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My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Compilation 1 of 2 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Compilation 1 of 2 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson:

“C’est la vie. When in Rome. Carpe Diem. Life is short. You only live once. They all mean the same thing. Live your life because you only get one life to live.” Selena Gomez

“People love people who stand up after they have fallen.” Former President Barack Obama  

“If our lives were always predictable, our lives would cease to be filled with those priceless moments that take our breath away.” Ivanka Trump

“The loudest voice may or may not be the best voice to listen to. Listen to more than a single voice if you want to find a voice worth listening to.” Tarica Patel Hubbard

“Fiction can become real, or at least the perception of real. How is someone supposed to know what is real and what isn’t, until they actually know what is real and what isn’t? It all comes down to whether a person wants to look deeper or not.” Dean Cain  

“Laws, rules and regulations keep us from killing each other. The rest is up to us to figure out for ourselves.” Jeff Jarrett

“As in all things, sequence matters.”  Zhang Ying

“Sometimes you don’t see what you learned until you make it to where you are going.” Gary McKinnon

“No matter what your story is, somebody’s got it worse. Remember that when you are feeling down.” Big J. Kosta  

“Life is an experience. YOLO and shit y’all!” Jenna Lombardi

“The truth always matters.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“I am against lying, but creative story telling the truth in a more entertaining way provides whoever I am telling the truth to, with additional entertainment value.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“Pessimism leads to negative outcomes. Optimism leads to positive outcomes.” J.J. Mendelhaussen  

“It’s your penis’s lucky day. I’m wet, horny, and all I can think about is making you cum!” Malia May Johnson

“Well, that was no benefits, all arguments, all drama, all issues, and now thank God it’s all over.” Chris Hubbard

“Dat me Dadda. Me love Dadda.” Cash Michael Johnson (Malia and I’s first born son)

“Sometimes you have to think outside the current possible, when the current possible just isn’t working.” Tarica Patel Hubbard

“The truth is, the world is whatever the hell you make it.” Pier Berlusconi

“When a situation is untenable, the only way to proceed, is to remove the roadblock before proceeding.” Charlie Copeland

“Giving up, giving in, and giving out, are not options. I give to charity. That’s it, and it is because I choose to.” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“If you want luck on your side, be prepared, show up, give your all, put in extra time, learn from your mistakes, be teachable, don’t give up, stay committed, find ways to make it work.” Gene Rockefeller

“Some people were meant to be in our lives long-term, and others were only meant to serve a short term purpose.” Former President Barack Obama

“Relationships and contracts hold the world together. Everything else is everything else.” Carl Icahn

“Learn human nature and act accordingly.” Ken Roberts

“Well feistylujah to ya.” Malia May Johnson

“You might not always know the right answers on my Cosmo relationship quizzes, but I know you will always love me, support me, be there for me, and always have my back.’ Malia May Johnson

“I am digging being a mom. This is a combo word I created to describe all of the awesome and cute stuff babies do. Cawsome. Cute and awesome combined.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“You can either accept that you have been left behind, or you can claw yourself forward doing whatever it takes to get yourself back in the game.” Matthew McConaughey

“Life is too short to work on anything but Hall of fame worthy shit. I have high standards because I demand the most of myself.” Marcus Jennings

“MJ, you are an amazing husband and father. I am lucky to have you as my husband, and our babies are lucky to have you as their father. You might not always know the right answers on my Cosmo relationship quizzes, but I know you will always love me, support me, be there for me, and always have my back!” Malia May Johnson

“There are a million reasons why someone might not understand, or miss understand you, but there isn’t one good reason why they can’t at least try to.” Dorothy Bush Koch

“If your product or service is good enough, you don’t need to advertise. All you have to do is get their attention.” Rob Lauber

“When we were talking about my upcoming charity board meeting vote, you said- “You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.” Well, I stood up for what was right, and I fell even more in love with you. It was a win win.” Malia May Johnson

“Every woman is beautiful. All colors. All sizes. All ages. Women, all of us, are beautiful!” Jennifer Lopez

“#lifeanswers, #themartianmovie, #sciencerltheshitoutofit” Peter Gil

“A good way to start living a more positive life, is by focusing on your blessings more than your burdens.” Johnny Depp

“Truth is truth whether we choose to accept it or not.” Pier Berlusconi

“No action. No change. Some action. Some change. A lot of action, and you can make change happen!” Matthew McConaughey

“I came to America for religious freedom. I wanted the right to worship Jesus as a Christian, believe in the idea of Santa Claus, as a generous caring person, while being a practicing Muslim. My religious beliefs may not make sense to you, but they don’t have to. I have the freedom to believe what I want to believe. #jesussantaclausallahbecauseican” Aryan Rasul

“Look beyond appearance before you judge. Appearance only tells part of a person’s story.” Dave Grohl

“You can either accept the fate trying to be imposed on you, or you fight back and not accept shit.” Gene Rockefeller

“The difference between love and infatuation is love is deeper. I think with infatuation you just lose yourself, but with love, you lose yourself and find yourself.” Malia May Johnson

“Haters like to point out the little things they think are wrong with you, because they can’t handle the big things that are right with you.” Marcus Jennings

“The numbers tell the story my friend. They always do.” Ben Dupont

“Life is a balance of push and pull. Master the push pull balance and you will go far in this world.” Former President George W. Bush

“You have to protect the parent child relationship. Anyone else in the world will fuck you over. Friends, lovers, bosses, but your father is the one person you are going to be able to count on when it matters.” Paul Giamatti

“Mature people avoid drama, because they know their time is too precious to waste.” Linda McMahon

“If it has been a long time since you had a good time, you owe yourself a good time.” Chris Hubbard

“It’s a big case of it is what it is, deal with it.” Eric Fanning

“You can’t change what has been done to you, but you can change what you do about it.” Wendy Davis

“I don’t have a fast temper. I have a fast response to hater bull shit!” Tarica Patel Hubbard

“Don’t worry about what’s gone wrong. Try to figure out how to make it go right.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“I wasn’t made to work 9 to 5. I thought I was made to do cool cyber shit and change the world. Now that I’m a mom, I know I was meant to be a mom, the most important job in the world.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“It is impossible to go back and erase what has already happened. It is possible to make changes in your life if you are not happy with your past or present. Your future is straight ahead, and it can be whatever you want it to be.” Pierre Dupont

“Don’t focus on achieving perfection. Perfection is not possible, and you will always feel let down. Focus instead on living your best life. Living your best life leads to good things and is always a good use of your time.” Ben Dupont

“Nothing worth having comes easy, and if it did, you wouldn’t want it. What you put into something is what you are likely to get out of it. You gotta give to get. It’s just an unwritten rule.” Jeff Jarrett

“When you focus on the good, the good in your life is likely to increase.”  Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy)

“You have to respect those who are willing to move mountains or die trying.” Dr. Deb Frincke  

“Have the courage to not care what other people think about you.” David Robinson

“The truth is always a good place to start. And if you want to have a quickie, you better hurry up, because the kids are going to be up in, I’m betting 10 minutes or less.” Malia May Johnson  

“You gotta show’em they don’t want none. Ain’t nobody breaking you. It’s from my ring entrance music, and words I have learned to live by.” AJ Styles

“Anything can be taken out of context, especially by haters who are trying to manipulate and contort everything you say.” David Boies

“Dwelling on past negative events can prevent us from creating a better future. Focus forward!” Eric Fanning  

“Sometimes you have to build your house with the bricks that haters throw at you.” J.J. Mendelhaussen  

“Oh honey. Whistleblower laws are designed to protect people from monsters who abuse their power. The law does protect those who know how to use it to protect themselves. I have your back, and the law has your back. On another note, I simply love your mother and Malia. You better be good to them or the 3 of us will girl power the shit out of you!” Gloria Allred

“The Good Lord only gives us what we can handle Michael, and it is obvious the Good Lord has determined you can handle a lot. You should feel honored, not burdened.” Dallas Billington

“Happiness and inner peace are my 2 foremost personal goals. Appeasing haters is not on my list. #getalifehaters” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Jennings aka Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“It is easy to fall in love. The difficult part is finding someone to fall in love with.” Jamie Szantyr (Velvet Sky)

“All women are beautiful in their own way, but unfortunately some women are total bitches. Avoid those women.” Brittany White

“If you want to be trusted, say what you mean, and mean what you say. Over time, people will learn that you can be trusted.” Eric Fanning

“As long as people can change, the world can change.” The Mckenzie Sisters  

“You know I will always listen to your problems, and you know what I will tell you after I listen to your problems. I raised you. I know you can solve any problem. Now you got that off your chest, go solve your problems!” Jeanne Johnson

“This is a compliment. MJ, you are one of those bastards that I hope gets stricken with one of those nobody’s heard about types of cancer. Why, because you my friend are one of those never say die, put shit on the map, Live Strong Lance Armstrong mofos, who finds cures and creates foundations and shit. I hope you never get cancer, but if you do, I hope it’s a rare kind so you can give a voice to the people who are already struggling with it.” Brittany White

“Ga my, you remember when that Brittany girl taking mom to Maryland to seeing you in the hospital? Your head bald with the big scar on there. Now you have a little cough and you lay down lazy like that? Why you getting so wimpy like that? Get up my little boy. Mom love you. I can’t wait to coming to seeing you and Malia and my new grandbabies.” Chin Soum

“Malia is so awesoming ga my. She sending me a nice card with baby pictures in it. I swear you messing it up with her I gonna kill you ga my. You mess it up with her I know your fault not her fault. She so sweet ga my.” Chin Soum

“It is what we say and do that defines us, not what other people think about us. #liveyourbestlife” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“People should be connected. The world is a better place when people are connected. The world is a more transparent place when people are connected. Language and geographic barriers no longer have to be boundaries when people are connected through social media and the internet. Social media for all its flaws has brought an overwhelming amount of good to the world, in comparison to the number of negatives it has brought.” Mark Zuckerberg

“There is one way to do something, that is the right way. No shortcuts. No bull shit. Do something the right way or don’t do it at all.” Eric Fanning

“If you cheat on your wife, you will cheat on me as a business partner. For that reason alone, I don’t think we should be partners.” Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“This is an “Ifawado” situation. Ifawado, stands for if you want you will do.” Gina Haspel

“All of the sex I have had has taught me there is sex, and then there is SEX! Sex is an act, but SEX is an experience, and there is a world of difference between the 2.” Caroline Pierce

“Here is what’s not an option- quitting! Everything else is on the table.” Chris Hubbard

“During my long military career, I have been the first black person to achieve many things. I am proud to break down barriers, but don’t only refer to me as the first black person to do this or achieve that. I earned my achievements by being the best. I just happen to be black. If I had been any other color, I would have earned the same achievements by being the best.” Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III

“Change requires a high cost, long timeline, a consistent unwavering commitment. Change is a word a lot of people throw around, but only a small percentage of people throwing the word around will achieve the change they seek. You may not agree with President Biden and I’s political agenda, but if you give us a chance, we will make a believer out of you “MJ The Terrible”. Just watch. In 2024, you will want to vote for our ticket.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“They say you will never know unless you try. So, I tried, and now I know. BOOM!” Malia May Johnson

“Haters will judge you unfairly. Haters will try to hold you down. Haters will try to hold you back. Don’t let them. Rise above their bs and fulfill your true potential!” Mike Vrabel

“I’m not materialistic, but I do want to retire rich, fat and lazy, and not have to answer to anyone.” Marcus Jennings

“We fall down so we can learn how to get back up.” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“It takes all of your mistakes, wins and losses, to get you to where you are now. Embrace it all because it’s you. It’s your story!” Former President Barack Obama

“Love is the most powerful force on earth, and if you don’t agree, you have never truly loved someone.” Malia May Johnson

“How something is said is just as important as what is said. To communicate effectively, think about what you say before you say it, and when you say it.” Tony Robbins

“The right words with the right timing can affect change in a big way. Effective communication captures your audience’s attention. Ineffective communication often comes across as noise to your audience.” Roger Stone

“You don’t know what perseverance is until you have got to persevere.” Reverend Jesse Jackson

“It is confidence in our bodies, minds, and spirits that allows us to keep looking for new adventures.” Oprah Winfrey  

“Some things are just said. Not everything needs to be a quote. Quotes should be reserved for important shit. What I just said was a quote. #youcanquotemeonit” Brittany White

“How I found happiness- Live, love, laugh, sing, take risks, travel, and try everything.” Malia May Johnson  

“Life is 20% what happens to you and 80% how you respond to what happens to you.” Eric Fanning

“Don’t talk to me about fair. Life is not fair. Save all your talk about fairness for your psychiatrist. I know what my job is. My job is to win your case. On paper you are technically my boss, but if you want to win, you will let me be the boss, and you will do exactly what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it. And another thing, if you put me in your movie, I want to play me.” David Bois

“You can rise, fall, and rise again.” Charlize Theron

“You have already lost the battle if you are afraid to fight it.” Matthew Mcconaughey

“You can make wrong turns and still be headed in the right direction. Don’t give up on your journey if you make wrong turns along the way.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“Don’t let the petty stuff bother you, and don’t let success go to your head. If you can keep it in the middle, you’ll be fine.” Mariah Carey

“I believe a person can change. It can take a long time for a person to change. It can take a major event happening in a person’s life to cause a person to change, but change can happen in even the most hateful people among us.” Dustin Rhodes

“I have known you and Malia for 5 minutes, and I can already tell she is your better half. Don’t hurt me MJ. Miss Malia, please tell your husband to give me a part in The Adventures of “MJ The Terrible” movie. Preferably a decent role. I would be a good Carter character. I would be a good Ashhole character. I will get cast as funny hacker friend Kevin. I know. I’m that guy. Forget I said anything. Thanks anyway Malia. Still don’t hurt me “MJ The Terrible”. I have kids to feed. Don’t forget to hire me for the movie. You can do it! Please!” Rob Schneider

“Talk through the trouble, snuggle when you struggle, kiss the pain away, hug out fear and doubt, have sex when things are a mess, and be ride or die, whether you sink, swim or fly.” Malia May Johnson  

“Anything positive has to be better than anything negative. Except for test results for bad illnesses and diseases.” Meredith Brooks

“No one is perfect. We all can be unfair, unreasonable, say the wrong thing at the wrong time, make bad decisions, go too far with something, or act uncharacteristically of ourselves at times. The key words there being “at times”.” Malia May Johnson

“I got a bad past. I got through it. Now I got a good future. If I can leave my past behind me, anybody can.” Scott Hall

“Haters are the type of unfair and ridiculous people who would try to have you arrested for domestic violence if they heard you “beat the odds” and succeeded.” Marcus Jennings

“Do it because you can. Do it with style. Do it big. Do it until it hurts. Do it until you can’t do it anymore. That’s the only way to do it. Do it any other way, and you will be doing it wrong.” Ric Flair

“I swear you are going to be the death of me, but you are also the life of me, so don’t be the death of me. Ok?” Malia May Johnson

“The crazier the times, the more it seems like anything is possible. Right now, times are pretty crazy. These days, anything is possible.” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“I have a simple litigation strategy. Nothing illegal. No cheating. Win. That’s it. Our methods are very unorthodox, and at times you may not understand why we are doing what we are doing. If you trust me and do exactly what I tell you to, we will win. To make sure you do exactly what I tell you to do, Eric Fanning, your mother, Ms. White, and Malia, are going to ride your ass like a champion bull rider. You will hate me until we win. Then you forgive me. Hey, it was nice to meet you MJ. We’ll talk soon.” David Boies

“Haters think- It was the worst of times. I don’t like lemons. Doers/Entrepreneurs think- It was the worst of times, but when the world gives you lemons, you make lemonade.” Gene Rockefeller

“I can tell you the difference between the guilty and the not guilty. The guilty don’t want to go to court, and the not guilty want to go to court.” Gloria Allred  

“Wrestling is staged but there is a whole lot of truth in what we do. Sometimes we act like we are supposed to because we want to, and sometimes we act like we are supposed to because we have to. That’s a truth everybody lives by. I don’t care who you are.” Kevin Nash

“You don’t have to wait for chances. You can take them.” Taylor Swift

“Words and actions either make people assholes or angels.” Bradley Cooper

“If I do end up playing Malia’s character in the movie about your crazy life, I don’t know if we can fit in all the sex y’all be havin into the movie. This is not going to be a porno.” Zoe Saldana

“MJ, this is Ryan. I was reading your blog to learn about the “MJ The Terrible” character, you know, you. We are the same age, height, weight, we look similar. You and Malia get it on a lot. Zoe Saldana playing Malia would make the love making scenes, well, fun. Most biographical films end with the death of the main character, but you aren’t dead yet. I think this movie needs a happy ending. Disney not porn. If we end it happy, we can get really raw and dirty with the “MJ The Terrible” character up until the end. Marty told me you didn’t care who played you, as long as it wasn’t Keanu Reeves, because Malia has a movie crush on him, and he won’t live long enough to finish the movie if he touches her. Very romantic MJ, in a threatening pre-meditated murder kind of way. “MJ The Terrible” the movie is a hit if we can get it made. How can we get the DOD to call us back? Marty’s assistant calls them 5 times a day. I heard he got so angry at a DOD press liaison, he asked her who’s dick he has to suck to get someone to call him back.” Ryan Gosling

“Next time you are going to let me handle this old-school Akron style. Enough of this parliamentary bull shit. What is this England? No it is not! You will always be my best friend Mikey, and you know I got your back.” Lorie Rorrer

“Is Ryan Gosling going to play you and me in the movie? If you have Ryan Gosling playing you, I’m going to be pissed if they get Napoleon Dynamite to play me.” Chris Hubbard aka MJ#2

“Gosling is perfect to play you. Gamora is perfect for Malia. For me, there is only one actor that can be me. Apollo Creed’s kid. I think his name is Michael Jordan in real life, like the basketball player. You watch, Chris will get played by a nerdy white dude like Screech, and I’ll get Steve Urkel.” Marcus Jennings

“MJ, your mother hung up on me. She told me she didn’t care who I was, Jesus was more important than I am. F bombs roll off my tongue easy. I’ll watch it next time. We are doing our best to contact the DOD. I guess they don’t have any outgoing phone lines or something.” Martin Scorsese

“Anything is possible until your heart stops beating.” Brittany White (aka DUBS)

“If you bank part of all your money that comes in, when the rainy days come for everybody else, the sun will be shining in your world.” Steve Stevens

“You’re not living if you’re not out there living life. Hiding from life doesn’t stop life from happening, so you might as well get out there and live it. Be a part of things. Live life.” Matthew McConaughey

“Malia is a cool chick. Don’t mess it up!” Elizabeth Grant (Lana Del Rey)

“You sing the N word in rap songs? I’m not even offended because I know you have love in your heart for all. You mean it in a positive way. It ain’t wigger fake, and it ain’t meant in hate. You are black by proxy I guess since you are married to a sista. Rap on with your bad self MJ The Terrible!” Kanye West

“When people have the chance to do the right thing they almost always will.” Former Vice President Mike Pence  

“I am body positive and hater negative.” Lonnie Anderson

“You don’t even have to ask. I will take care of it. You have the family you are born with, and you have the family you choose. You are my brother Mike. I got you.” Edea Hawkins

“We know there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns; the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” Donald Rumsfeld

“Patience is a virtue, but Malia is a horny.” Malia May Johnson

“It is okay to live a life others don’t understand. You don’t owe anyone an explanation. Be your unique you.” Mila Kunis

“When the haters scream the loudest that something isn’t going to work, that’s when you know it’s going to work.” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

“A lot of people thought I was crazy to build my own movie fantasy world called Star Wars. I learned crazy is a word people label you with when your dreams are bigger than can comprehend.” George Lucas

“We are who we are. I didn’t used to like who I was. Now I like who I am. Liking who you are makes each day a little bit better. People like posts on social media every day, but they forget to like themselves. I don’t know. I’m just me. That is all I know.” London Andrews

“You were the shyest kid. I can’t believe you grew up to be “MJ The Terrible”. You know why I will never be afraid of you? It’s because I have known you since you were a baby, and although the nickname “MJ The Terrible” may have stuck for you, I know you have always been a sweet boy.” Mary Wolf

“Some answers only come through exploring and figuring it out. Like adult hide and go seek in a way.” Justin Timberlake

“I like it when I run into haters who told me I would fail. I always ask them 2 questions. Is that Paul Mitchell in your hair? And have you tried Patron tequila? It lets them know they made the wrong decision to bet against me.” John Paul DeJoria

“Integrity MJ. You maintain your integrity at your worst. You hear me? Everyone who knows you well trusts you. When those assholes treating you unfairly come to know you, they will trust you. Don’t play their game. Integrity! Just be you and everything will work out. Love you Mike or MJ or whatever people are calling you these days. I refuse to refer to you as “MJ The Terrible” because I know you. You are too good a dude for that nickname. I know you got that from people who don’t know you.” Dan Mossman (Banana Hands)

“I just know when the true story of Stuxnet and your other hero shit comes out they are going to put a statue of your ass somewhere in Washington. I know you will never visit it because you are too humble and say you don’t deserve it. Damn shame, but that’s what makes you a hero. If they made a statue for me, I would visit it all the time, and bring friends, and girls, and you know, take advantage of my statue self.” Jackie Sanborn

“Living paycheck to paycheck is a now only situation, if you get your shit together, and start doing what you have to do to get shit done.” Steve Stevens

“”You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time.” That was a famous quote of Abraham Lincoln. I’m re-quoting it, so now it is an Abraham Lincoln quote and a Marcus Jennings re-quote.” Marcus Jennings

“If you love someone, and they love you back….It’s a beautiful thing!” Dr. Phil McGraw

“You can have it if you want it bad enough.” Carter Bills

“Being married is a legal term. It means you are legally married to someone. Being in a marriage is a legal term as well, but it also means you are in the marriage. You spend time together, share your life with them, work together, understand each other’s needs, and wants, you know each other’s deepest darkest fears, worries and secrets, you make each other a priority, you are focused on making the relationship work, etc. There’s a big difference between the two.” Malia May Johnson

“What makes a woman different, is what makes her beautiful.” Selena Gomez

“A life in public service won’t make a person wealthy, but they will undoubtedly make the world a better place, and that is more important than wealth. That’s what I say anyway.” Dorothy Bush Koch

“It is harder to do the right things than it is to do the wrong things. That is why I give my utmost respect to the good guys and gals out there, because they choose to do the hard/right things repeatedly.” Reverend Jesse Jackson

“I’m not hearing it haters. Your opinions are not welcome here.” Charlie Copeland

“If you are going through shit, keep going until you can get to a shower and clean that shit off.” Brittany White

“The more difficult the challenge, the better you will feel when you overcome it.” Fran (Malia and I’s kid’s nanny)

“I’m tired, but I can’t rest until I know this plot to hurt our country is broken up. Protecting the people and the land I love keeps me going at moments like this.” Kevin M.

“I like doing business with you MJ, because I can trust you and you always get the job done. The only downside is it has to be your way. I can live with the downside because you always deliver.” Ben Dupont

“I hate lying and liars, but this is one of those good lies, like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny.” Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch

“Don’t take the easy way out. It’s the easy way out for a reason. It’s the quitter’s way out. It’s the cheap way out. Taking the easy way out shows what kind of person someone is.” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“Fear can be the fire that fuels you, or the fire that burns you out. The choice is yours.” Chris Hubbard

“Survival is priority #1 when you are down low enough. Before you can do anything else you have to survive. Survive one more time, and you have a chance to have everything you ever wanted. Survive. Just survive.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“Saint Valentine. The Saint of love and making love. That’s my boy right there! That’s my Saint!” Marcus Jennings

“It’s not funny. It’s not not funny. What does that make it?” Zhang Ying

“What is the right number of shopping bags to come home with? One is never enough. Two won’t do. Three is not enough for me. Four, could need more. Five, maybe I could survive. Six, that might do the trick. Seven, then I’d be in heaven. Eight would be great. Nine would be fine. Ten is where the fun ends. I’m coming home at ten. I miss my baby’s and you too baby when I’m gone too long.” Malia May Johnson  

“We all come at things through the filter of our own experiences. My filter of experiences tells me this is some f-ed up shit.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“You can’t control what has already happened. You can only control what happens going forward. If you need or want to change/improve something, you can do it by starting now.” Gene Rockefeller

“I’m making a list of every nickname you have ever given me. I’m at 117. You must think about me a lot, huh? A little bit under half of the nicknames have to do with my butt. My butt gets a lot of nickname focus. My butt is a part of me, so I guess I should be happy that you love my butt and me. Hopefully not in that order. LOL!” Malia May Johnson

“You can’t control the whole world, but you can control your atmosphere.” Joel Osteen

“I’m okay with it. I’m not proud of it. I would prefer that we meet the standard of excellence we are capable of.” Tarica Patel

“When things are always in the light, no one feels like they are in the dark. When you are transparent with your team, no one feels like they are left out. Transparency builds trust.” Eric Fanning

“There is a hole in my soul, and a part in my heart over it.” Jeanne Johnson

“Fuck the police, don’t mean fuck every police officer. It means fuck the dirty cops. There are good cops out there doing good work every day. I feel bad for them. They get unfair hate because they wear the same uniform as the dirty cops. In today’s politically correct era, maybe we need to change it to “Fuck the dirty cops”. The world can always be better when good people stand up for what’s right. You feel me MJ?” Snoop Dogg

“Thank you for believing in me. It means a lot. I will be paying it forward in the future.” Tarica Patel Hubbard

“Haters try to prevent you from being greater. That’s why I don’t have any time for haters.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“Being a good dad is so important. You have to be that rock they can always count on. Can you think of anything more important? I can’t.” Dean Cain

“There is right and there is wrong. #endhate” Rihanna  

“You’re not sorry. You’re sorry you got caught. I know you had good intentions though. You can make it up to me by binge watching the Bachelor with me tonight.” Malia May Johnson

“Level of commitment more often than not equals the level of success. If you want to achieve the best result possible, fully commit yourself to achieving it.” Tony Robbins

“We all are what we are, but that does not mean we are all what we could be.” Minister Louis Farrakhan

“If the level of dedication is required is down here, my dedication level is way up here. My level of dedication is all in, all I got, and I would rather die than quit. #winnersmentality” Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch

“A best friend is one of the best things you can have in life. A best friend can keep you sane during periods of insanity in your life.” Former President Barack Obama

“You can kiss me anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and for any reason Michael David Johnson!” Malia May Johnson

“I love all of the powerful come together messages during the Superbowl pregame show. As a people, think about what all the human race has achieved to make it this far. Plagues. Droughts. Famines. Floods. Earthquakes. Hurricanes. Epidemics. Previous pandemics. We’re undefeated. Nothing stands a chance when we as a people are unified. COVID isn’t going to stop us either. COVID isn’t the end. COVID is just what’s next for us to overcome. COVID has already lost. It just doesn’t know it yet. F@$k you COVID!” Marcus Jennings

“It feels like we are a family. We are a family of brothers and sisters from different mothers and all colors.” Chris Hubbard

“Sometimes you have to find hope in the impossible, knowing in the end that the impossible is possible.” Ivanka Trump

“There is good and bad in everyone’s life. There is also a grey area in between good and bad, which is where I think most of our lives happen. A lot of life is how we look at things. Do you follow what I’m saying? Perspective man. One of the keys to life right there. That’s what’s up.” Kanye West

“Love can overcome any fear that exists. That is why, in the end, good always defeats evil.” Dallas Billington

“OMG baby! If you had a dollar for every time your practice wife accused you of something, you would be richer than Jeff Bezos.” Malia May Johnson

“The world keeps giving you anthrax lemons, and you keep taking those anthrax lemons and turning them into purified drinkable lemonade.” Marcus Jennings

“Don’t feel any blame shame. If someone blames you for something you didn’t do, don’t feel bad about it. When the truth comes out, the accuser looks just like what they are, the abuser!” Gloria Allred

“Don’t be demoralized by mistakes that set you back from your goal, because some of the best stories ever told are comeback stories. If this world has taught us anything, it’s that you can come back from anything.” Peter Gil  

“You gotta be willing to grind it out to shine out. The only way to get the reward is by putting in the work.” Gene Rockefeller

“Music is my passion. My life got better when I discovered my passion. Being passionate about something can really enrich a person’s life. If you want to be a happier person, try to find your passion.” Dan Auerbach

“MJ, if the whole world was against you, I would be right there by your side ready to give the world a run for its money. If we lost, at least we would be together. I was just thinking about all that we have been through since we have been together. At one point, it felt like the whole world was against you, and I think we did a pretty good job of letting the world know that love is the most powerful force in the world, so back the f off! 3-8-2012 forever baby!” Malia May Johnson

“Quotes can motivate, inspire, and drive us to higher heights. You can quote me on that.” Former President Barack Obama

“Facing tough situations builds up your ability to handle future tough, and possibly tougher situations.” Dr. Jill Biden

“It might make sense, but if it doesn’t make sense to me, I don’t want nothin to do with it.” Tennie Partin

“How do you get through things? Sheer perseverance! Keep going when you have to. Find a way. You can. You must.” Avril Haines

“Try to work it out with words before turning to all out war. If words fail and war breaks out, then war until the war is over and you are the winner.” William Burns

“Deal with the reality of what your current situation is. You can make the decision to be angry with your life situation, or you can pick up the pieces and run with it. You can build from any starting spot, even rock bottom.” David S. Cohen

“Rise up above whatever bull shit haters try to throw at you. Overcoming a haters hate is a good deterrent against other haters trying to come at you, because haters don’t like being outed for what they are.” Tarica Patel, aka BABB (Bad Ass Bangalore Bitch)

“I can deal with haters hating on me for no reason. I can take criticism. I can swallow my pride when need be. What I refuse to do is waste my time on any activity that isn’t worth it, because my time is valuable.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“There are not always one size fits all answers. Life requires more than that. Life requires trial and error. Experience and knowledge come from it. That’s life, but life is worth living. Life can be all we want it to be, but not without trial and error along the way until we get things figured out.” Dr. Mehmet Oz (Dr. Oz)

“Haters, I am not succeeding to spite you. I am succeeding in spite of you.” Doug Emhoff

“You’ve heard the saying “Army of One”. Well, I am a “Cyber Army of One”. I am great at what I do, but I know I will be greater working with the greatest team of cyber bad asses ever assembled.” Zhang Ying

“No offense, but I am not going to lose my mind trying to understand what’s on yours.” Pete Dowdle

“If little old lady Rosa Parks can change the world with all of the disadvantages she faced, I don’t see why I can’t.” Kanye West

“Behind every great man stands a great woman, but she also stands right beside him and in front of him, and anywhere else she needs to be, because she loves her man, and he loves her right back!” Malia May Johnson

“Nobody will remember the setback if you make a comeback.” Gene Rockefeller

“Don’t be too proud to do what you gotta do. It’s a part of the climb. Just do it and move on.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“If the ip address doesn’t fit, you must acquit.” Gloria Allred

“There is beauty in a kiss. Kisses come in many different varieties and meanings. Kisses in all of their forms, are beautiful, except for of course The Kiss of Death. Avoid that one, but all of the other kinds of kisses, give and receive as many of those from the ones you love as you can.” Malia May Johnson

“At my age, all I have left is my common sense, and my common sense tells me fairness and honesty are not part of this process.” Tennie Partin

“Girls don’t need to be pretty like other girls. Girls need to be pretty like themselves.” Zhang Ying

“I would never roll on one of my boys. I’m old-school. I’m loyal to my core and so are my boys. It’s who why are. It’s why we’re boys.” Chris Hubbard

“Money spent is gone. Money saved adds up. Money invested grows. Spend less, save more, invest more if you want to have more.” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“Naughty boy……GO TO MY ROOM!” Malia May Johnson

“I am a calm and rational person who can put up with a lot, but I have a limit. I am not a punching bag. To cross my “Now I’m going to F you up line”, you really have to be trying to cross it. Once you cross it, it is only a matter of time before you will wish you never crossed my line.” Marcus Jennings

“Just because a person is educated does not mean they have common sense. Book smarts and life smarts are not the same thing. Some people have both types of smarts, but most people have one or the other. If I had to choose one, I would go with life smarts, because if you are dumb at life, God help you.” Big J. Kosta

“Movements by their very nature only move so far and then they stop. But revolutions, revolutions keep coming around, and around, and back around again, until it succeeds.” Gary McKinnon

“I don’t know the difference between true love and new love and familiar love. Love is love, whatever you want to call it.” Tiki Barber

“We are who we choose to be, and I chose to be my best self.” Eric Fanning

“Bitter and better are only different by one letter. Choose better.” Malia May Johnson

“If you’ve got haters that’s a good thing because it means you are doing something. Haters only hound you when you do something and/or stand for something. Haters are anti anything not them or not what they want.” Marcus Jennings

“If you make a decision based on assumption, be careful you don’t get hit with the fact/facts later.” Chris Hubbard

“I will do what I want, when I want, because I don’t live my life for people that are not me.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“Putting up resistance to unjust authority is important. You might not see the benefits of defying injustice right away, but in time, defying injustice in a positive way, is how you change things.” Vice President Kamala Harris

“It might feel like you are carrying the weight of the world around on your shoulders right now, but don’t give up or give in. Make the decision that you are going to do whatever you have got to do to achieve your objective, no matter who or what stands in your way. Through the power of almighty God, the father, each of us are destined for greatness.” Joel Osteen  

“If you messed up, own it! If your life isn’t what you want it to be right now, own it! Take responsibility for what you need to and own it! After you own it, you can overcome it!” Gene Rockefeller  

“Sometimes you gotta just suck it up and push through. It is what is until it isn’t.” Pete Dowdle

“People are most afraid of what they don’t understand. When they don’t understand, they turn to assumptions. Information/knowledge are the keys to overcoming people’s fears and assumptions.” Ben Dupont

 “Attitude is a big little thing that makes a huge difference.” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“Some possibilities add up, and some possibilities multiple! Be open to any and all possibilities that come your way.” Senator Ted Cruz

“If you can’t beat’em or join’em, maybe you can fuck’em. Just sayin. It’s an unconsidered option in the beat’em or join’em quote.” Jenna Jameson

 “Not all stories have to be Disney movie worthy to be worth telling.” Kanye West

“If you want to be trusted, say what you mean, and mean what you say. Over time, people will learn that you can be trusted.” Governor Kim Reynolds

“It is a new year, with new beginnings! This can be your change year! Make 2021 the year you don’t take no for an answer!” Tarica Patel Hubbard

 “You either got it or you find a way to get it.” Lebron James

“I will defeat it, conquer it, beat it, overcome it, and any other damn thing it! Nothing is beating me! I am beating it!” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“In the end, haters are miserable. It’s how the universe makes sure haters don’t get away with all of their bull shit.” Marcus Jennings

“Haters, you of all people should know I don’t pay attention to you. My time is valuable to me, and I am not going to waste it with/on people who only subtract from my life.” Marcus Jennings

“Sometimes you have to read a situation and grab life by the horns.” Pete Dowdle

“Don’t be afraid to make your life what you want it to be. Turn your words into action and go get what you want!” Gene Rockefeller

“When it comes to friends, it’s all about quality, not quantity.” Brittany White

“An orgasm is still an orgasm. Some might be better than others, but let’s not lose perspective here. Orgasms are awesome.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“I made the decision that I am not dying from this shit, because I have more to do in this life.” Lance Armstrong

“Throughout our lives, there are things that can make us feel powerless, make us feel insignificant, but that’s it. They are just feelings. Sometimes we have to stop letting those feelings of fear stop us, and just start doing. Action overcomes fear.” Gary McKinnon

“We all put our pants on one leg at a time, but beyond that, shit’s different!” Jenna Lombardi

“People will come and go from our lives, but only a handful of those people will truly influence our lives.” Big J. Kosta

“All things being equal, which of course they are not, but still- Your destiny is what you make it.” J.J. Mendelhaussen  

“I just live my life. I ain’t perfect. I just do me and mine. If haters wanna hate on me, let them waste their time while I rise up and make me and mines life better.” Kanye West

“Say what you mean and mean what you say. You do that and people will trust you. Lots of good things grow from trust.” Gina Haspel  

“Perfect answers don’t exist. Sometimes you just gotta live and learn brotha.” Donald Trump Jr.

“Why am I anti haters? I’m anti haters because haters try to keep people in a box. Haters hate just to hate. Haters stand for nothing. How could any positive person be for haters when haters hate? I’m for the anti-haters. That’s what’s up. You feel me?” Kanye West

“Hell if I know why people do what they do. Time spent worrying about why people do what they do is wasted time. Live your own life if you don’t want it to pass you by.” Chris Hubbard/MJ#2  

“Little things add up to big things. If you aren’t willing to do the little things, you will never get to do the big things like become the first female Vice President and make the world a better place for all women.” Kamala Harris

“In good times and bad times, don’t forget what’s important. Having the right perspective can help keep you from losing your shit. Truer words have never been spoken my friend.” Chris Hubbard/MJ#2

“I love Kristi so much. I love her so much if she didn’t have a bomb ass pussy, I would still love her. I don’t know how to explain that. Somehow it makes sense. Just go with it. Its true love explained in the most Marcus way true love can be explained.” Marcus Jennings

“Be your best and do your best. That’s the best you can do. End of story.” Brittany White  

“Sometimes in order to see the light, you gotta be willing to risk the dark.” Matthew McConaughey  

“An orgasm a day keeps affairs away!” Malia May Johnson

“Most people do all they can to fit in with everyone else. So, anyone who puts themselves out there deserves respect, because at least they are willing to take a risk.”  Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“A lot of things in life we can’t control. Embrace the chaos. Life might just astonish you!” Gary McKinnon

“Sometimes the best thing to do is wait until everything becomes clearer.” Gina Haspel    

“Wealth is important, but health is more important. If you don’t have good health, all the wealth in the world doesn’t mean a thing. Take care of the only body. It’s the only one you have.” Dr. Deb Frincke

“Find out what you want. Find out how to get what you want. Go get what you want.” Tarica Patel Hubbard

“No one can predict the future. Not you. Not me. No one. Your future is what you make it. If your future sucks, it’s what you made it. If your future is great, it’s what you made it. It’s up to you to write your future. Write a future that doesn’t end in regrets.” Marcus Jennings

“Stand up for what you want. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for what is right. Stand up for people who can’t stand up for themselves but stand for something.” Brittany White  

“Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Today could also be the last day of your life. Live for today, but plan tomorrow, because you just never know.” Kevin M.

“Sometimes you have to disrupt the status quo to get attention for what’s important. Disruption is uncomfortable but effective.” Becky Beaver

“No is a powerful word. You have to use it, or people will take advantage of you.” Donald Trump Jr.

“COVID19 is a global hater that is trying to stop us all from living our lives the way we want to. And just like normal haters, we will overcome this global hater.” Chris Hubbard

“Always do right by your people. By your people, I mean your family, your friends, your teammates, and everybody else who is on your side.” Kamala Harris

“I don’t know if time is on my side, but I know we only have a limited amount of time on this earth and I am not wasting it.” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“If you want to really piss your haters off, take all of their bull shit in stride, and keep right on going.” Marcus Jennings  

“Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. You haven’t learned it. Stupidity is having the and not using it.” Jeanne P. Johnson

“You have to make a decision that you want a better life. Once you make the decision you want a better life, that is when you can start to change the things in your life you don’t like. The decision is where it all begins.” Ben Dupont  

“It wasn’t a crazy night, unless you reek of booze, you are paranoid from the cocaine, and you did at least one thing you may regret later, not including being drunk as fuck, and out of your mind high on coke.” Chris Hubbard

“Sometimes in life you just have to deal with things that are unfair, knowing that on the other side of it a whole lot of good is coming your way.” Donald Trump Jr.

“You don’t have to live on the edge to experience life, but don’t get so comfortable in your comfort zone, that you never leave it. Take a vacation from your comfort zone occasionally. Believe in yourself! Go you!” Gene Rockefeller

“Dare to dream and dare to live those dreams.” Chris Hubbard

“Step one is the hardest, so once you knock that one out of the way, step two on gets a lot easier!” Big J. Kosta

“If my heart valves are ever clogged up like expressways in Austin, I’m fucked!” Gene Rockefeller

“There seem to be endless amounts of ways and combinations of way that exist for beginners and savvy online entrepreneurs to cash in on the internet gold rush. If you aren’t cashing in, you should be. Long live the internet cash machine!” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“Problems prevented, are problems that you don’t have to deal with after they have already happened, when they are usually much more difficult to deal with.” Gloria Allred  

“Haters, I feel bad for y’all! It has to suck watching me kick ass all the time.” Marcus Jennings

“The only limitation is your imagination.” Barack Obama  

“Take it in. Let it fuel you and fight on!” Brittany White

“Love the flaws. We all have’em. If you are lucky to find love, don’t be dumb enough to lose it over insignificant bull shit.” Malia May Johnson

“Sometimes in order to see the light, you gotta be willing to risk the dark.” Matthew McConaughey  

“You said you were coming to get me, so I’ll wait. It’s been a while since I got to rip a bully a new asshole.” Sergio Donatelli

“Sometimes it takes taking a chance to see what is truly possible.” Donald Trump  

“Shop smart, save smart, and get to keep more of your money.” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“There are things that will make you feel powerless, make you feel insignificant, but that’s it. They are just feelings. And sometimes you have to stop feeling and start doing. Believe in yourself!” Tarica Patel Hubbard

“An orgasm a day keeps affairs away!” Malia May Johnson

“Dream of the moment that will change your life forever. Then make it happen.” Gene Rockefeller  

“Sometimes the best thing we can do is start over.” Chris Hubbard

“It is what it is, until it isn’t, so enjoy it while you can.”  Eric Fanning

“If you truly want to live your life to the fullest, then let your heart and your dreams make some of your decisions every once in a while.” Ben Dupont

“Haters and negative naysayers call me crazy. Smart people call me for advice.”  Marcus Jennings

“Usually it’s the people no one thinks anything of that do the things that no one can imagine.” Big J. Kosta

“I love being with you. I love when you are in me. You’re my penguin. I like us. We do everything together, from the corny stuff to the horny stuff, and everything in between.” Malia May Johnson  

“Sometimes you need to try the impossible when the possible just isn’t working.”  Big J. Kosta

“Haters, why do you maximize the shit talking about me and try to minimize my successes? Oh yeah, that’s right, because you don’t have any successes of your own to talk about.” Marcus Jennings

“You can’t undo the past. All you can do is face what’s ahead.” Chris Hubbard

“Sometimes the only way to heal our wounds is to make peace with the demons who created them.”  Kevin M.  

“If you want something in life, and it is unfairly being held back from you by someone else……go around them!” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“Die with memories, not regrets.” Jimmy Bellini

“I love vacations and taking it easy. I also love to grow personally and professionally. That is why I work like hell and play like hell. I’m Armying it, by being all that I can be, and I’m Big Lebowskiing it, because I also like to chill. It’s the best place to be at, because it’s the best of both worlds.” Big J. Kosta

“MJ, your ex-wife is pure evil! She has the rare ability to be able to throw someone under the bus, while she is screwing them over, at the same time she is stabbing them in the back. That is a truly rare gift.” Chris Hubbard

“Of course there is a difference between reality and fantasy. Reality is what we know to be real and commonly understood. Fantasy is what we don’t know to be real and commonly understood. Creativity is what fills the gap between the two. I believe that creativity is what makes the impossible possible and is the key ingredient to all major human innovation.” Dr. Frincke

“Blaming stuff on others, complaining about others, pointing out things that are people are doing or are not doing, etc, might make you feel good for a brief moment, but that is all the value you’re going to get out of it.” Eric Fanning

“If you aren’t making any progress, don’t quit. Look for ways to make progress. Because that’s what It’s all about. Making progress is the only way to get things done.” Eric Fanning

“You don’t know what you don’t know, until you know that you don’t know it. Do you know what I mean?” Ben Dupont

“No guts, no glory. No risk, no story.” Gene Rockefeller

“I went to Bad Ass University. I got a degree in Kicking Ass. I was the valedictorian of my class.” Tarica Patel Hubbard

“I am against the “ism’s”, like sexism and racism. I am for the “ness’s”, like kindness and friendliness.” Tarica Patel Hubbard

“We are not having sex on this train, because that would be inappropriate. But if I wanna have sex on the train today, then it is totally appropriate, and give it to me so good we remember our hot train sex, okay?” Malia May Johnson

“Get your pen ready baby. You are going to need it to cross off have sex on a train off of your bucket list.” Malia May Johnson

“You don’t quite know what you’ve got, until you pull on it, and it holds. You picking up what I’m putting down?” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“You said you were coming to get me, so I’ll wait. It’s been a while since I got to rip a bully a new asshole.” Sergio Donatelli

“Lying might be able to help you right now, but it can cause you big problems in the future.” Gene Rockefeller

“Life is a gamble, and luck is an art form.” George Jung

“Destiny belongs to the seekers.” George Jung

“To thine own self be true, if you’re awesome as hell.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“Long live the dreamers. Short live the haters. Follow your dreams. Be good to the people who are good to you. Believe in yourself. Give your all. And don’t be afraid to take a chance. Life can be complicated, but we can choose to make it that simple. Choose wisely one and all.” Gene Rockefeller

“I make noise. I make news. I make things happen. #actioncreatessatisfaction” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“The worst opponent you’ll ever face is the same as your biggest fear, and it’s the same as the biggest problem you’ll ever face. It’s yourself. Be on your side. Believe in yourself. It’s okay to take care of #1 sometimes. If people gave this philosophy a chance, the world would be one giant game-changing, innovating, problem solving place. It would be cool to see that, even for a short time.” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“Don’t ever let short-term circumstances prevent you from having the life and the things that you want long-term.” Carl Icahn

“Oh, you want rich rare shit at your birthday party because your friend had Elton John play hers. Fine, I will get Doctor William’s to perform open fuckin heart surgery in the living room! Is that rich and rare enough for you sweetheart?” J.J. Mendelhaussen

“In life, if you got the hunger, you’ll eat.” Former President Donald Trump

“Motivation is what gets you started, but a routine and good habits are what keep you going.” Ken Paxton

“When you are the winner you get a trophy, because you won a sporting or competitive competition. When you are awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Cross, you are given an award, because you did the things that had to be done, that often times included grave sacrifice, and irreversible consequences.” Gina Haspel

“I am driven. It keeps me on top of my shit.” Brittany White  

“Don’t ever be double dumb. Too dumb to know that you caused a problem, and too dumb to fix it.” Gina Haspel

“You do what you have to do, until you get to do what you want to do. And the more and better you do the things you have to do, the fast you will get to the fun part, which is being able to do what you want to do.” Donald Trump Jr.

“When I started doing well and I noticed that some haters started hating on me, I tried to appease them. Now I realize that is a waste of time. Using the time, I used to use to appease haters to get more things done, has really helped grow my productivity.” Big J. Kosta

“My life. My dream. My effort and my sacrifice will get me what I want. My fortune will not be shared with any haters who were not a part of helping to make my dream come true.” Ben Dupont

“I don’t create haters on purpose, but I kind of like having them out there, because they are such good motivators.” Marcus Jennings  

“Be kind to others. Don’t do it because you’re going to get something in return. Do it because it makes the world a slightly better place.” Amanda Margolis

“I wonder if being a hater is just a phase, or more of a permanent thing? I guess it depends. Either way… waste of time!” Chris Hubbard

“I think the best mindset you can have is to be humble, and always ready to rumble.” Chris Hubbard  

“When I find my thing, I’m gonna blow it up huge. Huge enough that band, the one that writes all the motivational anthems, Imagine Dragons, they are going to be inspired to write an anthem about it.” Marcus Jennings

“Making tomorrow better today, for as long as I can remember. #igetshitdone” Big J. Kosta

“If you’ve got somebody that loves you and place to come home to, that’s really all you need to be happy.” Eric Fanning

“When people think that you’re making it look easy or you’re cheating, when you aren’t cheating at all, that’s when you know you’re killing it!” Marcus Jennings

“I am next level motivated! Example- Most people want to fly 1st class. I want to own the whole friggin airplane.” Marcus Jennings

“Things in life suck really bad sometimes, but somehow we always find a way. And the sooner we start trying to make the things that suck better, the sooner the things that suck are out of our lives!” Donald Trump Jr.

“Freedom of speech gives haters the right to hate, but it also gives me the right to shine bright like a diamond.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“I struggle, but I never stop trying. Someday when the breakthrough finally happens, I will look back on my struggle to get here as a price worth paying to make me dreams a reality.” Sergio Donatelli

“Look, you only have one life to live, and who knows how long that shit’s going to last. So, I live my life like I only have one life to live.” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“Have you ever seen a protest against haters? Me either. I think it’s because purpose driven people are too busy running things. If they stopped what they were doing to protest, the world would grind to halt.” Kevin M.

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