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Port A Love and Masters of Money’s Expansion Into Africa

Malia and Michael "MJ The Terrible" Johnson Port Aransas Texas Love On The Beach Picture

Malia: You don’t love me.

MJ: I love you!

Malia: Prove it

MJ: I have loved you since the day I was born.

Malia: You didn’t know me when you were born.

MJ: I was born to love you!

Malia: How do you know that?

MJ: Because us being together is right.

Malia: How do you know that?

MJ: Because everything seems right when we are together. Because I can’t live without you. Because we are great together. Because we built a family together. Because I can’t live without you. Because right is right, and us being together is right!!

Malia: I want to go to our beach house in Port A for vacation. We haven’t been there in a long time. 

MJ: K. I’m in. 

Malia: I want you to make love to me on the balcony like they did on the movie last night.

MJ: K. I’m in. 

Malia: Would you run away with me and never come back if I asked you to run away with me?

MJ: Our kids would come to, right?

Malia: Of course they would!

MJ: Then yes, I would.

Malia: What if I went to the moon? Would you follow me? 

MJ: I would follow you anywhere you go, terrestrial or extraterrestrial. 

Malia: What if I was paralyzed? Would you love me if I was paralyzed?

MJ: Damn straight I would. I was paralyzed on February 14th, 2015, and you stayed with me, took care of me, and helped me to recover. I would do the same for you guaranteed. I will take it a step further. If God forbid you were paralyzed forever, I would take care of you every day for the rest of my life. I love you unconditionally forever, no matter what, no matter how, no matter nothing, forever into eternity beyond infinity, until the sky falls, pigs fly, hell freezes over, and over any objection, circumstance, or situation that you could ever throw at me. 

Malia: Would you fight a lion for me?

MJ: I would, but my money would be on the lion.

Malia: I just wanted to hear you say you would fight a lion for me.

MJ: I would do anything for you! Remember when Brandon shot the snake and I ran towards you even though I could have been hit by the bullets he shot at the snake?

Malia: I do! I fucking love you! 

Malia: I have a favor to ask you. Before I ask you, I want you to say yes to the favor before I ask you.

MJ: I love you Malia. I trust you. Yes.

Malia: I want to invest in my uncle’s business. You are probably right about us losing the money. The idea is a long shot, and he isn’t the best businessman, but he is family, and if his business had $500,000 in capital, it is possible an entire city could be raised out of poverty, and if the business does fail, we won’t lose all of the money. We can still sell the factory for $250,000, so it won’t be a total loss. Please don’t hate me for this. Our investment could mean jobs for several thousand people. If you are really against making the investment, I won’t do it. I never want to cause problems between us for any reason. I have done my homework on this. It really could work. I’m serious. 

MJ: Do you text me stuff like this to give me time to think about it before we talk about it in person later?

Malia: I text you most things because I want you to be able to spend as much time with the kids as possible and texting you things in advance gives you plenty of time to think about things, which eliminates a lot of talk time about nonfamily stuff, so that you can spend as much time as possible with us without distractions.

MJ: I will still say yes, but I want to at least tell you my thoughts about it. Your Uncle is a good man, but the business world can be cutthroat, and I think people may try to take advantage of him. I believe the business has a good chance of making it. I love the idea of helping a hurting city in South Africa rebuild. I know helping South Africa means a lot to you, so it means a lot to me to. All of that said, can we invest the money in a way that helps your uncle’s business, helps the city, helps South Africa, and gives the business the best chance to succeed?

Malia: I like where your headed with this. You might be thinking what I’m thinking. Please continue.

MJ: I am thinking Masters of Money buys the business and we help him run it.

Malia: We were thinking the same thing. I called Tarica and asked her what she thought. She said you would be a tough sell, but she said you could be convinced if someone with a business background could oversee/help manage the business. 

MJ: Tarica called me after y’all talked. She looked at the books and sent it over to our lawyers. The lawyers called our money people at Brown Brothers Harriman (BBH). BBH said we can buy the business for a million bucks, change the structure of the organization, write off the whole thing over 7 years, and have a high probability of growing the business into a cash cow. Then Tarica and I called your uncle to ask him if he would be okay with us buying the business and him staying on to help us grow it. He wanted his pay to be based on the growth of the business, so that he benefits from growth of the business he started. 

Malia: When were you going to tell me about this? 

MJ: Tonight

MJ: Truth be told, I was planning to surprise you with the good news tonight, and I was going to apologize.

Malia: Apologize for saying no earlier?

MJ: I was going to apologize for the way I said no. I shot the idea down as soon as you brought it up. I should have at least heard you all the way out first. I probably still would have said no, but I was wrong to not hear you out first. I’m sorry I didn’t give you the time and respect you deserved. Do you forgive me?

Malia: Why do you keep doing things that make me 

MJ: I thought you would be happy. This is a solve all I thought. 

Malia: I had to switch breast feeding boobs and hit send before I was done with that sentence. Why do you keep doing things that make me love you even more than I already do? 

MJ: Malia, nothing matters to me more than you and the kids. I live for you. I am alive because of you. You are the smartest, most loving, most honest, most loyal, most supportive, most dedicated, most beautiful, most everything, that I have ever known. Sometimes when you are sleeping at night, I just look at you and think about how lucky I am that you gave a still married to Mrs. Wrong, broke as hell, no future, likely going to Guantanamo Bay for life, international public enemy #1 guy like me a chance. There is no now me without you sweetheart.

MJ: How did I do? Did I make you happy?

MJ: Can you text me back a quick yes so, I know you are happy my love?

Malia: Give me a minute! Can’t a girl have a minute to happy cry and smile and thank God for being the luckiest girl in the whole freakin world for getting to be married to the man of her dreams who puts Prince Charming to shame. Fuck that guy! I love you like sooooo freakin much Michael David Johnson!!!  

MJ: Confession….Sometimes I happy tear up too. I love you baby cakes! 

Malia: Confession…..Sometimes I watch you sleep and think about how lucky I am to be married to you too. 

Malia: And I love when you call me baby cakes! 

Malia: I love you so much I am willing to watch another end of the world, dystopian, survivalist, world war, alien attack, pandemic, epidemic, zombie, murder, death, kill, movie tonight if you want to. I will watch whatever movie you want tonight! 

MJ: Awesome! Thank you! I have one in mind for us to watch. I love you! See you in a little bit babe.

Malia: Can’t wait! Which movie is it?

MJ: It’s called RESPECT.

Malia: That is not a murder, death, kill, zombie, end of days movie. That is the movie I wanted to watch about Aretha Franklin. 

MJ: No kidding. I could swear that was the name of the murder, death, kill, zombie apocalypse movie I have been wanting to see. I guess we will just have to watch it and see.

Malia: Happy tears again. I really am happy that you love the shit out of me. I cry because you are so loving. I am going to happy you up tomorrow like you di d to me today. 

MJ: There is really something to this whole love like you want to be loved/paying things forward thing. 

Malia: Uh huh. Now stop texting and work so you can get home to me. I love you bye.

MJ: K. I love you too. Bye. 

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