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Our First Slow Dance

Malia and MJ Love Collage

To the angry pissed off beautiful girl in condo PH51 who hates me right now……

Do you remember when we were completely lost, driving around in the middle of nowhere south Texas, and we ended up pulling over at that country dance hall?

There was only one place to sit, and it was right in front of the stage. When we sat down, the lead singer of the band said- “Welcome to the show folks. How long have y’all been together?” You said- “I’m still deciding if we’re going to be together.” Before we left that night, I ran into him in the restroom, and he said- “I hope she decides to be with you.” I told him that she was still deciding if we were going to be together, and I was to. He said- “That look in your eyes is love brother. You already decided.” He was right baby. I wanted you so badly I couldn’t stand it!

That night we had our first slow dance together. When I asked you to dance with me, I still remember what you said to me right before you said yes. You said- “Baby, I’ll dance with you.” Then I said- “You just called me baby.” Then you said- “I said maybe I’ll dance with you.” Then I said- “Please dance with me.” That’s when things got interesting, because you said- “One dance, and this dance better be magic if you want a chance with me Mr. Johnson.” Then, full of confidence because you said yes, I said- “This dance is going to be perfect!”

Now, was the dance perfect? Well, here’s what happened during the dance. Malia and I got closer and closer throughout the song, until Malia whispered in my ear- “I did say baby, I’ll dance with you.” Then, the perfect dance veered slightly off course, because there was a giant wooden bump in the dance floor I tripped over, and fell flat on my ass. Everyone looked over at me laying on the floor, and the leader singer said from the stage- “That ain’t gonna help her decision bud.” I remember feeling like I had fallen 50 feet to my death, because I thought I screwed up the “perfect dance” I promised you.

What happened next was what made it the “perfect dance” in my mind. I got up, feeling embarrassed as hell. I started walking back towards the table, feeling completely defeated, and you said- “Hey mister, where you goin?” I said- “I’m sorry I screwed up. I wanted to give you the perfect dance.” And you made my day, night weekend, etc, by saying- “The song’s not over yet. Would you still like to dance with me?” Then the friggin song ended!

When that song ended, I loved what you said when the next song started playing- “I think this is the same song.” Then I said- “Oh yeah! This is definitely the same song!” I’m pretty sure that the same song, even though the words and melody of the songs were changing, we heard at least 4 times.

That night we might have been “lost”, but I was exactly where I wanted to be. I was with you.

You are the only woman I have ever truly loved. I know we have our disagreements, and occasionally we say things that we don’t mean. I am sorry I made you cry tonight. I was just so frustrated with a few things, and I felt like you were not being very nice/fair.

The truth is, I don’t care if you weren’t being very nice/fair tonight, because 99.99% of the time, you are so fucking incredible!

Please accept my apology. I love you so much. The thing I was the most frustrated about was you weren’t happy, and I didn’t know how to make it better.



P.S. When you whispered- “Go fuck yourself” to me, because you didn’t want the babies to hear you, I thought it was cute, and I wanted to kiss you.

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