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My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Volume 34 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Volume 34 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson:

“If you ever decide to use your mastery of cyberspace in the private sector, I want to be your first call. We could change the world together. I share your goal of making the world safer, more informed, more possible for all. Gesondheid! (Health)” Elon Musk

“You either run from things or you face them. I made the decision a long time ago that I’m not a runner. I face things head on. It’s who I am. It’s how I have to be to be able to live with myself.” Eric Fanning

“My first offer is always peaceful. From there, it’s up to the offeree. My hope is they will work with me to find a peaceful solution. War is the last resort, but if they choose war, I am fucking Sun Tzu, George Patton, and Norman Schwarzkopf, rolled into one, with tits, great tits, and there is no turning back until I win!” Kristi Jennings aka Kristi Ihaveonenamelikemadonnabitch

“I don’t know if our lives are planned out for us before we are ever born, and we are living our lives according to a predetermined set of plans or not, like some people think, but I do know one thing. I know we were and are meant to be together.” Malia May Johnson

“When someone sticks around no matter how hard things get, that is true love.” Fran The Nanny

“Calamities happen, but you have to feel lucky you get to live another day.” Captain Ray Lutz

“We both married up. You married a doctor, and I married the CEO of your company. I’d say we did pretty damn well in the marriage department my friend.” Chris Hubbard

“The best teams know each other inside and out and can anticipate each other’s thoughts and actions. Teams that work well together always have a leg up.” Zhang Ying

“You are so cute baby. I want to do cute things with you like scratch your back and give you goosebumps, and suck your cock and make you cum.” Malia May Johnson

“Free is good. Can you think of a time when free wasn’t good? Free is always good.” Jenna Lombardi

“Respect is how I choose my partners. I don’t respect just anyone, and I don’t partner with just anyone. R-E-S-P-E-C-T is who gets to partner with me.” Marcus Jennings

“I try to always make sure I’m covered. I wear a mask to make sure I don’t get COVID. I wear a condom to make sure I don’t get a girl pregnant, and I use a VPN to make sure I stay protected on the internet. You can never be too safe. You understand.” Big J. Kosta

“Sometimes the best medicine is love” Malia May Johnson

“I am a billionaire in all currencies now. You can convert my money into any currency, and I will be a billionaire in that currency. Isn’t that a thousand times a thousand cool?” Gene Rockefeller

“Family. Never give up on them because what else is there?” Axl Rose

“The best girls are the girls that love to stay at home and hang out in their underwear, cooks, and treats you like a king.” Chris Hubbard

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