My Favorite Quotes From People That I Know Volume 13 by Michael “MJ The Terrible” Johnson

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“In life, if you got the hunger, you’ll eat.” Donald Trump

“Motivation is what gets you started, but a routine and good habits are what keep you going.” Ken Paxton

“When you are the winner you get a trophy, because you won a sporting or competitive competition. When you are awarded the Distinguished Intelligence Cross, you are given an award, because you did the things that had to be done, that often times included grave sacrifice, and irreversible consequences.” Gina Haspel

“I am driven. It keeps me on top of my shit.” Brittany White  

“Don’t ever be double dumb. Too dumb to know that you caused a problem, and too dumb to fix it.” Gina Haspel

“You do what you have to do, until you get to do what you want to do. And the more and better you do the things you have to do, the faster you will get to the fun part, which is being able to do what you want to do.” Donald Trump Jr.

“When I started doing well and I noticed that some haters started hating on me, I tried to appease them. Now I realize that is a waste of time. Using the time, I used to use to appease haters to get more things done, has really helped grow my productivity.” Big J. Kosta

“My life. My dream. My effort and my sacrifice will get me what I want. My fortune will not be shared with any haters who were not a part of helping to make my dream come true.” Ben Dupont

“I don’t create haters on purpose, but I kind of like having them out there, because they are such good motivators.” Marcus Jennings  

“Be kind to others. Don’t do it because you’re going to get something in return. Do it because it makes the world a slightly better place.” Amanda Margolis

“I wonder if being a hater is just a phase, or more of a permanent thing? I guess it depends. Either way… waste of time!” Chris Hubbard

“I think the best mindset you can have is to be humble, and always ready to rumble.” Chris Hubbard  

“When I find my thing, I’m gonna blow it up huge. Huge enough that band, the one that writes all the motivational anthems, Imagine Dragons, they are going to be inspired to write an anthem about it.” Marcus Jennings

“Making tomorrow better today, for as long as I can remember. #igetshitdone” Big J. Kosta

“If you’ve got somebody that loves you and place to come home to, that’s really all you need to be happy.” E. Fanning

“When people think that you’re making it look easy or you’re cheating, when you aren’t cheating at all, that’s when you know you’re killing it!” Marcus Jennings

“I am next level motivated! Example- Most people want to fly 1st class. I want to own the whole friggin airplane.” Marcus Jennings

“Things in life suck really bad sometimes, but somehow we always find a way. And the sooner we start trying to make the things that suck better, the sooner the things that suck are out of our lives!” Donald Trump Jr.

“Freedom of speech gives haters the right to hate, but it also gives me the right to shine bright like a diamond.” Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch

“I struggle, but I never stop trying. Someday when the breakthrough finally happens, I will look back on my struggle to get here as a price worth paying to make me dreams a reality.” Sergio Donatelli

“Look, you only have one life to live, and who knows how long that shit’s going to last. So, I live my life like I only have one life to live.” Kristi IhaveonenamelikeMadonnabitch

“Have you ever seen a protest against haters? Me either. I think it’s because purpose driven people are too busy running things. If they stopped what they were doing to protest, the world would grind to halt.” Kevin M.

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