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My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Volume 17 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Volume 17 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson:

“Haters, you of all people should know I don’t pay attention to you. My time is valuable to me, and I am not going to waste it with/on people who only subtract from my life.” Marcus Jennings

“Sometimes you have to read a situation and grab life by the horns.” Pete Dowdle

“Don’t be afraid to make your life what you want it to be. Turn your words into action and go get what you want!” Gene Rockefeller

“When it comes to friends, it’s all about quality, not quantity.” Brittany White

“An orgasm is still an orgasm. Some might be better than others, but let’s not lose perspective here. Orgasms are awesome.” Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch

“I made the decision that I am not dying from this shit, because I have more to do in this life.” Lance Armstrong

“Throughout our lives, there are things that can make us feel powerless, make us feel insignificant, but that’s it. They are just feelings. Sometimes we have to stop letting those feelings of fear stop us, and just start doing. Action overcomes fear.” Gary McKinnon

“We all put our pants on one leg at a time, but beyond that, shit’s different!” Jenna Lombardi

“People will come and go from our lives, but only a handful of those people will truly influence our lives.” Big J. Kosta

“All things being equal, which of course they are not, but still- Your destiny is what you make it.” J.J. Mendelhaussen  

“I just live my life. I ain’t perfect. I just do me and mine. If haters wanna hate on me, let them waste their time while I rise up and make me and mines life better.” Kanye West

“Say what you mean and mean what you say. You do that and people will trust you. Lots of good things grow from trust.” Gina Haspel  

“Perfect answers don’t exist. Sometimes you just gotta live and learn brotha.” Donald Trump Jr.

“Why am I anti haters? I’m anti haters because haters try to keep people in a box. Haters hate just to hate. Haters stand for nothing. How could any positive person be for haters when haters hate? I’m for the anti-haters. That’s what’s up. You feel me?” Kanye West

“Hell if I know why people do what they do. Time spent worrying about why people do what they do is wasted time. Live your own life if you don’t want it to pass you by.” Chris Hubbard/MJ#2  

“Little things add up to big things. If you aren’t willing to do the little things, you will never get to do the big things like become the first female Vice President and make the world a better place for all women.” Kamala Harris

“In good times and bad times, don’t forget what’s important. Having the right perspective can help keep you from losing your shit. Truer words have never been spoken my friend.” Chris Hubbard/MJ#2

“I love Kristi so much. I love her so much if she didn’t have a bomb ass pussy, I would still love her. I don’t know how to explain that. Somehow it makes sense. Just go with it. Its true love explained in the most Marcus way true love can be explained.” Marcus Jennings

“Be your best and do your best. That’s the best you can do. End of story.” Brittany White  

“Sometimes in order to see the light, you gotta be willing to risk the dark.” Matthew McConaughey  

“An orgasm a day keeps affairs away!” Malia Johnson

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