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Recent Text Message Conversation Between Gotye (My Practice Wife) and Malia (My Forever Wife)

Masters of Money LLC Bitter Ex Wife Gotye Graphic

Gotye: Can you please take down all mj the terrible, team digital death, nerdy black bitch, and masters of money content?

Malia: What exactly would you like taken down? It’s Nerdy Black Girl, not Nerdy Black Bitch.

Gotye: All of it

Malia: As in, you are requesting we take down every blog, post, article, q&a, social media site, website, picture, video, story, forum, channel, etc.?

Gotye: Yes

Malia: MJ The Terrible, Masters of Money, Money Channel, Foreign Corporation, Team Digital Death, Nerdy Black Girl, and Cyber Intelligence, have over 15,000,000 fans, followers, and subscribers.

Gotye: I don’t give a fuck. I want it down.

Malia: No offense, but you are no longer married to MJ. Why do you believe you should have a say in what content he/we post?

Gotye: Because

Malia: Because? Do you have any other reason besides because?

Gotye: Fuck you nigger!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malia: I am being civil with you. Don’t be hateful with me.

Gotye: You are a filthy disgusting nigger monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malia: If you are going to be like that, I am not going to communicate with you.

Gotye: Niggers are animals!!!!!!!!!! You belong in a god damn zoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotye: You and mj the nigger lover are a mat made in hell youu homewrecking niggr monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotye: I fuckking hoe you fgcking die you fukikng liter having niger cont money bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotye: Yo run my life you nike boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Malia: – Gotye Phone Number Blocked –

Malia: – Screenshot of Text Messages With Gotye Sent To MJ –

MJ: I am so sorry baby! It has been years! How is she still filled with so much hate and rage?

Malia: It’s ok. I’ll live. I’m not going to let her ruin our happy home.

MJ: It’s not ok but thank you for being so classy. I wouldn’t blame you if you would have called her out for her evil, racist, bull shit!

MJ: Do you want me to say something to her?

Malia: No. That’s what she wants, your attention.

MJ: I am so sorry Malia! Thank you again for being such an awesome wife and mom. You should never have to put up with that. Just block her and be done with it.

Malia: I know how much you love me. You are a wonderful husband and father. That’s why I try to put up with her. I decided I’m blocking her for a year.

MJ: Or 2 or 3 or more?

MJ: I read through the texts again. Her last text before you blocked her could be taken as complimentary. “Yo run my life you nike boss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

MJ: She wants you to run her life because you are a nike boss.

Malia: Ha! Ha! I love you silly boy!

Malia: I am a loving person. I believe people can change. I hope she does.

MJ: Hopefully she can get the mental help she needs.

MJ: In all seriousness, I am sorry you had to deal with that. You don’t deserve that. You deserve nothing but good things.

Malia: I’m not really that upset about it. It kinda worked out in my favor in the long run.

MJ: How?

Malia: I figure I get a few “Maliacane” moments where you can’t be mad at me, and I’m thinking you owe me few go down on me anytime I want passes. Does that sound about right to you?

MJ: That sounds fair to me.

Malia: I would like to cash in 1 of my 3 you go down on me anytime passes right now.

MJ: Sure thing babycakes. I’ll be over there in 2 min.

Malia: I love when you call me that. XOXO

NPD, BPD, ADD, and WBTSOOYS Mental Health Talk –

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