Lane The Cat

Warning: If you are not 18 years of age or older, do not read this post, because these quotes are definitely meant for adults only!

“I swear 1 minute warning. I bought it special for you. I have already lost some baby weight, and I am going to do you sooo good!” Malia May Johnson

“Oh my God I’m gonna cum! What? Guys say that all the time in movies and porn. I was just trying it on to see how it fits from the girl perspective. I realize it makes more sense for guys to say it.” Malia May Johnson

“You are getting some because you found a way to make all of the annoying stuff you do cute.” Malia May Johnson

“I don’t know about that, but I do know that sex makes your day better.” Malia May Johnson

“The build up to the orgasm is just as important as the orgasm, because the build up to it is what determines how powerful the orgasm will be.” Malia May Johnson

“You don’t have to feel bad when you quickie me and move on to the next thing you have to do. Quickies are fun for me to. I love quickies baby!” Malia May Johnson

“Remember when I put the condom on you, and we had sex while you were wearing the condom? When we finished you said, and I quote- “I enjoyed it, but it does not feel anywhere in the same ballpark as good as no condom sex.” Like little man used to say, “One mo”. All I want is one mo baby Daddy! Baby me one more time. It will be fun. I promise. I will do everything you like and more to achieve the objective!” Malia May Johnson

“We should take a picture of your cum then. That is the only way we are going to be able to tell if it really is a “Record amount”. Don’t look at me like that. I’m serious. I’ll start a Jizz Pics album for future reference if you want me to.” Malia May Johnson

“When I choke sucking your wiener, I am choosing your wiener over breathing! That should freakin tell you how much I want your wiener, so shut your mouth.” Malia May Johnson

“Listen! This band is Franz Ferdinand. This song is called “Take Me Out”. I’m about to dirty it up for you. Wait, stop for a second. I’m about to sing this and then pull your head in to keep doing it when I sing. Here it comes. “I want you…to eat me out!” Yeah, like that!” Malia May Johnson

“Lay MJ lay. Lay in between my legs. Lay MJ lay. Lay me while the night is still ahead. Why wait any longer for the sex to begin, when I am naked right in front of you. That is a Mr. and Mrs. Smith movie song sexed up for ya. Kiss me and make sweet, sweet pre postnatal coitus love to me MJ The Terrible!” Malia May Johnson

“We have been together for 9 years. During that entire time, you have never worn a condom, and you don’t have to start now. Starting on the 20th of the month, knock a bitch up. Spread your seed to your wife that is need. Pwease Daddy. I know you want to.” Malia May Johnson

“Men are supposed to naturally want to spread their seed/their genes. It’s in your DNA. I am giving you the opportunity to seed me one more time. 10-20-2021, until I pee on a pregnancy test, and it says I’m pregnant, I want you to jizz as much as you want to, anytime that you want to, in my babymaker.” Malia May Johnson

“Yeah baby! Uh! Just uh! Uh it up in me!” Malia May Johnson

“Yes! Exactly! Shoot your business in me first and ask questions later.” Malia May Johnson

“Give in to the pussy pressure and lay some pipe Mr. Johnson!” Malia May Johnson

“Wanna come play with my under the blurred out parts, but still no vagine penetration yet. One more month still for that.” Malia May Johnson

“I am in a giving mood. Give me your hard c@&k, and I will give you an orgasm.” Malia May Johnson

“The Full House girl said sex during marriage is a gift. I like the gift of sex and the gift of other gifts. I would like the gift of sex and the gift of a shopping spree for my birthday.” Malia May Johnson

“I do not recall saying that we should slow down on having babies. You must be getting old and losing your memory. All you have to remember starting October 20th is to go inside me. You can do it. I have faith you will make the right choice, to not pull out.”

“You don’t get a safe word. You have to put your naked body in my hands, and trust that I will provide you with pleasure. Trust me to do this like you trust me with everything else. This is going to work out good for you, ok? Now shush and let me do my thing!” Malia May Johnson

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you ask me nicely, maybe you can.” Malia May Johnson

“Anymore butt sex before I close down the butt shop for the day?” Malia May Johnson

“Come and unwrap me birthday boy!” Malia May Johnson

My Favorite Malia May Johnson Sexy Hot Quotes 7 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson – 

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